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  1. I love reading! Thanks for all the suggestions ladies, I'm putting together my x-mas list to give to DH.
  2. I got my book today, it looks good I'm really happy with it. Now I have to go get it shipped to him by Tuesday.
  3. So....I just can't wait anymore. I decided to give him the pics for his birthday next week. I made a book with Mypublisher, I should get it tomorrow and I'm really excited to see how it turns out. Sadly I won't get to see him open it since he is living in Texas until May but I'm sure he will enjoy having the book while he is away from me.
  4. We are doing a vow renewal for our 2nd anniversary. We originally planned to do our wedding in Jamaica but it didn't work out so this is our new plan.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyB It was so much fun hanging out with these ladies, I was trying to convince the both of them to go out to some clubs that night, since they were looking fabulous. Did you guys go out? We never made it out, we ordered pizza and were so exhausted we fell asleep. lol
  6. Love it, they both look great but you made a good choice, its beautiful
  7. Wow, you look great. I love the kickball one, so cute!! They are all great FI is gonna flip.
  8. So, I had my BD shoot this past Saturday. TammyB was my photographer and she was great to work with. I had a friend come with me for support and she thought it would be fun to do a BD shoot as well. We got a room at the Atheneum hotel in Detroit and Tammy met us there. She arranged for hair and makeup to meet us in the hotel to get ready, which was great. They all did an amazing job. I was very nervous and felt really awkward at first but Tammy did an awesome job at working with me to calm my nerves and make me feel comfortable. We had tons of fun and I love my pics, can't wait to give them to my sweet hubby but he's gonna have to wait awhile (he's not getting them for over a year). I'm not posting up any pics here but you girls can check out Tammy's blog if you wanna see. http://www.tammybphotography.blogspot.com/
  9. I don't think this is too formal, I think it is gorgeous and if you love it you should wear it.
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