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  1. Come on Woodsy - I'm dying for your review!! I no I no, what is this woman like, she's already married, but hey, I wanna relive it!!
  2. If I remember right, we had a song playing for hubbie walking down the aisle, one for the bridesmaid, one for my entrance, one in the middle, think when we were signing stuff, and one at the end. Hope this helps
  3. Hi guys, trying to work my way around the new layout...does anyone know how to do it? Â Thanks in advance!
  4. lol i should really change my username...i hadn't thought about it until now...thanks for pointing that out to me....dohh!! Â who have you contacted?
  5. Moon Palace is HUGE! I couldn't have imagined walking from my room to the gazebo, in my dress, or in the heat! Don't get me wrong, we did walk a lot at MP every other day, however I wouldn't have been up for doing that on wedding day. At first when we chose MP I wasn't interested in the horse and carriage, but the more photos I saw the more convinced I got. Now, I'm soo glad we done it...what an entrance! Â If your really against it, you could go for a golf buggy... Â
  6. We got married in May at Moon Palace and had Citlalli Rico as our photographer - she was amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone.  To hire an outside photographer is expensive, there's no way around it, it was the single most expensive part of our wedding except our accommodation! However we decided very earlier on that if people were will to travel all that way (uk to mexico) to see us get married, the least we could do was have amazing photos to give them afterwards. There are things we do regret doing, like paying something like $600 for the firedancers, or moving to le blanc the 2nd week when moon palace is just as good, however paying out for Citlalli we 100% do not regret. The photos are the memories we hold of our wedding, so we all want them to be good ones.  There are some good "cheaper" options if Citlalli is out of your price range...i've saw some of moments that matters work lately that blew me away. Whoever you go with, I'd strongly suggest you go with an outside vendor, you won't regret it!  If you need anymore info on Citlalli please see my moon palace review, or pm me  PS - the game over t-shirts - hubbie bought us them to wear at the airport....I swear to go EVERYWHERE we looked someone was wearing them they are very popular over there, so what out!
  7. If you are hiring an outside photographer you need to book them a nights stay...some people have gotten away with a day pass in the past, however palace resorts have been known to be fussy about this, so to be safe its best to book a nights stay for the wedding night. We hired the amazing Citlalli Rico, we had her and her lovely assistant (and sister) Tammi from 4-10 on our wedding day, then had a 2 hour TTD session, and including the nights stay, I think we came in at just under $3600. A lot of money but OH SO worth it...our pictures are our memories and are crazy amazing!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by emmag87 Thanks for sharing your review! Your wedding looks & sounds amazing. I think you may have persuaded me to go for Moon Palace x yus!! Let the planning begin!!haha
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by alison15 I was just reading over your LeBlanc Review (I don't think it was up when I read your review the first time), so disappointing. FI and I are having our wedding MP and then heading over to LeBlanc for our "Mini-Honeymoon" for a couple of days. My FMIL is a TA and set this up for us and she is very excited for us about it. From everything I looked at, it doesn't look that much better than MP but the price is A LOT different. I think I would have preferred The Royal but oh well we aren't paying for it so I can't really complain! We just wanted a separate resort, I would have been happy with Beach Palace or Cancun Palace and there wouldn't have been an up charge. Thanks for the info though. Waw it sounds like your plans are similar to mine...good choice!hehe I think if you aren't paying for it then you'll LOVE it! But we paid all that extra money for LeBlanc, and even the staff at MP were saying how they'd love to work at LeBlanc because its a different class...but I just didn't notice a huge enough difference. Don't get me wrong, the place is spotless, soo gorgeous and modern, but the service really isn't any better than what we got at MP...the rooms are definitely smaller, and I suppose we were spoilt at MP not having anyone above us or really next door either, but still, all the promo palace resorts do trying to make LeBlanc stand out from all other palace resorts (I mean it isn't even advertised properly on the palace resorts website because it has its own...whats that all about?!) you'd expect the rooms to at least be sound proof...no!? Anyway, don't let my review make you nervous, because I think I may be the only negative review in the history of the place!! If you don't believe me check out trip advisor!lol I just think we were spoilt at MP having our dream wedding with all our family, we just didn't want to leave them!
  10. Déjà Vu - Elle Fanning
  11. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Adam Goldberg
  12. Michelle Pfeiffer - stardust
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by asbarret where are your pics mrs D!!?? also, do you think its too windy for hair down on the beach? lol i've been asking my photographer that too!lol no I have been patiently waiting because I know they will be amazing when they come, plus Citlalli did say it was between 6-8 weeks before pictures would be ready, sometimes a bit longer during peak season. But me being me needed an update, and they are almost done!yeah!! So won't be much longer...depending on the postal service right enough! I'll be honest and say I think it will be too windy for hair down - even in the gazebo. We had a videographer booked right up til the last few weeks of our wedding planning, when we swapped that money over to the firedancers, so we don't have proper footage of the wedding. However one of our guests tried her hardest to get as much footage as poss for us, and we watched it the other weekend. It reminded me of how windy it was. My veil was blowing about the place in the gazebo and at the beach for the photos. But in saying that, as long as your hair isn't too short, you could position yourself against the wind and fight it...the ceremony isn't that long?! That sounds mad doesn't it...but its your wedding day, don't let the wind get in your way!! I have naturally curly hair, but had my hair back, with my side fringe...my hair is hilarious!! In the room getting ready...gorgeous, perfect even....in the gazebo and on the beach for photos...weird, but still straight...reception...ohmigawd!!! curly and messy...just soo bad...and I didn't even know!! Didn't think to carry a mirror around with me, and didn't need a toilet break and didn't think to go to the bathroom...jjeeezz!! Damn heat!!hahaha
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by SouthernSweetie Ooooooo! That's great information, because I had the same visual in mind. 'So glad you cleared that up. I will shift those funds someplace else in my budget. No bother. Since I've came back I've had a look at the zuniga website, because I didn't keep any of the emails they sent me...silly I know. Anyway, on the zuniga website they do have pictures of the fire dancers we wanted, so maybe if you clarified with them you'll get what you want.
  15. hey ladies...just wanted to make sure you all know the fire dancers are "traditional mexican fire dancers". We booked fire dancers, and thought it was the fire dancers with the long poles who blew fire and danced around it and gave you a shot of it...know what i mean?! anyway, it was 3 traditional fire dancers...if I'm being honest, we wouldn't have paid all that money for them if we'd known that...I'm sure the picture in the quote they sent me had a small picture of the fire dancers I was expecting...anyway, just wanted to make sure you were all aware of this too. Don't get me wrong, they were still great entertainment...just not what we were looking for.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy Question for past brides, what category room did you end up getting? right now we are in a Superior Deluxe, did they up grade you to Oceanfront or to Concierge? I really want to be upgraded to the Concierge, it sounds awesome! My TA said she would try to get us an upgrade but I don't know... right now we are at 71 room nights and my friend is booking today but the TA doesn't know if her room will count towards the group contract because she already submitted it. I hope that it does b/c that includes an upgrade and the unlimited private functions. It will save us soo much money! If it is a group contract do you get a list of everyone's room before you leave or do the rooms get assigned upon arrival? Was everyone in the same building or scattered? Will FI and I be lumped in with everyone else? Hi, I sent a spreadsheet to my wedding co-ordinator about 2 months before we flew out, of all our guests, including TA they booked through, number of people in room, lead name of booking, dates of stay. My wedding co-ordinator had said it was a different department that dealt with this, and gave me an email address but I never got a response. My co-ordinator ended up looking into our bookings, but when we got on-site we were all scattered over the 3 sections. I'll be completely honest and say it didn't bother anyone a great deal. One of the rooms got moved sections, and managed to get a room next door to some of our guests. Some of our guests asked to get moved sections and got told they couldn't as the TA was only insured on certain sections at MP. I think it was nice for everyone to be scattered, because it meant when we were meeting at night, we were meeting people at "their" sections so they could show us round...just a bit different I suppose. We booked a room on the concierge level...it was pretty amazing. We were on the top floor, at the end of the building. We got better service at check-in, and quicker room service delivery. I'd say this is what your paying extra for, but really it isn't that much extra. I'd defo go concierge level on my return trips! I don't know anything about the group contracts I'm afraid, I didn't have one as all our guests booked through different TA's, plus we didn't know how many were going to stay at MP in the first place. I didn't know they gave room upgrades...thats pretty awesome...always nice to get something for free
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsC2be Thanks, that is a good idea re the BBQ and i will check that out, especially if it has a nice beach view. We're not actually getting married in a gazebo, we will be on the beach. My Miami WC is Claudia although I sent her an email at the weekend and had an auto-out-of-office reply from someone called pilmar (I think that was her name anyway). I haven't been given an onsite WC as yet but I know it's not usually til a couple of months before the wedding... have emailed Claudia with a list of questions in hope that she'll just get bored of me and pass me on to the onsite WC sooner ;-) When I was still at miami contact stage, I emailed asking if it she could make sure it was ok to have an outside photographer as long as they stayed the night at MP..she replied saying she'd ask my onsite co-ordinator, and copied her in the email...so I got onsite contact really early! When you next email your miami contact, maybe ask the same in the hope you'll get in touch with your onsite co-ordinator....although bear in mind it's their busy season just now so might not reply quick....I was lucky that I first made contact with mine around september last year, probably a quieter time onsite.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsC2be Thank you Fee*licious*, I think we only have the choice of Nizuc or Sunrise (when we booked I am sure the TA said Grand was more expensive so think we have only have the 2 choices... although can't be sure so if anyone know please let me know). Nizuc is sounding more like our kinda choice at the mo, do any of you other brides have any thoughts? x What TA you looking at? We were paying for our 2 guests who ended up in Grand, and at the time it was the cheaper option...TC advertised it as a seperate hotel..it was hilarious, when I went in-store one day they were like "you know this is a different hotel" i was like, erm no its not!! Shows how much TA's actually know!lol But yeah, I've seen that grand is more expensive now. If you book with TC, you are likely to get put in sunrise...all our guests who booked with TC (except the 2 in grand that were booked under the grand bracket at time of booking) were put in sunrise. There were 2 guests who were put in sunrise who didn't have kids, and asked to be moved to nizuc, and got told they couldn't because TC weren't insured for this section. Don't know if this is true or whether the rep was just at it...but when we sat down at thought about it, it was the people who booked with TC who were in sunrise. I don't know what the deal is with First Choice or anyone else, all our other guests booked direct with MP. Hope this helps
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsC2be Thanks Ladies for this info, it's sooo helpful. I am getting married in November and we have just the two guests coming with us so think we will go for something fun... Am thinking Los Corporales for our wedding meal.. Do you know how soon I can book it? x Have you been assigned your wedding co-ordinator yet? I think we must have booked ours about 5-8 weeks before the wedding, but it was only upon her request we done it. Do you know which gazebo/section your getting married at? I'd recommend the gazebo at nicuz, this is the one with the long walkway. We were originally booked into the one at the sunrise section, and just felt it was a little crowded. There is a patio area right outside it, and just being picky I know, but the wood slats on the outside of the gazebo aren't painted white, we just didn't like the look of it. Anyway, if you were at the nizuc one, there is a barbeque set up by the pool, just off the side of the entertainment bit. Can't remember what it's called, but i'm sure they could set up a table of 4 there for you, overlooking the beach? There was a very small gazebo feature next to this too, I think just for people to laze about at...surely they'd be accommodating with just the 4 of you, and set up in there for you? Worth a try asking, even wait til your on-site, cos then you'd kinda have your own private little area. They are very accommodating, and I'm sure with your numbers they be even more so. Do you know who your co-orindator is yet?
  20. We also had our dinner reservation at Arrecifes - Nizuc Side. We had an outside reception for our wedding, so we used the dinner reservation a few nights before it, we were all going to CoCo Bongo so I thought it would be a good starting point. We too were outside on the terrace - it was soo nicely set up. I loved this restaurant, I don't even eat that much meat!lol I just thought it was great fun with the red and green cards, because some people did give up really quick, like myself, after one chicken portion!haha Like I said, I only had chicken, but I thought it was done beautifully, and I've said before, if we ever return I'd be heading straight to Arrecifes!
  21. it was through our wedding co-ordinator, preferred vendors and all, it was a company called zuniga...they have a website.. Zúñiga | Productions my co-ordinator told me to contact lily@decocancun.com for a quote, so you could probably go through her. Her price is likely to come in higher than what i've quoted, but respond just by saying your friend used them earlier this year and they got charged $400, would they price match....thats what I done and they did
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by alison15 In regards to pools to hang out at, which would you say is best for a group with no kids? Is there a swim up bar in the pools in the Nizuc section? Are the pools on the sunrise side more crowded? Everyone did prefer the Nizuc pools. There were swim up bars everywhere - grand and nizuc both had them. Grand had a long infinity pool, which had a swim up bar, and the beach-beds here had the mattress cushions...soo comfy. If your at grand and want food, round the corner from this pool area is another pool area (!) with an outside food-bar. You can go round there, order food and they'll bring it round to you. At this area, there are the big double 4-poster bed like sun-beds....Grand was also really quiet and relaxing. There was more happening at nizuc, probably because there was kids around. The staff are really quick at all sections to bring you drinks and take drinks orders, but they were good at taking food orders at nizuc too...there was no reason to get off the lounger!lol although the loungers are just the standard ones here. Like I said, we didn't hang out at sunrise at all, we past through it one day on a buggy on our way back from the spa, and it did look huge. Our guests with kids hung out here a lot, again, standard sun loungers here! I'll be honest, no-where was crowded when we were there. I don't know if we were there at the start of "busy" season, or whether the market is still picking up from swine-flu last year, but the only time we saw the place busy was the night-time entertainment, it was only then that we saw there were lots of people on-site! It may just be because MP is split into 3 sections, but it never felt busy at all. We were there JUST before the new promotion started, so we were still on the unlimited excursions and (i think) $50 room credit. I think we'd have preferred the new promotion, I was hoping we'd have been part of it because it was soo close to starting date, because we didn't go on any excursions when we were at mp, but we did use the spa . It sounds like everyone is going made for using their huge room credits now, because we booked spa treatments the day before the appointment. The only thing we booked in advance were hair appointments for the wedding day, and i'm glad we did cos the hairdressers were fully booked.
  23. We recently got married at mp, and had an outside reception. How many guests do you expect to have? We had 26...and we used our own Bose docking station and I'd say we made the right decision. The DJ package, like most things, is really expensive through MP. Its something you can decide on near your wedding date, but i'd say to go with a docking station and making your own playlist up if your having less than 35 people and your having your reception outdoors. If your indoors you defo should go with your own docking station regardless of numbers. It is free to do this, they don't charge you for using their sockets or anything. If your outdoors with 35+ guests then you could still go with the docking station, but you'd defo need to hire the extra speakers, think it was around $200 but don't quote me on that. Sounds expensive for speakers only, but to hire a dj your talking around $1200 which I just thought was ridiculous! But that's MP for you - we got paper lanterns strung around the perimeter of our reception area - $400! and we had a 15 minute fire dancers show - $600! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we done it, but it is just soo expensive...so i'd say to you to cut corners where possible so you can splurge on other areas...you can defo diy your music for the night!
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