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  1. I used Rashel for my wedding May 2013, and thought her work was awesome. I loved it because I didn't have to waste my time emailing looks back and forth to her - I changed my mind a million times during this process - stupid pinterest lol. I simply saved the looks I really liked on my phone, showed it to her the day of, and she went to work- and nailed the look !! With my the other ladies in my party she just knew what to do, and their makeup was flawless I would definitely recommend her !
  2. I was married at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites last May and it was AMAZING. The nice thing about the Iberostar property is that you have a resort for every price-point in your group as there are 3 different resorts (including an adults only), all of which I got to see and all of which are stunning. We stayed at the Suites and were able to utilize all of what the Suites had to offer as well as the Beach resort - so that means their restaurants, pools, beach, bars etc. If you stayed at the Grand you would have access to everything on the complex, but we had children in our group an felt the Suites
  3. I emailed a picture of my credit card and license and no issues !! I would make sure you ask for a confirmation and receipt when they receive it. The only time I wired money to Jamaica was for my makeup artist and moneygram stopped my transfer and made me call them to confirm that I really wanted to send it to someone I did not know.
  4. I was married at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites 5/2013 and trust me, there is no comparison between the two. We took a bus from the airport to Iberostar when we arrived that stopped at the RIU and Hilton Rose Hall beforehand and we were so happy we chose Iberostar after seeing the other resorts. Have you considered the Iberostar Beach resort ? It's beautiful as well and has very reasonable prices !!
  5. I would HIGHLY recommend Misha Earle. We used her for our wedding and TTD shoot last May, and she was absolutely FABULOUS. Check her out !! www.mishaearlephotography.com
  6. I just did my dinner at aunt ruby's in May, I was told no on a U-shaped because of the random pillars that are laid out all over the restaurant. We ended up doing 2 long tables and a half moon sweetheart table. I don't know of anyone doing a u-shaped table at Aunt Ruby's, it's usually the same set up I had, or just long tables. You really don't have much room, we had 24 people total, and it fit, any more guests and I don't think It would fit without blocking people out with pillars.
  7. Heather pretty much nailed it ... if anything make sure you have your vendors on the same page !! You want to make sure your florist has your vision, I would not recommend Tai Flora either, they are TERRIBLE with communication. I would recommend Floral Fantasies though I would highly recommend DJ Kevan for your reception. He is fantastic and took charge of the whole reception ... while the WC's were no where to be found the whole night. He even helped us get our wish lanterns off when the time came !! I would go by the 2013 pricing for anything, and if you get 2012 it will be a nice sur
  8. The wedding coordinators will not send you your final details until 2 months prior, and they will get you back your quote sometime before you leave. I got mine back a few weeks before we left, however I know some brides didn't get their quote back until 2 days before they left. I wouldn't go based on 2012 final details, it does not have the right info on it ... and it will only upset you when they charge you more for everything. It doesn't matter if you signed a contract in 2012 or not, they go based on their final details right now, and they pick and choose what they are going to charge you u
  9. I found an answer from the FB page !!! Another bride said she had her dad who is a minister do her ceremony, but the Jamaican minister had to pronounce them and sign the marriage certificate.
  10. The blasphemy !!!!!! haha ... just PM me if you want to know the company ... I don't know why it keeps blocking it !!
  11. Wow ... it blocked out both !!!! hmmmm .... ******** is the missing word lol.
  12. Haha ! I just realized it blocked out who I ordered my real touch flowers through !! It was ************************** and if for some reason that gets blocked out again ... Sharon ******** Designs .com lol. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
  13. Hi Meghan, So the resort does not have any color schemes, just the basics, if you want more and would prefer to use the resort vendor, they use a company called Tai Flora that you can get all your "Extras" from (extras being - chairs, chair sashes, chuppah flowers, chuppah fabric, centerpieces, candles, vases, table runners, extra flowers - bouts, bouquets, corsages, tents, linens, aisle décor ... etc.). Tai Flora provides the flowers included in your package and you're responsible for purchasing and/or renting the rest from outside sources. I would recommend if you want "Extras" to sta
  14. LanaNJohnson - I was married 5/29, we had a non-private dinner at Aunt Ruby's at 6:30. It wasn't bad at all, and the humidity that day was through the roof !! I was more uncomfortable at the ceremony then I was at dinner and dancing We had a private bonfire reception with open bar after dinner, used DJ Kevan and he was awesome The weather def. cools down at night, and we had a nice wind when the sun went down. Also, when I inquired about a reception at the Blue Moon Bar it did not include a DJ and there was no charge to rent the space, we would of had to pay for the DJ and open bar. The only
  15. I am with kfarkas26 !!! Misha Earle is AMAZING !!! She photographed our wedding and TTD session as well ... waiting anxiously for the pics !! We didn't buy a single picture from DigiPix, not only were they ridiculously expensive, but I took better pictures with my camera ! We had considered buying a group pic they took the night of the rehearsal dinner, but I wasn't willing to spend the $15 they wanted for one 5x7 picture ! I will say however ... we did use Digipix to do our video for the ceremony, and we really loved it. If you don't want to spend $1000 + (and that's the cheap end) on a photo
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