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  1. hey ladies PM me your email address and I will send you the pics - they aren't of the full set up but you get the idea from the pics I have.
  2. i just came back from my wedding a few weeks ago and there was no mention of health insurance the entire time....I had my Blue Cross card with me and all my guests had their health insurance and nobody asked!
  3. hey I just got married there last month, and we got married on the beach gazebo with our guests on white covered chairs on the beach, facing the gazebo - it was perfect! Let me know if you want to see pics, I can send you some so you can see the set up.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm getting married at Iberostar Varadero next week - for anyone that has been there, can/should we exchange our money at the hotel, or should we do it at the airport? Thanks!!
  5. I have a gorgeous pair of Heaven by Pink flat bridal shoes in a size 8. I bought these for my upcoming wedding, but they don't fit and I can't return them. These shoes are perfect for the bride that wants flat shoes that are still elegant and deserving of a wedding. These shoes are difficult to find, and are out of the UK...I paid $150.00 in Toronto, and would to at least recover $100. These are mint, never worn and are still in the box with plastic bags and tissue. I can't upload pics, but these are the shoes- Paradox Pink Size 9 & 10 Heaven Wedding Shoes they are super sparkly and gorgeous!!
  6. hey A La Playa....just wanted to let you know that because of your message I called my cc company again, and spoke to a manager and got my money back! thanks so much, had you not posted, I probably would have given up on the whole thing.
  7. Hey Suzy I just did this for the mugs I bought on discountmugs and they were about $25 short on the final price (customs fees were about $50!)....good tool for a rough estimate though!
  8. i know, its stressing me out too.......that's the info I got from my travel agent - no info on the consulate website yet. aghhh.
  9. I called my credit card company, but it's too late, because I made the deposit so long ago (trying to be a good planner! lol). I really just want to help spread the word so other brides don't fall victim. I don't know where I'm going to go from here, but I'm not giving up on getting my money back! Thanks for the support ladies!
  10. I've also had a horrible experience with Bitter Sweet. I paid my deposit in September 2009 for flowers in February 2010 and never got my flowers. On top of it all, she has completely ignored my attempts to contact her, and I haven't received a refund. Please save yourself the time and money and DO NOT deal with this company. Also a great idea to always check out your potential vendors on better business bureau (you will see that Bitter Sweet has a rating of F minus!!!).
  11. Hi Ladies, Just want to let you know that this has also happened to me. I paid my deposit in September 2009 for flowers in February 2010, never received them and still have not received a refund. Please beware of who you are dealing with, always search on better business bureau (you will see that Bitter Sweet Wedding Designs has an F-!!!). Please save yourself the stress and money and do NOT deal with this company.
  12. hey guys i got my mugs today from discount mugs and they are really nice. i'm impressed with the quality, which sort of balances out my bitterness with the customs charges I tried for ages to upload a picture and couldn't do it...if you'd like to see a pic let me know! does anyone have a link to the vistaprint page with the clear labels? I can't seem to find them....
  13. I agree with Lil Reeves, I'm doing oot bags, and making a donation to the children's hospital foundation (where I work, here in Alberta). It's a nice sentiment, and you only have to bring the table cards that let your guests know that you've made a donation in their honour. This way, your guests get their welcome gift, and you can incorporate charitable giving into your wedding (I'm a bit biased, but I think it's a great thing to do ) Many charities have wedding giving programs these days, and most will give you table cards. Good luck planning!
  14. Hey ladies, As luck would have it....I got the UPS notice for my mugs today (I missed the delivery so i cant tell you how the mugs look) but the customs charges are $54!!!! I don't know how they figure 54 bucks on a $130 bill but not much I can do now... Jen - I found in Panama that they have access to a lot (unlike, say Cuba) so money was most appreciated. When we went in May it was unbelievably hot (almost uncomfortably so) and the sun was verrrry strong. I imagine in January it will be gorgeous - nice and hot, but not ridiculously so. A couple tips for you - be prepared to wait at the Panama airport on your way home, when we went 4 years ago they didnt have computers at check-in so it took a long time (that said, we had such a great time I would do it again in a heartbeat). Also, try to keep a good eye on your bags, the resort took ours on a seperate bus and they arrived before us and were left outside the airport (never a good thing). If you have time, go on the rainforest trip - it was an experience of a lifetime. Overall, it is the nicest resort I've ever been to, the food was great, the room was lovely, and it is a great alternative to the islands. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by CND_Redhead I'm trying to find that out too... I am set on travel mugs but have a hard time knowing how much of the total cost is shipping and duty when purchasing from a US website. Although discountmugs.com is still a great price, I'm trying to see if there is anywhere canadian that would be comprable. Cheers I used discountmugs.com and I am pretty happy so far (i'll reserve total judgement until i get them!). I paid $130 canadian for 35 mugs (no print, but that would have been 45 extra) including shipping and taxes, i'll let you know if I get dinged with duty. By the way - I don't know if you've been to the royal decameron in Panama yet or not, but my fiance and I went 4 years ago and it was absolutely amazing....I have pics if you want to see them. Happy planning!
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