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  1. Hi everyone! Well since I first wrote this post I have found out some info. Maura you are completely right (although I hoped you weren't). A catholic priest WILL ONLY perform the ceremony in a church. An outside ceremony WILL NOT HAPPEN! I spoke with Yarai and we are going to have a nondenominational minister perform the ceremony, but we are going to do some readings and stuff so it "appears" more catholic. My mom was ok with it...so its settled! Whew! Thanks for everyones help!
  2. I know its a hard situation but ...you can't be worried about everyone else. The people that WANT to go, will be there. I sent out STDs and many people responded yes that I never thought, and some people I assumed would go are not coming. Either way, I totally understand. It is a lot of money, and in the end Matt and I, and our immediate family are most important. Everyone else is just a bonus! I feel your pain though...it's a happy time and you get bummed out when people find things to complain about! I am the first in my family to do a DW, so I am in the same exact spot. I am trying my best just to tume the complainers out!
  3. I have not delt with Yessica at all, but maybe you can switch to Yarai. Is that allowed?? I have been planning with Yarai over e-mails, and it takes her about a day, tops 2 days to return an e-mail. She is awesome! Whenever I write an e-mail I just write "Attention:Yarai" in the subject. They probably would prefer you didn't WC hop, but if you feel dissatisfied...go for it! Good luck!
  4. ok... a booze cruise at a wedding is awesome! Yet again I am going to be totally TACKY....how much is it per person approximately, and what company did you use? If you don't want to answer ..I understand. THanks!
  5. EWWWwww - could you imagine making out with an OLD Ass man like Hugh? OMG that is SO gross! LOL!! YUCK! EWWWWWW!!!!!!! That is so gross! Im sorry I know she said she loved him...but that just cannot be hot. I feel gross just writing about it.....GROOSSS!!!!!
  6. I am so sorry to hear about your mom's dog! Losing a pet is definately like losing a friend. My mom's dog passed away about 11/2 years ago and she still is waiting to get another. First she needed time to grieve, then she started to go on with everyday life without a pet. She is just starting to want another dog. It takes time, and energy to get a new pet. I would feel her out first before you get one for her. Although it is very thoughtful of you, she might not be ready.
  7. Hi everyone. So I am still trying to plan something to do with my guests Wednesday night when they all arrive. As you know, throughout the wedding planning process everything seems to be a couple hundred dollars....and soon my budget is thrown out the window. What group welcome activities is everyone planning? And not to be tacky (but I am) ..how much did it approximately cost? I want to plan something fun (and most likely revolving around drinking..haha). Any ideas?
  8. Just a question...why is everyone doing centerpieces at home and bringing them? I just got an e-mail from my WC at DReams. She gave me some ideas (which sound beautiful) and they seem fairly priced. Each one is only going to be $30. So I am having like 5 tables. I think $150 for everything is good, and I don't have to carry anything, or ship anything before hand which can be expensive. Why are so many doing it on their own?
  9. Ok..I can finally see the pictures! I love both dresses. They look beautiful on you. BUT the first one is .....AMAZING! Don't get me wrong they are both gorgeous and you look gorgeous in them, but the first one..WOW! It is so unique and unlike nothing I have ever seen. It's one of those dresses that you have to just stare at and admire. Good luck!
  10. hey...I tried to view the pictures of the dresses on photobucket and I can't get to them...HELP!
  11. I am so sorry! As they say one door closes and another one opens. At least you can fimnd comfort that you found out now instead of a month from now, or even a year from now. You are definately too good for him. One day he is going to kick himself in the ass for letting you go. Stay strong!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by samanthag First off, I'm sorry that you are going through this. I can't imagine how you are feeling. It's easy for all of us to try & give you advice but ultimately you need to do what is best for you and your precious children. If you want to tell your parents, tell them. It's not fair that he tells you who you can & can't tell. This is extremely emotional time & you need your family's support! Remember, ultimately it's YOU & YOUR KIDS (period). Be strong. Have faith. You are young and beautiful and you have your ENTIRE life ahead of you!!!!! God put you on this earth for bigger and better things!!!!! You call the shots!! Right on! I second that!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by xoxo1441 I definately feel both your headaches! I have done TONS of research. That is correct, that priests will only do it pretty much in an actual Catholic Church. There a couple cute Catholic Churches in the town of Cabo-so you can have your ceremony there and then reception at Dreams? Or you can do what I am doing....since I want to feel and have that "wow factor" of walking down to my fiance who is waiting for me.....I am going to have a symbolic ceremony at Dreams, on the beach (So, doesn't mean anything in regards to religion or law) then reception. EH THEN...go home and a few weeks later or something I am going to have an intimate ceremony, legit Catholic ceremony at my parish church. And then have a cocktail/appetizer party for people that couldn't come to Cabo! So, it is up to you what order you do things, or how...Don't forget that if you do the Catholic stuff here, you need to sign up for Precanon classes way in advance with your priest. Sorry lots of stuff, but I know exactly what STRESS you are going through!!! I had a feeling this was going to be the answer. I think it's time to sit mom down for a chat! Thanks for the info.
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