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  1. Great job! Everyone will love them! The pearls are lovely! :)I made my own as well, and made them for my BM's and am so glad I saved the $$$
  2. Well you could do some floating lights in your centerpieces, or hang flowers, or colored balls from the ceiling just to tie it all together. I googled it for you and found some ideas, but I can't post the links to most of them for some reason. (Just google wedding reception tent) Good luck
  3. Well, I've spent the Summer (when I'm not at work) in a strapless shirt or swimming suit. (My wedding dress is also strapless) I have NO tan lines for my dress,but the whitest boobs you'll ever see LOL. I suggest the first 4 days you're in Mexico, (and any other time you can be in the sun before the wedding), to wear something strapless and then after the wedding you won't have to worry about it.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Time will fly for you! Happy Planning!
  5. Aww, I am so sorry they didn't attend your shower. I can totally understand why you would be hurt. Do you think it would be a good idea to talk to them each individually, and tell em' how much you love em, but that your shower wasn't the same without them? There aren't a whole lot of excuses they could have (considering you saw them right before the shower) but maybe they have a reason unbenknownst to you? It's sad because my BF (who is not attending our wedding) is in such a controlling relationship, I'm already counting her out for my shower/bachelorette party. She's bailed on so many important events already. Keep your head up, and it just might make you feel better to talk to them!
  6. Wow, those are exceptional! Between your pictures and her pictures, they are for sure my favorite BD pics I've seen! Everything looks perfect!
  7. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that Like everyone said, it's very fortunate that you didn't lose your diamond. Someday you can tell your kids about how you were ripping up old, nasty carpet and a huge insect landed in your lap and you litterally flew off the ground and snapped your ring in two! Not many can tell that story!!! Glad it's getting fixed
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by DJaysEntertainment Sorry to get in the middle of a controversial subject, but I wanted to point out that Limewire/Frostwire/Bittorrent, etc. are all ILLEGAL. You wouldn't walk into a wedding shop and STEAL your shoes, would you? Why would you consider stealing your music? Consider all the viruses, trojans, etc. that are all over the illegal sites as the "security guards" that will punish you if you steal the music. Sorry, I just have very strong feelings about this. I don't care if you hire a pro DJ (who, by the way, you should ask where he got his music!) but at least support the people who MADE the music. So, iTunes... guaranteed perfect quality, and legal. Thanks for your concern, but I find nothing wrong with downloading a few songs of which I have already purchased the CD's for. iTunes doesn't carry some of the songs I need, so I have no choice. The artists are getting plenty of $$$ don't you worry!
  9. I am extremely sorry for you and your FI When my great grandpa died last yea (whom I was EXTREMELY close with, we each put something in the casket that we wanted him to be able to "take with him." I wrote him a letter and put it in his suit pocket. Letter's can really help you get closure after a death. He could write down everything he wanted to say in Life, but never had the chance. Again, I am so very sorry for you loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  10. I know, I'm not sure how to help either, but for Katrina I sent them several hundred dollars that I rounded up. I know with Katrina, they needed a lot of help with getting supplies, and needed help for the poor animals. I'm just so thankful for them that this hurricane mellowed out a bit and wasn't another catastrophe. I truly hope the next several hurricanes that are developing, end up being mellow too, and don't effect anyone's homes or wedding plans.
  11. I am so happy you didn't get pounded as bad as originally thought, but I know there is still a considerable amount of damage in some parts I'm not sure if you ladies can even get near a computer, but please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Do you need supplies, do you have enough water, are your homes ok? I would be more than happy to help in anyway I can!
  12. Everyone please be safe! You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. I just bought some and it was HEAVENLY! I highly recommend them. (It's a little portion but sooo good)
  14. YES!!!! That's it!!!! Have you tried them? Are they good?
  15. I saw a commercial last night for these little desserts that have like 150 calories in them. You buy them at your local store but I don't know who makes them or if they're frozen or what? I know this sounds like a rediculous question but I really want to find out what they are. (They looked soooo tasty on the commercial, but I only caught the tail end of it)ANYONE have any idea what I'm referring to? Thanks
  16. I'm not familliar with this book. Is it encouraging women to lift heavier weights? I would be interested to know more about it
  17. So would you be getting married and getting back on the ship the same day? Or would you stay a few nights in Cabo after you get married? Are you wanting to have your legal wedding in Mexico, or just the ceremony?In Mexico, the WC at all the resorts are always busy with weddings. It's kind of like flying by the seat of your pants some of the time. A lot of the time you plan your wedding the best you can, and make a lot of decisions once you get to Mexico. Alot of resorts recommend you arrive 3 business days in Mexico before your ceremony. (And that's not even for legal ceremonies) For legal ceremonies I think they want you to be there 4-5 days PRIOR. BUT, if you just want a completely simple non-legal ceremony you may be able to cut it a little closer. Honestly though, it may be a little tough trying to have a wedding, and make it in time for your cruise to take off. Maybe you could have the cruise first and then buy a plane ticket from Mexico home? You definetely don't want to feel stressed or rushed...
  18. Wow!!! Everything looks so beautiful!!! I LOVE your BM dresses, and your flower girl is too precious!
  19. Welcome to the forum! Wow, your wedding date is right around the corner.
  20. So were they worth making? I still keep eye-balling this post and I want to make them SO bad!!! My mouth is watering.....
  21. And actually, now that I read the last line about only having 30 people, and they aren't really the "dancing types" I would totally bring your own IPOD. It would be different if they were all going to be dancing and getting crazy, but if you are just looking for more of "background type music" I would do it yourself. BUUUT that's just me
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by nicoleandscott alright january brides, i need help! i'm currently in the process of picking wedding music for the day (i.e. DJ, iPod, guitarist...?), and i'm having some conflict. i asked my WC about using an iPod (at the Sheraton in Cabo), and she does not recommend it. her reasons are: it could mess up and you have to pay to rent the speakers and tech equipment anyway so it's not saving that much... my question is: is this true? if you are an iPod bride, are you renting speakers, etc? i'm really confused, and i'm trying to save some $$$, so i want this to be an option... also, we are only having about 30 ppl total, which consists of mostly grandparents and family members who will not want to "cut a rug" all night. i'm looking for background music... : Hmmm...Maybe it varies from hotel to hotel but here's what my WC told me. In the beginning I thought there was no other option except a DJ. My WC is the one who really convinced me that DW's are "easy-going" and that it would save about $900.00 We just have to bring our own IPOD and cord and the speakers and set-up are included in our wedding package. I'm typing up a "script" for my sister who is going to do a few announcements. (She was soooo happy when I asked her if she wanted to do this) I absolutely won't let it take away from HER time. She'll make the few announcements and we'll all be dancing the night away. I've heard some brides from other resorts had to pay $300.00 or so for the speakers/set-up which is still cheaper than $900.00but I think a rediculous price for doing everything yourself. If your WC recommends it at your resort, you may want to take her advice. Are there any other brides who have been married there that you could ask?
  23. You came up with the perfect title for the book! Thanks sooooo much for posting the pics again I appreciate it!
  24. A little something for your eyes only.... You are the man of my dreams Enjoy! I am drawing a blank sorry....Is there anyway I could "glance at your pics again?" They were some of the best I've ever seen and I wanted to refresh my memory. (I'm having mine done next month) Please don't feel obligated, I know they are personal.
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