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  1. Hi Everyone, I recently got married at the Sol Palmeras resort, Varadero, CUBA in April 2010. Was the best time ever. Bringing 21 family and friends, and our own photographer, was the best idea for a wedding. I don't regret doing a destination wedding for a moment. The Cuban people were great, my pictures were amazing and there was nothing like having a week long celebration with those closest to me. I will never forget paying a live Cuban band to serenade us on my friend's deck during our first dance by candelight. Best ever. That being said, I want to warn anyone going to the Sol Palmeras. For the most part, we loved it. It was clean, lush with a great beach. The food wasn't fantastic but I don't think you go to Cuba for the food. It wasn't near as bad as I thought though. We mainly lived on croissants and mojitos anyway! We stayed in a bungalo that was seperate from the hotel. They were cute and tucked into lush greenery and private. All was good until the last night we were there. The wedding planner had given us a "honeymoon" supper on the Saturday before we left. So off we went to the Italian resturant. When we returned 3 hours later, we were robbed. I was devestated. They took our cel phones, my camera, our video camera with the ceremony on it, wedding jewellry, jeans, shoes, backpack and ball cap. They even took my toothbrush and $2.00 razor. I have a feeling it was an inside job. Warning to anyone staying in Bungalo 230 - it is known I think as the bridal bungalow. The nicest as it has a winding staircase and is two levels. When we arrived in our room the first day, there was no safe key. We went to the front desk and asked and they said they would take care of it. two hours later, they said they didn't have one. We were frustrated but were so excited about the week, we just kept our passports and money in my mom's safe in the hotel. So, we went without a proper safe all week and got too trusting by the end of the week I think. I also think they knew where the bride and groom were staying. There was no sign of forced entry at all. Just a window in the bathroom that was open when we arrived back. Unforunately, the hotel gave no compensation whatsoever. Through my tears the next morning, we still had to pay the balance of the wedding. They even tried to tell us we needed to pay for the live band from the wedding when we had already paid them directly. There was NOT good communication about who to pay. Make sure if you get married here, you get in writing who you pay and when. Eg. The horse and carriage guy we paid cash but the band was to be paid only through the hotel. Not what we were told. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. With regards to the ceremony in Cuba, be sure to have a plan for how you want it to go. It was very OFFICIAL and sounded like someone was reading court documents. Have a sand ceremony or have friends and family read poems or readings. Say your own vows and your own ring vows too. They don't provide much for the ceremony. The site was decorated beautifully and the live Cuban band while walking down the "aisle" was surreal. Loved it. I would go back to Cuba in a heartbeat but I would think twice about the Sol Palmeras. I dont' think it's known for weddings and I can see why. I think bridal parties are easy targets for robbery and as great as the Cuban people are, it's wise not to be the trusting Canadians we usually are. Be friendly and enjoy the people but be cautious as well. I would recommend getting married in Cuba to anyone. It was the best. Make sure you make a trip to Old Havana. It was historical and breath-taking and there is live music everywhere. For pictures, check out fotobella - exclusive wedding photography and scroll down till you see "Michelle and George" on the blog. There is a little video you can see. Exercise caution and choose your resort wisely. Go with resorts that specialize in weddings and think twice about the Sol Palmeras.
  2. 1. Registry: none 2. OOT bags: Dollarama, Extra Foods, not done yet! 3. Wedding Attire: My Dress: NWL Bridesmaids: shoes and dresses - Le Chateau Groom: Help! Still need to find stuff. Ring Bearer: Children's Place 4. Rings: e-ring: The Jewelry Factory 5. Invitations:Gales Wholesale, making ourselves 6. Flowers:at resort? 7. Decor:Gales Wholesale? Resort 8. Travel Arrangements:Tropical Escapes 9. Are you active on any other Canadian Forums? (if yes which ones):Wedding Bells 10. Other: Bringing own photographer. Fotobella.ca
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by AlexsBride I think we are going to legally get married before we leave (or after we get home) because my FI has been divorced and we can save some money by not having to get his divorce decree translated etc. That is EXACTLY our situation. I hope the ceremony looks just like a "real" ceremony though. THe costs were ALOT to get everything translated since he was been divorced.
  4. Michelle and George - April 8th, 2010 Sol Palmeras, Varadero, Cuba
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by fudgie Great idea Stephanie&Luke - June 2, 2010 - Melia Las Dunas, Santa Clara fudgie - April 13, 2009 - Sol Palmeras, Varadero Finally Someone who was married at Sol Palmeras! I am getting married there in April 8th, 2010 and am dying to know any details! Help! ANy advice?
  6. I am an April bride too! SO EXCITED! April 8th, 2010 at Sol Palmeras, Varadero, CUBA. I have my dress, the bridesmaid dresses but working on the guy attire is proving difficult right now. We still want to look somewhat formal and classy with a relaxed feel. Trying to find a linen suit/shirts....any ideas?
  7. I am a 2010 bride to be in Cuba as well! What resort are you getting married at? Yes, Jan is much cheaper. I;m a teacher, and we aren't getting married until April 8, 2010. How did you decide on Cuba? We are so excited about it! I don't think it's too early to plan in that you need to give people time to save up and there is paperwork and stuff to do (my fiance is divorced). Good luck!
  8. Those are fantastic! are you giving them when they arrrive or before they go? Love it!
  9. April 2010 but still don't have a specific date! Just got engaged 4 weeks ago.
  10. I just posted something similar yesterday! I am trying to set things up to get married in Cuba over Easter but Sunwing, Transat and Signature are all stopping their charters early. Very Frustrating!!!!!! Sunwing offers no perks but good prices. I have 2 children coming and no freebies for them! I too want to give people an actual date but can't yet. what hotel are you staying at? We too may have to go to Calgary if Signature comes through and offers something good. An extra expense to fly there from Regina. I hear you, I hear you!!!!!! Sure doesn't make it easy to do a DW in a tropical location when you live on the prairies does it? Let me know how it works out! Michelle
  11. Thanks for you reply and congratulations! Sunquest, Signature and Transat are all stopping their flights out of Regina at the end of Feb 2010. Even my TA was surprised. Sunwing is the only charter flying out and the flights are very reasonable....just no perks.....looks like that's what we'll do.
  12. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Especially from Western Canada? I thought choosing the resort would be tough but now my TA has said most suppliers have stopped their charters early and aren't flying over Easter - except one. We really wanted to get in on a few perks (eg. 11 person flies free or 1 child free) but no go with this supplier. Any advice or similar experiences? Being a teacher, this is the best time for me to travel. Signature, Transat and Sunquest are all NOT flying over Easter
  13. Hi! That's close to Regina relatively speaking! YEs, there is tons on here. I'm so frustrated! We want to get married at Easter and there is only one charter out of Regina to Varadero....with no perks.....Sometimes it feels like I'm living on an island in Regina!
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