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  1. I had the BB Express done my hair was well pass the middle of my back and it took about a hour or so to do I LOVED it my hair felt amazing and was pin straight. My styling time was cut in half. I got it done about 3 1/2 months ago (I think) and I recently cut my hair to my shoulders and it is still pretty straight. I would highly recommend it. I did not have any problem with my color either I have brown hair with blonde highlights I did not do my color and BB in the same session my highlights actually looked better after BB.
  2. Congrats you numbers are great!!!!! I am happy you are able to go home!!
  3. I also had the HSG done like Carly said it is not bad at all a little uncomfortable. They will give you a antibotic to take for 3 days to prevent any infection. I think it is good to make sure your tubes are clear. I was also told that you are more fertile up to 6 months after having the test. My doc told me that she has a patient every time she wants to get preg she has it done and 2 months later is pregnant.
  4. Yes acup works really good on pain. I feell 80% better by the time she puts all the needles in and leaves then I lay there for about 30 min by the time I leave I feel about 95%. I use to go to a chiro and had to go 3 times a week if I was not going for infertility I would probably only need to go 1 - 2 times a month for my neck pain.
  5. The lady I was seeing did specialize in infertility along with a lot of other issues I first started acupuncture for my neck pain. The new one they have 1 lady and all she does in infertility and she works with a lot of IUI and IVF patients. She is about 30 min away from as opposed to the other one that was 5 min but I think it will be worth it well I hope it is!!! Oh yeah my first acup told me 3 months also now she says give her 6 then I am sure it will be give me 9 months. I just don't like her now if you cant tell!!! If the other women tells me 3 months I will probably believe her lol!!
  6. Sorry Ayita it was not your month!! Glad you are able to get in and see the doctor. Calia I was really hoping you would have been prego by now. We have been trying officially 1 year yesterday so I can only imagine how hard it has been on you guys. Sending you lots of baby vibes!!! I also highly recommend acupuncture. I have been going for 5 months when I temped I saw a big difference my temps were really up and down and they got more steady. I am very excited I just found a new acupuncturist and they really only specialize in fertility and they have a very high success rate so I start with them next week and even better they are cheaper then my previous place jackpot!! As for me I did not get preg our first IUI cycle, but they said I responded very well to the meds so we are starting our 2nd round today. Looks like my IUI will be on bday! Hopefully this will be our lucky month!
  7. LOL Andrea I hope I got knocked up today lol!!!! The IUI was so simple I asked the doctor are you sure its over. We went in with good numbers 2 follies and 102million spermies after the wash. FX we get a bfp on July 10th when we have our b/w. Stacey I can not find a way to add you as my friend until I see a post you made but the link Carly sent you is group of us TTC and some mommies too!!!
  8. I am among you ladies TTC we have a good group of us on Fertility Friend if your looking for another place to chat. I hope the soft cups is exactly what you need!!!! FX for you!! We are on our 11th cycle of TTC July 8th last year I stopped the pill. We did get preg in Dec but sadly had a mc in Jan. We are now seeing a RE and I have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and will have our first IUI tomorrow. I am hoping this will be the answer we need. I hope we see a lot of new mommies to be soon!!!
  9. I took my mom there about 4 years ago for mothers day we must of gotten a bad week we had rain the whole time, but we still had a blast.
  10. Congrats to all the new Mrs!! I love the picts. Here are some of our picts from our wedding at the Akumal. The welcome dinner was in the buffet, the cocktail hour was in the lobby bar, dinner was at the Italian and then we had dancing out side by the pool (but I do not think there any photos in this link but if you need some I can forward them). Jennifer & Kyle’s Wedding | Evan Baines Photography
  11. Congrats Midnight!!! I am so happy to hear you had an amazing time. Can't wait to see pictures. I hope all the wedding this week are just as awesome!!!
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