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  1. No that's my niece! She looked so cute in her dress and she did a great job walking down the aisle
  2. Sorry I have taken so long to post these but here are some of my favorites...
  3. Hi Jen! I just read your review because it honestly is painful to be on here now that the wedding is over!!! Everything looked beautiful. I'm sure you're like me and would give anything to do it all over again. Congrats again, I'm glad everything was amazing!!
  4. Yes, my bridesmaid had her hair blown out and then they did a half up half down updo. Like I said, the spa is nice but small. I will post a picture of her hair later. I have no idea about makeup applications
  5. The guys all went surfing. The waves are perfect at Cabo Surf. I really am going through a bit of a "depression" now that it's all over Wedding planning is tough but the actual event makes it all worth it!! Gilda and Sam are supposed to send me the pics and DVD tomorrow. Hopefully they send them priority or else it could take a month to get them from Cabo! I'll post when I get some more!
  6. Sorry my BM's dresses were made by a seamstress. She did an amazing job and only charged the girls seventy bucks! I was worried about the colors all going together but in Mexico, the brighter the colors the better!
  7. Haha! We should have a reunion at Cabo Surf someday. Seriously it has become so many of our friends and family's favorite vacation spot! Thanks Christa
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