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  1. I have 8 BM's and one junior one so I have to get REALLY creative with what I get them so I don't spend a fortune.
  2. Hi there! I think (I say this because we have been agonizing) we have finally picked our wedding photog. I absolutely love his work but I am looking for a different perspective for my TTD session. Are there any photogs (besides Del Sol, obv) who will do a TTD session without being the primary wedding photog? If so, who are they? If anyone knows, please let me know! Thanks!!!!
  3. Hey girlies! I was just looking at those pics and it makes me ::sigh::: oh Elizabeth, how I wish I could afford you. I had my HEART set on her until I saw her prices. :*(
  4. Cin that sucks! I totally have fears of that on my wedding day and I want to get them done right before I leave for MX or even at the spa there. I bite my nails sooooo bad so I need fake ones but will be sure to bring fake nail remover down with me!
  5. I love, love, LOVE this!!! I'm so glad someone brought this up because I have been stalking this thread and all I kept thinking was how I could have like 4 outfit changes by ordering a ton of these dresses haha
  6. Hahahaha Matt that is a hilarious and awesome comment! Your wife must appreciate things like that!
  7. OMG that is AWESOME! You did it!!!!!! (I don't care about that last 4-5, you're motivation must have been awesome!!!!!) Congrats and I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL wedding!!!!! !!
  8. I am about 99.9% sure now that I will go with Sascha. I absolutely love his work- I want him for 10 hours plus a two hour TTD session the next day, but I am wondering if maybe 8 hours is enough on the day and I'll use the extra two for the TTD instead of paying extra. I need to ask him what he thinks- I have a huge wedding party so coordinating photos might take awhile.
  9. Woman I will personally come down to RI and rip your a$$ to Boston so you can help me! lol Love them- they turned out beautiful!
  10. Also, who are you using as your primary photog??? Would they consider taking an hour off your package to do a TTD with the next day? I know Sascha Gluck lets you do that where if you buy 8 or 10 hours of coverage, you can use two of those hours for the TTD the next day. Look into that as well! <3
  11. Hmm... First off, it is awesome that you've decided to do one!!!! Second, I haven't gotten many prices, but I have been trying to book my photog over the last few weeks so some of the pricing is fresh in my head... If you can squeeze it, Juan Navarro does his TTD sessions for $700 I would look into some of the pricing for Jillian Mitchell, Nate Broshot- I think their prices are super reasonable and might be cheaper than Juan's. Good luck!!!!
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