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  1. Hello daisymable. We had a dj during our dinner and for the entire reception, so I do not know the answer to your question.
  2. Hi dcrow55, you are very welcome. We had our guests select their food options when they mailed back their invitation response card. I spoke to Nicole ahead of time to confirm our guest could choose from the three main meal choices (chicken, steak, and fish). Yes, there was a private reception during the meal until 11pm, so that's where we held the dance, did the speeches, cut the cake, etc. Good luck wedding planning!!!
  3. akamikey11, We did have a videographer, but he is in our family. He works at a news station and does camera work as his career, so we were pretty lucky. I would definitely hire a videographer to capture the special moments. I do not remember all of the aspects of the ceremony. It all went by so quickly, and I was focusing on my groom, as well as family. It is a nice memory to have different perspectives of the whole wedding captured. We actually had 50 people at the wedding and reception. Just over 27 were from Canada, but we had guests from Jamaica and other countries attend as well. We did
  4. You're welcome Starrysim! I really loved the flowers too. Tai Flora allowed me to have the bridal bouquet substituted from the standard tropical for no extra charge. The bouquet consisted of white and purple orchids, and red anthuriums. The bridesmaids bouquets cost $55 a piece. The table centerpieces were $25 each. The arch flowers were $85 each. Overall, I think the flowers were reasonably priced.
  5. Hello ladies, I uploaded a few pictures on my review of the suites for you to take a peek. There are a few more on my photographers web page. http://www.deanclarkeweddings.com/index2.php#/home/
  6. Hello Daisymable, the lobby terrace has a door on each side. Nicole put a sign up that stated the terrace was booked for a private event, so no one came in. We emailed Nicole the food selections prior to arriving in Jamaica. I sent it with the Final Wedding Selection document that she requested a few weeks prior to our arrival.
  7. Hello again Yes I will post some pictures shortly. He does have some of us posted on the home page, and in a few of the subheadings under weddings.
  8. Hello futuremrstgun, Below are the contract details I had with Dean Clarke. Although the package says 350-400 pictures, we actually ended up with just over 700. He was great to work with and creative with our poses. We really like the quality of his work. Here's the link to contact Dean: http://www.deanclarkeweddings.com/index2.php#/contact/ Good luck! Julie The wedding couple or agent for the couple agrees to pay: Wedding Package (Gold): US$2,000.00 US$1,000.00 Non-Refundable RESERVATION FEE is due upon receipt of contract. ï‚· Final pay
  9. Yes, we did not have to pay for internet usage in our room's if we brought our own laptop. When we went to the Grand, we could also use the Internet room, which was also free of charge.
  10. You are very welcome. The reviews really helped me prepare for my wedding as well, so I feel happy to share! As for the DJ, we didn't have a chance to meet him until the actual reception. We brought our IPOD with all the songs we spent hours uploading. He did a good job of setting us up for our first dance and kept the party going. My only critique is that he diverted from our song list and played some music that we didn't request, there was even a song that I was hoping not to hear. I would recommend having Nicole relay a do not play list if there's something you do not want to hear. I can't
  11. Hello all, I've returned from Iberostar Suites a married women My husband and I are have been settling into our new home. The wedding was a great experience. I have posted my review under the Suites for everyone to take a peek. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica A sample of the wedding pictures are on my photographers web page: http://www.deanclarkeweddings.com/index2.php#/home/ Our wedding pictures are the first few under most of the subheadings. I'm the girl with the long brown and curly hair
  12. Well ladies I'm heading to Jamaica in the morning. My wedding is on May 1st. Thank you so much to everyone for their ideas, pictures, and reviews. You're all amazing! I'll post my review when I return in 2 weeks.
  13. Thanks again for the update. I finally received my email with my price quote for the flowers and she did give me the option for credit card. Thanks again!
  14. What a great review! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I'm having a difficult time to with Tai Flora. I'm in two weeks, and she's taking forever to send the final quote. I'm still not sure if I pay them directly, and how, or if I go through Iberostar. What did you do?
  15. Hey Jules! Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. I will update my programs with that info! That sounds like a beautiful song for your walk down the isle!
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