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  1. I got my hair done at the spa and they were amazing and very nice. Mine ended up being like $70. I didnt have the trial as I saw other brides walking around that week with beautiful hair so I trusted them, plus I wanted more time to have fun at the resort. My one bridesmaid is a make-up artist and she did my make-up. It was actually fine - no airbrishing and she touched me up before pictures. There is a spray at Mac make-up that you can get to spray on your face to hold your make-up, I would recommend that.
  2. Thanks Bond Photography did our photo's and they are amazing to work with for all of you Ontario brides. They are a husband wife team and they are amazing people, I would recommend them 100% Their website is www.bondphotography.ca
  3. We were in the same boat as you actually, one of my best friends (I was her MOH) cancelled on us and my husbands brother also cancelled on us who were both in the wedding party...we became to fee a little defeated. HOWEVER, we had the time of our lives with the people that did come and I wouldnt have changed it for anything in the world, I actually think that if those people that didnt come came it would have been a very different week. Llike others have said dont worry and try to put on a happy face. You and some amazing people are going to Jamaica for the wedding of your dreams...dont let an
  4. We also did a rehersal dinner in the Grill restaurant, but just for our wedding party and immediate family...I think it was around 20 people and they didnt have a problem with it. I believe I contacted Chandlyn who then directed me to Andrea.
  5. I will deffinately ask around about those pics and people are still sending them to me...I seem to remember one with a condom on my uncle's head too from your group! lmao
  6. that dress is AMAZING and I am sure you will look gorgeous in it...even better than the model in fact. Never second guess yourself! Jenn - all of those dresses are also beautiful, wish I saw that site before. Any of those dresses would look amazing on you, try them all on! lol My first dress experience was horrible as I was told that I was a deffinate plus size...i was like bit$% please I am a size 16! She then went to tell me to HOLD the dresses up to me as I clearly wouldnt fit into them, so I left. The salon where I got my dress was amazing and treated me no different than anyon
  7. Glad to hear that you are back and everything went well. I was thinking about you the day we were leaving (your wedding day) and I have to say the weather was the best that day. Your pictures so far are amazing too, you both look so happy! It was awesome meeting you after my mother announced prob 10 times that she had found "my bride friend"! lol, our two groups were deffinately the craziest I saw all week. We are also planning a trip back and there are many people that want to come with us, I have to say I have no complaints from the week, it was sooo amazing! We are deffinately going t
  8. I got them at Sears in the USA about this time last year, I think they were about $6 each and we had a 10% off coupon...I still think it came up to aroud $500 though but it was well worth it as you could totally tell where people were according to the towels. The best thing we gave in the OOT was the mugs we ordered off of 4imprint.ca it is something I wouldnt have wanted to go without!!
  9. Hey! I sent it on Wednesday to southernsweetie so she should get it by the end of next week The wedding was AMAZING and everything I ever dreamed of...I am still on a cloud!! And the starfish in the bouquet was beautiful you can check out my bouquet pic and others at http://www.bondphotography.ca/KateandMike/
  10. I have 50 teal organza sashes (you can see the colour on the pillars) and 7 orange organza table runners for sale plus shipping, anyone interested PM me
  11. We got ours from Dollaramma in Canada for $2 each and they were amazing and I have seem them back this year too, we got these ones and ones with brown handles with brown down the sides
  12. We did the cool runnings booze cruise to Dunns river falls and it was like $92 with like 20 people from our group. You take a bus to Ochos and then board the catamaran, snorkel at a reef for like 30-45min then climb dunns river and on the way back its all drinking and dancing...so much fun, we are still all talking about it. I also went into Ochos shopping one morning and it was a lot of fun to experience it A couple others did the Chukka (sp?) where you river raft, zip line and ride ATV's and they loved it and some others did th black river safari. Really there are sooo many and s
  13. We got our confirmation about 2 months before so deffinately email her, we ate in the Italian and it was AMAZING! very private and the food was amazing, we had 45 people with tables of 8 and a head table! Word of the wise...I gave her a seating plan on how I wanted it and she followed it but I saw another wedding in there and they set it up like they usually do with the head table at the front and then 2 tables running vertically from them, it looked very weird to me...i put everyone in a giant circle with our cake in the middle and it worked out great We just put placecards that I made
  14. we got the DJ as he controlled everything and set up the speakers etc, he played our Ipod though We didnt get the bar as it we had 45 people and I thought it was ridiculous so we just went to the patio bar and got trays of drinks....literally! and we also got some bottles of wone and champagne from them too..you could have also bought it from the stores but it was like $25 a bottle (deff wait to buy it in duty free for when you go home!) Sunset is 630pm and we showed up at the dinner around 645pm as we wanted to get pics with the sunset and then to the gazebo at 845
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