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  1. We got champagne right after the ceremony, then at cocktail hour they had done up some green and blue cocktails (that matched our green and blue colours), and gave one to each guest. I didn't even request that - but was impressed!
  2. I just told them "white lilies and blue orchids" and sent a picture that sort of looked like my bouquet (mine ended up better than the picture I sent though). I'm not a big "flower person", but I like lilies, and the blue orchids matched bridesmaid's dress, so I went with that
  3. Isn't Brian Napier the best?! After the legal ceremony, I was like, "geez...I almost wish we were getting married here so he could do the ceremony for us." I've already recommended him to some of my friends
  4. I had cups sewn in and it was the BEST decision EVER! I have a good strapless bra from VS, but I didn't want to be fussing with a bra AT ALL during the day (especially in the heat), so I had the cups sewn in, and they made the girls look better than they do in the strapless AND it was so much more comfy!! I'd definately recommend the cups if it's an option.
  5. This version of Hyrule Field isn't that bad...but it's still a little too upbeat for something I would want to walk down the aisle to (imo): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sAGttzO9NE Maybe you can comprimise and pick something from Zelda more like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2dVTB3aPlE I'm sure you could find something from Zelda that is pretty. But I agree that "To Zanarkand" is really beautiful! It'll be hard to top.
  6. "To Zanarkand" was on our list of choices (it's so beuatiful), but we went with "Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves" from X2 because my friend walked down the aisle to To Zanarkand
  7. Here are mine: My dad said something funny to me while walking me down the aisle: After ceremony: Almost dropping husband on his head: This is a very smiley picture: At the reception - this picture always makes me laugh:
  8. After STRESSING over the flowers for so long, because I couldn't decide what I wanted, here is how my bouquet turned out:
  9. My other colour was light green. It wasn't anywhere on the bridesmaid dress, just on the invites, table cards, favours, and we sprinkled green "gems" on the tables:
  10. My dad and I danced to Knights In White Satin by The Moody Blues. My dad loves that song, and it always reminds me of him whenever I hear it.
  11. Walked down the aisle to a song from the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack: Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9ee_Ez6tFk Appropriate since we're both huge video game dorks and met when we were working in a video game store together. No one even knew it was a song from a video game except us because it's such a nice piece.
  12. Yes they were real. I ordered them for my hair for $10, and these were the "left overs" that I didn't use in my hair. I didn't even ask them to do that...the WC just took the initiative to decorate my cake with them They were the same colour blue as my bridesmaid's dress too
  13. Our room was GORGEOUS...but we didn't use the jacuzzi once. Another couple that came with us however, used there's quite a bit. We were just go-go-go and so tired every night, that we never really had an opportunity. Or we'd be hanging out in the hottub with our group at night if we wanted to soak. So I guess it's different with everyone.
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