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  1. We went in 2011. LOVED IT. Moorea we stayed at the Sofitel and had a beach bungalow which was perfection. On Bora Bora we stayed at the Intercontinental Thalasso and stayed in an overwater bungalow (I think that's all they have there anyway). It was all fab and I wouldn't change a thing (other than I wish we could have stayed longer!) I'd skip Tahiti if you can. Just fly in there and then fly right to Moorea.
  2. For anyone who has been to French Polynesia - do you really think the overwater bungalow is worth the extra cost? I read that some of the garden bungalows come with private pools...that sounds almost as romantic, for like half the cost. Any opinions on this?
  3. Hi Dreams brides! Hope your planning is going well - just wanted to check to see if there were any questions I could help with We had our reception at the Oceana Terrace and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's definitely more of a private feeling and almost feels like you're in the back of your own little villa. It's awesome. We had the light-up trees too, but kinda by accident - I just told my furniture guy to do some lighting, and that's what we arrived to see. It looked stunning and really added to the luxurious vibe I think. I highly recommend Oxten for any furniture/lighting/dance floors. For photog - I used Fer Juaristi and LOVED HIM. He isn't local to Cabo, but he is from Mexico so his travel rates may be cheaper than flying in someone from the US or Canada. Don't stress over anything, seriously, these people are professionals and know what they are doing! Just communicated what you want to them, and they'll get it done. I promise.
  4. My ceremony was on the beach and it was set up like Erika described. You could hear the music no problem!
  5. I'm not sure on the exact breakdown of the lighting cost because we added that last minute, but it was done externally through Oxten. I don't know if Dreams does any lighting like that on their own. Are you bringing in any extra furniture or anything? If so, lighting is probably pretty cheap to throw in. The overhead lanterns were all through Dreams.
  6. Don't stress Proti. I had never been to Dreams before I had my wedding there, and we had a lot of picky guests, and EVERYONE loved it. Planning a wedding there was a breeze and it was even more beautiful than I ever expected. You're in good hands!
  7. I've been to a ceremony before where we had to stand, and to be honest I wasn't really fond of it. The ceremony wasn't that long but it just isn't all that comfortable to stand and watch someone get married. I kept looking at the lucky few that did have a seat, and wished I was one of them. Instead of paying attention to the wedding. If it's the only option, I guess you'll have to make that call, but as someone who has been to a wedding like that, I didn't speak all that highly of it. Just giving my 2 cents!
  8. Holy crap Angela! I can't believe it's your time! You really covered all your bases here...your guests will love everything you've put together. And of course I of all people LOVE your dress You are going to be a gorgeous bride and Tim will die when he sees you come down the aisle! Have a fantastic time, enjoy Dreams, and I can't wait to hear about it all when you come home! xo!
  9. Carly I'm so glad your experience was great! I'm still debating about getting this done...I really want to, but I just feel like our money needs to go to other places right now. You made me feel so much better about the pain/uncomfort though...good to know it's not that bad. Enjoy your new eyes! LOL Rachel, you're too funny
  10. Have you considered just using a day of co-ordinator, and booking all of the vendors yourself? I did all of my planning, but I used Amy at Fiestas Los Cabos for my day-of-coordination and she did a great job. It also helped keep the costs down. Just a suggestion!
  11. If only I was getting married again.... To M, of course
  12. I have the same thing - size 0/2 but a 32D. For my wedding dress I ordered the size to fit my bust and then they took it in everywhere else. For an every day dress though, I usually can't get dresses unless they have that stretchy part at the back, or if they are flowy and thus it's not a big deal if they fit the boobs but are loose everywhere else.
  13. Hi Michelle, 1) The average is about 50% acceptance for DW's (varies by group of course, time of year, price) 2) They don't charge open bar per person, since it's an AI. You pay a set-up fee for your ceremony and a set-up fee for your reception, and that includes all food and booze unless you choose to upgrade the food options. There is extensive info on this in the Dreams threads. 3) My deal will be different from yours since we did a vacation package from Toronto. I have no idea what Chicago vacation prices would be like! We did negotiate a group package rate from Toronto though using a TA and then put the info on our save the date. 4) Yes, Oct is the tail end of hurricane season in Cabo, but Cabo rarely gets any direct effects from hurricanes other than rain and wind. I think it rains an average of 10 days per year or less in Cabo. Having said that, we did have hurricane effects (rain and wind) for our first few days in Cabo, which was a bit of a downer. It cleared up for the wedding day though. And we were in Cabo in Oct 3 years ago and it was PERFECT weather! So just depends on your risk tolerance. 5) I would not change any options or vendors. The things that I would change are just little glitches that had nothing to do with Dreams or the vendors I chose! Hope that helps!
  14. I hope you have the bestest day ever! So happy for you!
  15. Great, thorough review! I'm sure all future Dreams brides will find it very helpful. Congratulations and I'm glad you had an amazing wedding at Dreams!
  16. WOW Amy...I love your pics! You looked so beautiful, and both of your dresses were gorgeous. Your wedding looked like it was both emotional and also a lot of fun! Congrats Mrs!
  17. I am the same as you, and I've had amazing luck with the Neutragena spray SPF45. It's SO easy to re-apply because you just spray it and it takes 2 seconds (plus there is a cooling version that actually cools your skin down). The only downside is that I run out of it pretty quick considering how expensive it is. But for your wedding, it's worth the cost!
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