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  1. Hi!!! I need help! Is there someone out there that have used the spa at the Del mar for hair and make up? I'm getting married there and I really want to know what kind of work they do. It would be great to see some pics too ...hehehe!!!!! Thanks!!!
  2. Hi!! As anyone of you knows if the Photographer at the Del mar does a great job?? I would love to talk with someone that have worked with him or them!!! Thanks!!!
  3. Hello!! I'm getting merried in Riviera maya at the Iberostar paraiso del mal in 2011 and I was wondering if someone have a suggestion of a good photographer that is not too expensive. I heard about photo caribbean and I think that there prices are raisonable but I would like to see some of there pictures and even better hear about someone that used them for there wedding! Thanks!! Mags
  4. Wow!!! So much fun to read!!! OK, so for the private reception you had to pay how much for extra persons? I know that the private reception is for 35 or more and for now only 33 have booked...hopefully more will book because I really want to have a private reception! About the DJ, do you mine me asking how much you paid Thanks again!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by finleys7 Hi ladies, thanks for the well wishes. Yeah I'm a Mrs. The resort and wedding was amazing. The flowers, the food...everything. There were multiple hiccups but I totally didn't let my mood be ruined, I was actually a very relaxed bride. Due to wind, they moved a wedding in the chapel the night of the rehearsal, set us off about 30-40 minutes...no worries... =) I was late and lost the English speaking judge...had to have it translated and they forgot to do the exchange of rings...no worries...we really let everything slide and had a blast. The DJ was GREAT, and Claudia (photog) was AMAZING. She held us together.... I will write my full review within the week, things are still a little hectic. Things fall into place and if it doesn't...you shouldn't worry...that was my theme and we had the best time of our lives!!!! Hi!!! Congrats for your wedding!!! Can I ask you how much you paid for Claudia Rodrigez photos? Did you have to pay 300$ to the resort as you haven't use the photographer of the resort? I can't wait to read your reveiw and see more pics! Also, is one of you knows if the photographers at the Del Mal does nice pictures Thanks!!! Mags
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jaynreneewed Is there anyone out there that rented a boat for a group? I have about 40 people coming to my wedding and I’m interested in renting a boat for a privet party. Can someone please let me know about a reliable and inexpensive boat rental place in Riveria Maya. Hi!! I never rent a boat but I'm planning to do so....how exciting whout that be for the guest, right!!! I did a few reserch and I found this site : Cancun Catamaran Tours in Cancun It's a site where you can rend out a catamaran for as much as 80 people I think. It's not a party boat but it could do the trick....plus it's open bar too! I haven't have the chance to do any contacts for quote but I'm planning to do it soon Hope it will help you! Mags
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by LDeeken As far as I know this is the only one. I suppose you could always try and request another restaurant. Last summer we went to a friends wedding at the Lindo. They had their dinner at an a la carte and it was very nice. The resort did a nice job making it feel private. They were able to do speeches, just without a microphone, but no first dance. We had a small group and it was perfect! Thank you very much for the info!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by LDeeken To have a private reception you just pay an additional $800. The $2450 includes dinner for 10 people at any of the a la carte restaurants. Each extra person is $20. Hope that helps!! Leah =) Thanks for the info! Is there more than one option for the restaurant for private diner? If I go with one of the a la carte restaurant, are we gonna be able to do first dance and speaches?? Probably not, right? If not, maybe I should go with a private one. Thanks again
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by LDeeken Welcome Holly!! If having a Private event is important to you, you might consider looking at the Iberostar Del Mar. They have a restaurant that you can use for $800 where you can have both your dinner and a reception. That was VERY important to us as well which is why we chose the Del Mar. I'm not sure about the beach as we have not gotten married yet. We are actually getting married at the Gazebo at the Del Mar which is very private. Hope that helps you out. Feel free to ask questions, we are all happy to help!! Leah =) Hi!!! I booked my wedding at the del mar for April 2011 and I was wondering if the private reception is included in the package (basic one that is 2450$) or it's just any of the a la carte restaurants (non private). I'm kind of confuse with the options for the reception. Do you think you could explain to me all the option? If you have time I would really appreciate!!! Thanks, Mags
  10. HI ladies, I thought that it would be easier to have a thread for the del mar brides since it's hard to find info in other Iberostar thread...there are too many pages!! I finally booked my wedding on April 14th 2011 at the Del mar!! I'm very excited!!! I took the basic legal wedding and I was wondering if we can choose our reception diner in any of the restaurants à la carte?? Thanks!!!
  11. Wow thank you so much for all that info!!!! Ok so I really need to be there before my guest as I need to be there 4 working days before my wedding. The 4 witnesses can't be members of my familly right? Oh, and does anyone has the email adress of the wedding coordinator?? Thank you soooo much again....I really really appreciate !!!
  12. Hello Iberostar Brides!!! Ok, after switching places like 8 times I think I finally choose the perfect resort for my wedding!! (Iberostar paraiso del mar) I have a few questions and it'd be awsome if some of you would be able to answer We are looking to be at the resort on April 9 2011 (Sathurday) I heard that you have to be at the resort at least 3 working days prior to you wedding, is that true? If yes, would that mean that I'm just going to be able to have my wedding on the 14th (Thursday)? I also would like to contact the wedding coordinator to see if I can book my wedding date, does someone has her email adress? Is it true that the cost of the wedding is 2450.00$? Thank you sooooo much, can wait to hear from one of you!!!! Mags
  13. Hi Ladies!! I have a question regarding the beach wedding (not in the gazebo), does anyone knows if they are providing chairs on the beech for guest? If yes, does anyone knows where I could see some pics of the beach wedding set up?? I've been looking everywhere but no luck I really want to have a nice beach wedding set up with white covered chairs and I'm just waiting to know if it's possible before I book. Thanks!!!! Mags