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  1. Hello! I have finally decided on the resort for our wedding and I was just wondering if there are anymore brides out there that are getting married at Adventura Cove Palace, or even considering it. I just came back from touring resorts in Riviera Maya, and this one blew us all away! August 6, 2010 here we come!
  2. Hi Ladies! I am so glad this thread is growing! We just got back from doing site inspections at Riviera Maya, and I'm sad to say I feel like we are starting over :-( Our top choice resort was awful...ugh...Dreams Puerto Adventura was not at all what it looks like on the pictures. We did really like Adventura Cove Palace, but it is pretty expensive. We are now considering the hotel that we actually stayed at for our trip haha go figure! So, I am trying to figure out when to send out save the dates and invites...can you just send them together...or is it too soon? I want to give our guest
  3. Hi Ladies! I just came back from Riviera Maya from doing site inspections for the wedding. We are planning a wedding for August 6, 2010. I wasn't really happy with the resorts we went to, well except for one, I did like the Adventura Cove Palace...but it is pricey! My parents are travel agents and they told me to consider the new Dreams Riviera. I am so happy this thread was started! I emailed Claudia this past week in hopes to get some pics. It makes me feel better that others have picked this resort even with it still being constructed!
  4. Hello 2010 Brides! I am planning a wedding for August 2010 in Riviera Maya. I am leaving this Thursday to go down there and tour some resorts! I am very lucky to have parents that are travel agents to help me out with all of these big decisions/planning! We are leaning towards Dreams Puerto Aventura...but I guess we'll see when we go down there. I really don't have anything else planned except for the colors-tiffany blue with green/yellow accents. I am hoping this trip to Mexico will give us the resort we want and finalize a date to send out save the dates. I was thinking of just sending invit
  5. Hi Brides! I am also a Chicago bride and we are planning a wedding in Riviera Maya for August 2010. I grew up in the northwest suburbs and now I am a little more west due to work. I am already stressing over planning this wedding! I am leaving this Wednesday for Mexico to tour resorts...that I am VERY excited about! My parents are travel agents, so that helps out GREATLY in planning the wedding! You all have a lot more planned than I do...I'm hoping once we get back from Mexico we can finally start planning! I'm glad this Chicago thread was started...what a great idea!
  6. Hi Rebecca! August weddings are the best ;-) So how does the whole monogram thing work? Do you design them, and then we download them to have on our computer? Sorry, I am very new at this, and not very good with computers. I've seen many of your designs and they are wonderful!
  7. I am so excited to check out the resorts...the only reason we are able to do this is because my parents own a travel agency...very helpful when it comes to planning a destination wedding! As far as the bridal party, I am seriously considering just having it be the two of us. We shall see. Karima, I love your monogram...did you make it yourself?
  8. I didn't realize there were so many of us! Thanks for posting that list! We are getting married in August 2010 but not positive on the date yet. I will definitely keep all of you updated on how the resort tours go! And yes, I have decided to start dress shopping, yay!
  9. Wow! Such great monograms/logos! I can't wait to start on creating one of my own. I think I'll have someone else make ours though because I am not good with computers. Thanks for all the ideas!
  10. Hi August 2009 brides! I just wanted to wish you all a Congratulations! I am planning for August 2010...I know it is a year away but there is so much to do! I am already getting overwhelmed with thoughts/ideas! Any tips/advice would be great! Again, CONGRATS!
  11. August 2010 bride here! A year away seems like a while, but I want to give family/friends and well ourselves time to save! Happy planning 2010 brides! :-)
  12. Hi Ladies! I love reading all the updates! I am leaving in one week to go tour resorts in Riviera Maya. I am still thinking Dreams Puerto aventura will be our number one. I am sure I will have plenty of questions when I return! Thanks for all the reviews and pics posted...they help so much! I think when we get back I might start dress shopping....too soon?
  13. Well, it is still looking like there are not too many of us out there yet for August of 2010. I am getting very excited because in about a week we will be off to Riviera Maya to tour hotels and pick one for our wedding! I am still trying to figure out save the dates and the bridal party...I didn't think picking the bridal party would be so hard! What do your bridal parties look like?
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