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  1. Ah yes...my Husband has a thing for Cuban Rum (Havana Club), and we've made it back with a bottle. We didn't declare it; I think it went in the checked luggage... He also brought back a Cuban cigar and just took off the band like previously stated. The whole embargo is just irritating.
  2. *Sniff* Awwww looove looking back at these!!!!! Only 5 days left until our Anniversary Elizabeth was definitely one of our BEST choices!!! That and Las Caletas, hands down. A lot of awesome women were behind this wedding XOXO Nicole & Elizabeth (& Lindsay)! Reminicing is great
  3. It looks like there may be a ton of hidden taxes involved.... otherwise, I agree - it looks too good to be true. Would be one helluva bargain if it were though!!!!
  4. oooohhhhh this is killing me!! lol (trying to plan a trip for our anniversary but no way we could head out tomorrow) what a great deal!
  5. I just had to go take another peak, cause Martin now works until midnight so it gets a little lonely... and, AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! LOL Totally gave me goosebumps. How fortunate I am to be able to relive that day in such a VIVID perspective... ahhhhhh Thanks again, Elizabeth!!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Sammygurlj So....I just can't wait anymore. I decided to give him the pics for his birthday next week. I made a book with Mypublisher, I should get it tomorrow and I'm really excited to see how it turns out. Sadly I won't get to see him open it since he is living in Texas until May but I'm sure he will enjoy having the book while he is away from me. haha, ohhhh yeah I'm sure he will LOVE those for his bday!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Melissa~ Jamie your slideshow makes me smile :0) It's gorgeous and Elizabeth did an amazing job! You looked stunning and the entire day was captured perfectly. i really felt as f I was there in las caletas with you guys from this slideshow. There are a few of my faves like the one of you meditating, in the doorway posing, Martin in his GQ pose on his balcony, the two of you seeing eahother before the ceremony and the photo of you taking a shot (hehe I make the same faces). All the time you took planning your wedding really paid off everything from your flowers, fans, maracas and place settings looked so chic and colorful! I just loved all the details. Makes me want to get married all over again... this time at Las caletas! Oh funny note - I remember that gorgeous little kitty! I have photos of it too. LOL Such a sweet little cat. Hi Mel I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, and that you pointed out the meditating pics ~ that was my idea! I enjoy meditating from time to time, and when you're on that island basically "alone" it just feels so right! I requested some meditation time pre-wedding, and asked Elizabeth if she could capture a few shots of me meditating in my full on wedding gear ~ I think it turned out great! And the timing with the song at that point is nice too Yeah, that kitty was super sweet. It was just quiet, chillin' next to us (hoping for food I'm sure ) while we ate our "Preckly Pear Cactus" (haha, did anyone else catch that? We all had a good laugh ) Thanks for all of your comments! It was a long time in the making... *Edit* Oh! The reason for the shots pic... well, I guess there were two, huh? hehe... the first one was with my Dad and the Minister, Brad!! HAHAHA, how cool is that!? It was really crazy how much my Dad and Brad looked alike, they both would tell each other "hey, you're pretty good-looking!" So they got along so well that we all took a shot together; I grabbed E.M. over cause I knew we couldn't miss that photo op! LOL The second one was me and Nicole... in honor of our very own BDW Andi! Nicole had passed along a message that we were supposed to have an honorary shot for Andi, but I was so wiped out that I forgot... soooo, once we got back on the boat I pinned Nicole down and had them make us "Jaime Shots", which is Don Julio Blanco mixed with a touch of Grand Marnier ~ lime and salt! Hehehe, funny ~ my night became a lot funner after that, the shot gave me the energy to keep going! (Because oddly enough, I was pretty darn sober during the "party"/reception... think I sweated it all out walking all around with that heavy dress on!)
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by midnight24 amazing photos! i loved everything about your wedding...where was that place? on an island on beach? i loved your flowers, and centerpieces and all the bright colours! congrats! and thanks for sharing. Hi, and thanks That ultra-fabulous location is called "Las Caletas". It is a private beach. You may rent it out for weddings. Nicole and Kelley are the WCs there and they are FANTASTIC! They go so far above and beyond (literally, hiking up to the bridal castita, lol! )... I could go on and on... and the Minister, Brad... wow, he is just amazing. Once he knows you're in it for the right reasons he is there - mind, body and soul! Gazing into his eyes and the ocean (they matched) was what got me through the ceremony... so incredibly peaceful yet so much stability... if that makes sense Anyways, do a search for "Las Caletas" or "LC" in the search window and you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know about the place! If you are interested, I suggest snagging it NOW ~ they are really starting to grow and I have a feeling it's going to reach the rich and famous soon! I certainly felt like I was among that class the entire day of my wedding... simply amazing... Lots of love to the LC staff!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi I already commented on your FB but I will here too! GORGEOUS! I am a sapp and totally teared up as I usually do....anyway, there were way too many pics that I loved to point just one or two out! well ok, I lied, the one that gets me every time is see it is you waiting to see Martin...I have said this before but the look on your face is absolutely priceless! oh and awesome song choices on the slideshow!!!!!!!!!!! hope you are well, sending you lots of vibes to get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!! Darn you, you must've been typing just as I was! Great minds... Thanks you! You totally helped me out the whole way through, down to picking the songs. I appreciate it all! Thanks for the awesome Andi vibes!! I know those will help!!! RAWR! :
  10. Thanks everyone!! I'm lovin' all the compliments on how good I looked as I'm sitting here in my PJ's... HAHAHAH Quote: Originally Posted by Meg&Shay I absolutely love your pics - you looked gorgeous!! And congrats on your 4th anniversary of meeting! Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by finzup question - where did you get that bracelet, I love it and have been looking for one like it... Hi, I got the bracelet on sale online from White House Black Market. It was awhile back though... you could try searching their website though. Hope you can find it ~ I loooove it and still wear it out for special occasions Quote: Originally Posted by YaelM WOW!! Jaimie that slide show is amazing!!! You all look so happy and Elizabeth really did capture the emotion of the day as you mentioned. She did an amazing job and you look amazing!!! I love your colors and all the details. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Yael! Congrats to you too Quote: Originally Posted by Joss Was the sequence of him across the bridge with his back turned a "first look?" If so, i almost teared up looking at them. Congrats! Yup! Or as I called it "First Glance". Martin was pretty traditional, which was really cute since he's not normally... he wanted to stay in separate rooms the night before, not see me before, never see my dress, etc... but then I started showing him examples of these types of shots and how utterly AMAZING the raw emotion is that can be captured... I won him over and now we are BOTH soooooo happy that we went ahead and did that. I had gone over previously on a site visit (twice actually) and I always remembered that bridge with the orange house-like structure (there are SO many bridges on Las Caletas, I'm lucky they knew which one I was talking about!)... Those are still some of my favs Like I was saying, that raw emotion... just wow... Elizabeth totally captured it. As I was walking down to see him (the bridal casita where I was coming from was actually a ways up from that bridge), I started BAWLING like I've never (publicly, lol) bawled in my life!! Anyways, on the way down I ran into Lindsey, Elizabeth's daughter & assistant... I told her "Lindsey! Thank God! Quick! Tell me a joke, I can't stop crying!!!", to which she replied "Great! We LOVE crying brides!!"... HAHAHA... well, that made me smile even bigger And then I went to go meet my groom and exchange presents (Btw, that HUGE smile on my face while we're exchanging presents?? That's because he FINALLLLLY got me JEWELRY!!! It's kind of an inside joke, but he got me this cool eco-watch but it was diamond studded! I just think the look Elizabeth caught on my face was priceless, hahaha) Quote: Originally Posted by Helen_S81 I'm so sorry to hear that you've not been well Jamie! Hope you feel better soon. Your wedding was absolutely stunning! I love your pictures from Elizabeth. Thank you so much for sharing them with us all! Helen, Thanks so much for your concern and well wishes! I have Chronic Lyme Disease and it's been taking over lately. But I'm off to Florida next week to see a different specialist. Fingers crossed!!! Ya know, it's been really tough on our marriage, but all in all we have not only survived, but we have thrived! This is definitely my soul mate.
  11. I know I've been away for so long, sorry to all the LC brides who have certainly been waiting for this! Long story short, I've been very ill which is why I've not been around. So unfortunately the review is not available yet, however I've got the next best thing... OUR SLIDE SHOW by ELIZABETH MEDINA!!! Elizabeth and I still keep in touch, she is a wonderful, caring person and I am so happy to have met her. I was chatting with her today and we both were like "darn, now I've gotta go watch that slide show again!", haha! I noticed that each time I watch it, I discover something new and different. Sometimes I focus on the colors, others on a certain memory/person/thing... but today for the first time I just sat in awe and took it all in. And damn, is it GOOD! I had a long time (about 2 years) to decide on who my photographer was going to be, and I chose Elizabeth for 2 main reasons: 1) Her amazing, bold use of color 2) Her ability to make every single wedding stand on its own. Let me say that she lived up to my expectations and more. She captured a picture of my Dad swinging my 75 year old Grandmother around the dance floor (Grandma was wearing sneakers, haha, go Grandma!). This is absolutely priceless... and the great thing is, almost all of the pictures are similar in that they evoke such genuine emotion and memories. As much as we all try, the day does go by in a blur. Elizabeth, thank you for slowing down that blur (so to speak ), and letting us continue to experience those joyful moments in our lives. Without further adieu... Martin & Jaime's Las Caletas Wedding Slideshow by Elizabeth Medina P.S. Today is also mine and Martin's 4th Anniversary from the day we met - can't think of a better reason than that for sharing the slide show on this very day! ENJOY!!!!
  12. Elizabeth showed y'all some teasers a week or two ago (I've lost all track of time, it seems! lol)... and now we've been blogged! A few new pics for your viewing pleasure, ladies & gents... ENJOY! Elizabeth Medina Photography
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jojoxxo Second i know alot of you did sweetheart tables, Nicole said it would be possible to do a head table for us and the wedding party too, or just blend us in with everyone else. Just wondeering if anyone else has done a head table? thanks everyone! your always sooo much help! Is the sweetheart table where they separate you and your husband from the others? If so, we did this and honestly we did not like it - one thing we would totally have changed. We just felt out of touch with the rest of our group; looking back would have totally picked just one long, continuous table! HTHs!! Quote: Originally Posted by miss di you are too funny - so enthusiastic with your wedding planning, i love it! also love that you are marrying your HS sweetheart!! with a few years to go, your wedding is going to be PLANNED OUT like no other. Funny ~ Martin and I also went to the same HS and college, but never met until 5 yrs after HS totally randomly at a bar! We've now been together almost 4 yrs total I was on here for about 2.5 years before my wedding so no worries!!
  14. I am so sorry. I totally thought my MOH would not want to go because of cost, but when I brought it up to her (before I'd asked her to be MOH or even BM!) she said she'd TOTALLY be there ~ even if she had to put it on her CC! Awwww :') I was really touched. And my other BM is in pharmacy school and TOTALLY broke but she saved every penny to be able to come. In return I ended up paying for a lot of things for them - but only after they booked. On the other hand, 2 BMs dropped out and honestly it was for the best - I am no longer friends with them... Maybe there's something else going on?? A lot of ppl resent DWs, which is a shame... because the people who ended up going to ours had a friggin' BLAST!!! Maybe remind her that it's not ONLY your wedding, but also a vacation for her and her boyfriend? I'm really sorry... you must be crushed and so hurt... Could you offer to pay for part? Like perhaps the flight upgrade that would make it a direct flight? And maybe those 2 extra nights?? That would be a great compromise, I think... Good luck!
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