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Iberostar Rose Hall Suites All-Inclusive - Montego Bay Jamaica

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(Rated 4.8 stars with 31 reviews)
Rated #1 of 80 Jamaica on BDW
The Iberostar Rose Hall Suites lies between Montego Bay and Ocho Ríos, in Rose Hall, Jamaica. This former sugar cane plantation has been transformed into a holiday oasis. In addition to enjoying the All Inclusive service, guests at this resort will enjoy exploring the many sites of interest close by. Just a short distance from the hotel, guests will have the chance to practise water sports, go on excursions and venture into the spectacular natural landscapes. The perfect way of discovering and enjoying the island to the full. Those in need of a little retail therapy should head for the Shoppes mall in Rose Hall, which is packed with stores selling all types of goods, from fashions to jewellery and souvenirs. Just a short distance away is the famous Hip Strip Avenue, boasting a host of tourist attractions including bars, discos, restaurants and yet more stores. Wherever you may venture, we guarantee you’ll have a great time.

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Pros: None Cons: Make sure Nicole/Simone lets your guests know where they will be going for cocktail hour. Wedding Date: July 12, 2016 (Tuesday) Guest: 85 guests including 12 kids ages 12 and under and the bride and groom Travel Agency: Delta Vacations   I have pics uploaded in my gallery: [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:18247]       Resort Stay: Overall our stay was amazing.  All of guests are still talking about this resort.  One of my bridesmaid who got engaged in February was against De

By jabattle, · 1 Comment

Wedding Date: August 1, 2015 (Saturday) Guest: 73 adults 8 kids Travel Agency: Liberty Travel  Gold Package We early arrived on Wednesday, July 29th and was greeted with champagne. This was our first time at the Iberostar. The resort is gorgeous. We were able to go eat and relax on the beach while waiting to be checked-in. We were able to get the presidential suite. We stayed there until the day after the wedding. It was beyond AMAZING! We met with Nicole on Thursday morning to go over the
Pros: Resort size, Location, Value
Cons: Wedding coordinators
We had 61 guests staying at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites hotel, with people arriving/departing at different days between June 7 – June 16. We were extremely happy with our choice of resort. It is close to the airport, family friendly, beautiful and clean. The size of the resort was perfect for us. It felt nice and small and it was easy to find people and quick to get anywhere.   All in all, our wedding events were everything we hoped they would be. Our guests had the best time and everything was

By wugambi812, · 6 Comments

Hi everyone! We were married at the Suites on January 18th, 2014. We truly had our dream wedding and highly recommend the Rose Hall Suites to anyone that would ask us. I handled the majority of the correspondence with the resort before we arrived because my wife (still weird saying that) tends to stress a bit and I read online about slow response times. We didn't really experience this on our end. Loretto responded within 24-48 hours to all of our emails. Once we were two months out we began cor
Pros: Food and the staff!
Cons: Entertainment
Ok, let me start of by saying that I’m not usually an all-inclusive type of vacationer. I prefer smaller hotels that make you ‘feel’ more like a local but since it was for our wedding and we were bringing family members with young children, many of which have not travelled before we decided that a resort was the right choice.     Check-in – C:  38 of us arrived at the resort around 9:30pm on Saturday night, the check-in was a bit slow but they were fairly efficient and provided us with drink
Pros: Location, beautiful grounds and resort
Cons: Communication, rising prices of "extras"
My husband and I were engaged September of 2011 and were on track to be married in our hometown May 2013. Our planning was well underway, vendors booked and deposits paid, but one day in August 2013 out of the blue I decided I no longer wanted to deal with the stress of planning. I came home from work and told my then fiancé, that I wanted to have a destination wedding and he immediately jumped on board. This website was crucial to my perfect destination, and after several hours of research I de

By heather1214, · 4 Comments

Pros: Staff, Rooms, Food
Cons: Un-Seasonably Rainy
My husband and I got engaged Christmas Eve 2011.  We had been together 6 years at that point, so I was expecting a proposal at every turn!  We both grew up in the town we still live in and knew our guest list would be much larger than what we wanted to spend.  I didn't want to be in debt from my wedding, so we immediately decided to do a Destination Wedding. We have been to many different places but neither of us had been to Jamaica.  After a lot of research, we decided on Iberostar Rose Hall Be
After becoming frequent travelers, it was never a question to me and my husband (boyfriend  and fiancé at the time) that we would have a destination wedding. Location was always up for grabs!   At the start of our planning, we had three destinations in mind: Antigua (personal and sentimental reasons), St Lucia (something new), and Jamaica (something fun for everyone). Antigua and St. Lucia lost the race when we considered the price for our guests and Antigua has a very laid back feel and w
Pros: Service, rooms, drinks and food, great entertainment
Cons: Slow on communication leading up to the wedding which can be stressful.
We stayed at the Grand but married at the Suites. So I will review what I can of both resorts. We had 51 people in total. 47 Adults, 4 children. Travel Agent: D We contacted iTravel2000 to help us get a group rate from Toronto for the guest that wanted to fly with us. We left it up to others to find their own way there as we had people from all over the country attending. They were terrible, caused me a lot of stress over the course of the year therefore I will never use them again. I wo

By Ally1521, · 0 Comments

such a nice place, want to book for wedding in 2014!!!

By aliciadowney, · 6 Comments

Pros: beuatiful, great on-site service, delicious food
Cons: Wedding coordinators slow to respond via email
I got married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites on Saturday, January 12, 2013. I stayed there from January 10th – 17th with a group of 56 people in total.  This was the best experience of my entire life and COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations!!!!   Travel Agent/ Kimberly Felix – A++   Kimberly Felix (www.honeymoonsic.com; kimberly@honeymoonsinc.com ) was an absolute joy to work with!  She answered every email within the hour and provided so much useful information to me and my guest

By LolasMom71, · 8 Comments

Pros: Fantastic Weather, Friendly Staff, Great Food, Beautiful Private Ceremony
Cons: Nicole's Timing of Events was Off, Bonfire Was Not Worth It
Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Wedding Review   Be forewarned, I am nitpicky but I say it as it is. I don’t sugar coat it due to the blissfully happy occasion.   For some reason the font changes in this document and I don't know why. I was not changing the emphasis where you see the font change so please ignore that detail. Also, my email is listed at the end of the review. I had pics to attach to this review but am unable to attach them so please send me an email and I will rese

By flamenca520, · 2 Comments

Hi everyone! We were married at the Suites on July 19th, 2012. It was so wonderful! I'll share a few details and the link to our highlight video so you can see some of the venues. I start back teaching this week, so don't have time to write a full review, but feel free to PM me any questions! All in all, it was perfect! Nicole and Tiffany REALLY know what they're doing! I was also getting frustrated with late responses, but I just typed out everything I wanted, and they followed it to the letter

By X-Tina, · 8 Comments

I wish I would have had time to write this right after we got back, but life kicks back into gear and four months just fly by.   Travel Agent (F): We thought about who we were going to use for our travel and went to many wedding shows in the GTA. After our failure with Flight Centre (don’t even try them) we found Weddings by Oceans. Everything started out wonderful with them and they were able to provide us with fair quotes and very accommodating because we had family fly from both Ottawa

By bjcs21, · 6 Comments

My man and I got married this past weekend at IRHS! It was more amazing than either of us could have ever imagined!!! Here is a short review...feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to help!   Rooms: The beds are big and fairly comfy. We opted for the regular rooms so we had a balcony view of the pools, which was still pretty amazing. We didn't feel the need to have a beach front or beach view room since we wouldn't be in the rooms much. You get two towel cards which you exchange b

By ErinDoc, · 4 Comments

Pros: Staff, location, amenities, food, wedding locations, pool, beach
Cons: I'm still trying to think of one...
Our wedding at the IRHS was absolutely PERFECT!!!  The entire experience was more than I could have imagined.  I wouldn’t have done it any other way!   Travel Agent:  Pan World Travel (out of York, PA) – I have traveled a few times on trips that Gary and Sue of Pan World set up and was never disappointed so there was no competition when deciding who to use as our destination wedding TA.  They helped walk us through everything from narrowing down the locations to giving us a list of resorts

By akamikey11, · 10 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: Guest dropping out and not telling me
Total Guest: Bride/Groom-24 adults, 2 children (8years old & 18 months)   Ok Ladies I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about my awesome experience.  I will try and be as detailed as possible.  This review will be about the suites and then I will do a planning journal with my other info.  I have to go in order of events so I do not leave anything out.   Also please make sure your guest that haven’t travelled much know what all inclusive means.  My mom bought a $50 bottle of cognac with he

By daisymable, · 4 Comments

Pros: Great food, great rooms, resort is a great size for a wedding!
Cons: no communication with WCs
My husband I got married in Montego Bay on July 13th, 2011. We travelled to Iberostar Rose Hall Suites with a group of 32 people. It was a great choice for our group and everything went well except for a few minor hiccups. We travelled with Air Canada Vacations.   Accommodations: The rooms are spacious, clean and modern. All rooms have a great view and it is a waste of money to upgrade. We upgraded to the beachfront suite and because there were so many people around the resort we didn't s
Pros: Everything
Cons: DJ
I've never posted in this forum, only read reviews and posts, so I thought it was only fair that I post a review since this forum helped me so much! My wedding was held at the rose hall aqueducts, with reception at the Iberostar rose hall suites' gourmet restaurant calabash.  Everything was amazing and better than expected!  Check-in:  quick, easy, no problems. Restaurants: calabash was great, all of the other restaurants were just ok. If I did it again, I'd only eat at the buffet
Pros: Wedding, Drinks, Rooms, Service
Cons: Im not there
My husband and I were married at the Suites on Thursday, June 30, 2011.  We had an amazing wedding and an amazing time overall.    Check-in:  A+ Check in was standard.  I had no problems.  We were greeted with a drink.  We arrived at 10:30AM and our room was ready.  We were upgraded from Ocean View to Ocean Front (room 3335).  Our view was awesome however I guess that does come with a price to pay because these rooms were the furthest from the Lobby elevators but rather close to the Be

By Misee17, · 11 Comments

Pros: Service, rooms, drinks, people, EVERYTHING!
Cons: the restaurants were hard to make reservations.
Airline-- A USA3000. Everything went really well on this airline. We had a direct flight from Chicago to MoBay. I was able to pre-board so I could store my dress. However, I wasn't able to hang my dress. I had to fold it into the carry on up top. I guess that is what they have to do now because there are so many Destination Brides. It was fine tho, my dress didn't even wrinkle!   Check in--A Check in went really well. We originally had booked an oceanview suite. They didn't offer us

By eholt, · 11 Comments

Pros: Resort and staff are amazing
Cons: None! :)
My husband and I were married at the Suites on Thursday, May 19, 2011.  It was one of the best days of our lives and we were super pleased with the way everything went.  Cannot speak highly enough and we truly believe everything was perfect.   Check-in:  A+ We arrived at the hotel in a group of 8 on Monday, May 16 around 11:30ish.  We were greeted at the door by the amazing bellmen.  They didn’t even want us to assist in getting our bags off the shuttle.  Greeted again with a cool drink
What a great experience!   Check In: The front desk staff were friendly, quick, and efficient. The majority of our group arrived at the resort at just after 2pm, so a few of our guests had to wait until 3pm for their room to be ready. Air Canada Representative: Helen was a wonderful representative. She provided us with all of the information we needed for the tours offered and where to go to book a la Carte reservations. Helen orchestrated a group of 22 of our guests for a trip to Dunn’
Pros: staff, food, service, drinks, rooms, wedding setup, entertainment
Cons: communication
We got married at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites on April 23, 2011 and it was by far the best day of my life! I will go through all the details as best as I can remember and I hope this will help all the fellow brides as much as this site has helped me!    We flew out of YVR Vancouver International Airport on April 29th and arrived April 20th around 1pm. We had the majority of our guests on our flight and some who arrived a day prior to us and some who arrived  a day after us. We had 23 guests
Pros: Cost effective, Amazing resort
Cons: communication
I married my love at the Suites on March 23rd, 2011. We arrived on March 18th and most of our guests arrived in the next few days which was good because it gave us one night to relax just the two of us J  Check in/ Room (A-)- We arrived at the hotel at  about 5pm, so our room was ready and waiting.  Our travel agent had upgraded us to a ocean view suite (although I was hoping for overbooking and a upgrade to the grand lol) which was incredibly sweet of her! We weren’t greeted with any drinks
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