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  1. V - I am just finally seeing this now! It all is soooo amazing and I know everything came together perfectly. Finally, you can relax and enjoy being "Adam's Wifey"! LOL! xoxox
  2. I bought my hair flower at a bridal sale in Toronto. PM me if you're interested in purchasing it.
  3. Mrs. **Kat**, because she is so sweet and sends me things for FREE!
  4. Here is a link for them, not UB, but whatevs - they're actually cheaper on this site! http://www.catchingfireflies.com/products/%27pack-this%27-note-pad.html
  5. I also have this dress still for sale too - a Jim Hjelm replica from China that I just decided wasn't for me. Â http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/52788/for-sale-jim-hjelm-replica-style-8800/10#post_1409083
  6. OMG, I AM a Mrs. now, aren't I?!? Thanks for the nom, V! <3
  7. I think that's it. I thought i had way more stuff, but I guess not. Â Please PM me if you are interested in any of the items. Â Packing lists are already spoken for!!!
  8. Hi everyone,  Well, I figure it's time to part with all my leftover stuff. I am so sad my wedding is over, but I will be more than happy to get rid of this stuff if it can help some of you!  Buyer covers cost of item and shipping (I am in Ontario, Canada). I prefer to use PayPal for payments.  TTD - $75 From David's Bridal - size 4 - slight alterations in the bustline To see photos of it, click here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2566969&id=48913790&l=a6440eafe6  Kleenex with D monogram (9 left) - .75 each or $5 for all  Thank you sign - $4 (
  9. I actually bought them in a package from Urban Outfitters. I will be selling the rest of mine - I only used about 14 from the pack.
  10. I think the sweetheart neckline would be perfect! Dress #1 just hugs your body - it's classy, but sexy at the same time!
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