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  1. Hey Cuba ladies!!  I need to send a huge thanks to all the ladies here who helped in my wedding planning...specifically the Iberostar Laguna Azul ladies :-)  Here are the links to our photographers blog with both our wedding day and trash the dress pics. We used Heather Windsor & her assistant Dimitrii Santos out of Oshawa Ontario and they were fabulous, sweet and super talented.  Wedding day pics  http://www.heatherwindsor.com/blog/2010/08/12/iberostar-laguna-azul-wedding-varadero-cuba-chantelle-george/  trash the dress pics  http://www.heatherwind
  2. Here is the link to our trash the dress photos. We used the amazing Heather Windsor and her assistant Dimitri Santos from Oshawa Ontario. We were a little nervous about getting so intimate in front of the camera, but these two made us so comfortable. I can't say enough good things about them :-) Â I also can't say enough how much I LOVE these pictures....I actually had more fun and felt more like myself on the trash the dress day than our wedding day (less make up, more natural, more like me). If anyone is contemplating doing it, I say go for it!! My dress didn't even get ruined.
  3. Our pics are up on our photographers blog!!! Â We used the fabulous Heather Windsor and her assistant Dimitrii Santos from Oshawa Ontario. They were nothing short of amazing, and the pictures were well worth the wait. Heather is so easy to work with, and she made us feel like rockstars. We had a large group of family and friends who came to Cuba with us, and everyone just loved both of them. Â Here is the link to the blog...trash the dress pics to come next :-) Â http://www.heatherwindsor.com/blog/2010/08/12/iberostar-laguna-azul-wedding-varadero-cuba-chantelle-george/
  4. wow what a gorgeous video and pictures! you looked amazing and I love your colours. Congrats!
  5. Our group did the catamaran day trip....well most of our group anyways. It was a blast and I highly reccomend it!
  6. Congrats Barrierunner!! Can't wait for your review and pics once your settled back into reality :-)
  7. Congrats on your beautiful wedding, and I am so sorry to hear the awful thing that happened to you and your new husband. Thank you for your great review and warning to future brides.
  8. We had planned on having an AHR. We booked a hall, told everyone about it and had even started buying decorations etc for it. We got a call in December from the hall we booked with and they went bankrupt and we lost our deposit (it was a big chunk of our AHR budget). After that it became such a huge cause of stress to find somewhere else (it was way more stressful than the actual wedding), so we decided to cancel it all together. I was so worried how people would take it, but all the feedback has been so positive and everyone understands and is supportive. It sounds like it's just goin
  9. I agree that you should invite everyone, even if you know that they can't or won't make it. We did, and I think it made people feel special and included in our special day, and no worries about hurting anyones feelings either :-)
  10. not sure excatly how much a couples massage was, but for a regular massage it was 30 CUC for half hour, and 50 CUC for an hour. We didn't get a chance to get one, but everyone that did said it was AMAZING!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Barrierunner Congrats Tilly in the Sun, wonderful review. Can I ask if you don't mind who all are we supposed to tip and how much? I don't want to miss anyone. Thanks Barrierunner! I think tipping is a personal choice and I don't know if who or what we tipped was correct. We tipped : Yahimara the wedding coordinator (biggest tip) :the waitstaff for the wedding dinner and welcome dinner :the lady who steamed my dress (small tip) :the DJ for the private party :hairdresser (I only tipped for my hair - all the girls tipped her individually
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by RonNMel Awesome review! Makes me excited for my own wedding there. How much were the Real Touch flowers? You will love it and have the time of your life! The real touch flowers came to just over $400...I got my bouquet and grooms bout. 5 bridesmaid bouquetts and 6 grooms bouts, 2 moms corsages, 1 dad bout and my hair flower. I wish I could attach a pic for you...there are some on the facebook site. I will try again to attach photos here but I can't seem to get it to work.
  13. Hi Jodeen...I had them made through an amazing and talented lady Debbie who works at Enchanting Memories in Hamilton. There is a link to the shop in my review. Also...for anyone trying to see pics from the facebook group I didn't realize it was limited viewing so you might have to add me as a friend so I can invite you. Sorry for the hassle :-)
  14. hahaha guess the link for the pics would help Chantelle Perzul | Facebook
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