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  1. We ordered our travel mugs from 4imprint.ca We had a fabulous experience with them. The mugs & the image turned out exactly as we had ordered and overall it was a very friendly experience. My office using 4imprint for our business purposes so I decided to give it a shot for my travel mugs They turned out excellent and all of our guests LOVED them. We even had random people at the resort asking where they could get some haha "sorry! not for sale!" lol Lisa Perry's Photos | Facebook
  2. We travelled from May 1st-8th and not a single person in our group of 50 was asked for their health insurance.
  3. Congrats on your wedding Siobhan! You looked gorgeous! We had a blast for our wedding week at the ILA as well. We chose the beach ceremony for ours. It was HOT but the breeze was amazing. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. We had our private dinner from 6:30-8:30 in Del Chef but had the Steakhouse menu. They forgot our lobster dinners, but when Yahimara found out she quickly arranged for us to have them at our a la carte dinner the next night instead. All worked out just fine! We had booked our dinner originally from 6:30-9:30 but when we had our meeting, Yahimara advi
  4. We're not bringing ANY decorations with us. We have THREE suitcases that have our OOT bags, contents and my wedding bouquets in them. That's more luggage than I even wanted to bring. Add to that suitcases for clothes, carry ons and my dress garmet bag....I'm scared! LOL I'm excited for the big day, but nervous that Yahimara still has not emailed me back. I know she's busy, but geesh, we leave in 4 days! LOL
  5. Leave the interpreters information for Yahimara to fill in (at least I did! LOL) It is definitely taking Yahimara forever to respond, if at all. I've been emailing for a few weeks and am hoping for a response before I fly there on May 1st!! (WHOO 5 DAYS!!).
  6. I have more pictures of it I'll upload them to photobucket tonight and then post the link
  7. I have the same kind of hairstyle (short in the bank, long in the front with a sidebang). This is my rough idea of what we're doing wtih my hair for the wedding. My hair is really fine so i'm going to have to hairspray it to the max, but it should stay The orange flower is really going to be a pretty silvery flower/hair piece but it gives a rough idea. I'm going again tomorrow to have my hairdresser test it out properly so I can take another picture if you like.
  8. I was FINALLY about to go for my last fitting on my dress It's been a long time waiting for it lol. We ordered it June 2009 and it finally came in March 2010! It's an Essence of Australia. Enjoy! Me My FSIL and I. She's wearing our bridesmaid dresses She's all nervous about how it looks but I think she looks great for just having my niece 8 weks ago!
  9. Hey Siobhan! That is sooo exciting that you leave so soon! You're going to have a fantastic time!! Our photography told me today that his friend went to our resort and she LOVED it, had an awesome time! If I don't see you, have a fantastic wedding!!! We fly out of Toronto at 6:30am and should be arriving at the resort around noon on the 1st i'm guessing. Then its time to put together the OOT bags! LOL I've also been waiting for a response from Yahimara. She has been very slow in responding lately, guess she has a lot of weddings going on. I'm also trying to figure out the seating plan an
  10. Hi Jodeen, Here is the wedding package that I received from the wedding coordinator Yahimara. WEDDING PACKAGE-1.pdf
  11. The judge/officiant has to say the legal wording to make the wedding ceremony legal and then Yahimara said that after the legel wording is complete, you can go ahead and say your own vows, do the sand ceremony, etc. Very legal sounding but at least you can add your own wording after!
  12. Hey Ladies! Was anyone able to get a copy of the wedding script from Yahimara? The one I found online was very very legal sounding. I'm curious to know if I give the judge a script, if he'll read it (I'm just curious about the translation). Here is the wording I could find online: I, the Notary, attest the previous manifestations of the contracting parties and, to the effects of the formalization of the marriage that both have been presented, I proceed to read the Cuban Family Code, Articles 24 to 28. MARITAL CODE SECTION ONE: ABOUT MARITAL RIGHTS AND DUTIES AR
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Tilly in the Sun I got a response from Yahimara about the table numbers and shapes. She said they hold either 6 or 8 people and are rectangle. I also asked about colours and they have white and gold at this point. I had requested that she make a reservation for our group in the Japanese restaurant the day after we arrive (sort of a welcome dinner, but I didn't call it that) and she said she can't do that....are any of you guys doing some sort of meet and greet dinner before the big day? Any ideas on how to get around this one? I am beginning to
  14. From the sounds of it, the private dinner at 8:30 is no extra charge because it's not prime dinner time. I would always suggest confirming this with Yahimara though to be safe! In some emails her english is great, but in others its slightly off so always best to be sure lol
  15. I have an update for everyone! Yahimara did a great job emailing me back and forth yesterday after I expressed my concerns. Since I was quoted quite some time ago (last May/June by Maydelin), they are upholding my quote which is why its slightly different than the new quotes. Originally they were going to charge $150 per hour for a private dinner, but then changed it to $15 per person. Thankfully I'll still get the $150 per hour ($450 total) vs the per person which would have cost me $750! This is what I found out from Yahimara: Ceremony: Chairs: Included in the wedding ce
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