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  1. I had the exact same dilema when i saw the new beach by the gazebo....and because it is now so massive, we changed our wedding reception to the Himitsu beach and it was just perfect. The sunset is also on the side of the Himitsu beach, and not the beach by the gazebo. If you ask me, the new beach by the gazebo is too big to even offer for a wedding anymore. They cannot set you up near the water because it is just too far away, so the wedding i saw while i was there looked kinda like it was in the middle of a desert. The Himitsu is smaller, and more intimate - we had 45 guests and it was the beach was the perfect size. PLUS there is a bathroom very nearby...small detail that would have been a pain if on the other beach. But, these are just my opinions! Â
  2. i wore a veil, and we did the twist and tuck for the ceremony - it worked ot just fine, and it was easy to untuck and let it blow in the breeze immediately after, it wasnt uncontrolably windy on our day at the gazebo either. Â veils are sometimes very delicate, and i would worry about a pin putting a hole in it! especially if you have to wear it again at your AHR like i have to .....
  3. We also used Juan for our wedding, but we did upgrade the package a little by adding two additional hours. This allowed us to have pictures before the ceremony, during the ceremony, after the ceremony (during cocktail hour) and during the reception. I was a little confused on how the upgraded packages worked based on what I was sent, but the two additional hours were approximately $700 total. At first, we thought we would have to purchase an entire new photo package, but you can just add time to what the package includes. He took well over 1,000 pictures, and we are so happy with them. As wilsom12 said, the package includes about 2 hours, and then your 50 4 x 6 prints in an album....with our upgrade we got approximately 200 4 x 6 prints and photos of cake cutting, toasts, etc. For us, the photos were #1 priority so we were very happy to upgrade that since we did not upgrade the video at all. Also, we did not decide on what we actually wanted until we got there....I felt better being able to discuss everything in person with Cecilia rather than trying to work through my confusion via email.
  4. I can help with a couple of these answers! Â 1. we kept our cocktail hour so i dont know what the value is - but, i can say that our guests were amazed at the amount of food variety that was available, and everyone really enjoyed it! 2. the sound system for the ceremony was connected to a computer - what we did was put a cd together of the songs that we wanted for the ceremony, and they must have uploaded them to their computer. they played them with perfect timing. 3. serve lots of drinks and the party will make itself! haha....the dj that we were assigned by dreams cancun helped to keep the party going all on his own. he isnt just a dj that just pushes play - he gets on the microphone and encourages a good time! His name was Rodrigo from AVI. He did tell us one thing though - if the bride and groom arent dancing and partying....the guests wont either, so its really up to you! especially if you are using your own sound system and ipod i think the trick will be for you and your groom to set the tone. 4. my ceremony was at 5 and my appointment for hair was at 1pm. then followed by makeup. I was done with plenty of time to get dressed and be stress free! i had no idea what i wanted before going into the salon, so if you do, you probably wont need as much time as i did. Â hope that helps!
  5. hey girls!!! well im home sweet home....and a Mrs.! i promise to get a review up, but our home reception is two weeks for today - so let the chaos start again! i just really quickly wanted to get on here and say that our wedding was a true test of the capabilities of the dreams staff - and i could not have asked for more from them....we had a monsoon mid reception and they kept everything together - cecilia was a lifesaver. review coming soon! congrats to nadine too!
  6. Ahhhhh!!!! Starting to pack now! Leaving in the morning!!!!! So excited!!! Good luck to all other fellow August Brides!!
  7. wHat!!! how could they do that! Thanks for the heads up...we were definitely going to use the white one, but ill ask to see it first before actually using it! if its yucky - no runner for us!
  8. They do have a white runner (carpet) instead of their red carpet runner...but it costs $80 to use it!
  9. WTF?!?!?!? I hope your guests eat their words when they actually get there!!!! and, it sucks that they even had the nerve to say that!!! you, however, should NOT worry just like everyone else has said There are some dodgy parts of the real downtown cancun....you know the parts they show on the news here if something goes wrong - but that is like everyother city on the planet! However,the hotel zone is spectacular, safe, clean, and there is something for everyone whether they are a party animal or fine diner! If it were me (and i suffer from severe word vomit) id just say "shut your pie hole!" heheeh in my head anyway!
  10. FYI ... i did order and receive our stadium cups from discountfavors.com and they are GREAT!!! (ill post pics in my review soon) but just wanted everyone to know that this company is a good option with great prices! they were delivered very quickly and were of a good quality! the travel mugs were a bit much for our budget so these fit right in! If you're still looking i really reccomend them.
  11. Ok...anyone else in panic mode???? I leave in four days - NO dres and NO rings!!!!! had some major hiccups this past week and after all the planning and making sure all the details are right - the major things get stuck!! grr!!! I should have everything before we go, but it is so stressfull to have those items left on the to-do list!!! Not to mention im still waiting on shipments of the guestbook, lasso, coins and chair bows! Best of luck to all you fellow august brides here's hoping that everything falls right into place!
  12. Nadine2010 - I'll see you there!!!! Leaving in 4 days, wedding in 8!!! good luck!!
  13. leaving in 10...married in 13.......going nuts because i left all diy projects unitl now!!!! but, it will all be perfect! (i hope!) good luck all august brides!!!
  14. Thanks girls! I've decided on Deep Seatini....mostly because i also want to have sweedish fish floating in it - take it or leave it! i thought the gummy fish were too cute!
  15. ours is 2 weeks to the day after our mexico wedding....and our ahr is pretty much a full blown second wedding. im going nuts planning two so close. I think that too far down the road is a little inappropriate, but 2 weeks is a bit too soon!...a month or two would probably be perfect!
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