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  1. Tipping was something I was wondering about before I had left for our DW at IRHS. I kept asking past brides, but no one would really answer me. Here is how we tipped. I'll put it out there . Pastor--We didn't tip the pastor because it was included in the package. Didn't think about that one actually DJ--We rented the Mango Walk Club for 2 hours that included the DJ--No tip either. Nicole & Tiffany--we tipped $100 to split between them. I wish we could have tipped more, but we were going broke. We also tipped the restaurant staff for our welcome dinner and the wedding dinner. Our parents and some guests got money together and tipped the wait staff bc they such as amazing job! Welcome Dinner--$40 Wedding Dinner--$80 However, be careful if you tip the staff. we gave all the money to the head waiter and asked him to distribute the tip evenly. We're not entirely sure if they distributed the money, but we hope so! Bring a lot of singles to tip randomly. You can also get change or singles at the front desk. That really helped out to break some of our bigger bills.
  2. Hey Ladies, I forgot a couple things in my review...of course. We didn't have a cocktail hour added as an extra. We just had our guests meet in the Main Lobby Bar (which I included a pic of). This worked out great. And no extra charge. Also, we had OTT bags, but we just handed them out as guests arrived to the resort. You can go down to the front desk and they will give you your guests room #'s. However, if you call they will not give you the room #. They will just connect you to their room via phone. This worked out fine. We got a work out going to all the rooms, but it was worth it b/c we were drinking and eating sooo much!! haha. Plus, we were able to stay at the Mango Walk Club a little longer because it was a Sunday, so there weren't as many people to step on my dress. But if you are going to be there fri or sat.--you might have to go back and change. It gets a little busy. I may have already said this, but just in case! Happy Planning!
  3. I actually never called Nicole...I just sent her my last wedding details. But if you have pressing matters you need discussed I would call her. I never heard from her either after I sent my details. I did hear from Tiffany, saying everything was fine for me venues--but then they had to change my welcome dinner venue, so that really sucked. Decor was really easy. They are like pro's and know what to do with a little guidance. Just type up directions of where you want things. I didn't do this and had to write it all down the night before on hotel paper! haha. They really decorated Aunt Ruby's so beautifully. I was impressed. and so were my guests. Our Final Bill was pretty much what we expected. When we met with Nicole before the wedding she went over the bill then and there. I had my husband do a final look over, but everything we had extra was on there and explained by Nicole. I do suggest bringing that printout when you checkout because all the charges are forwarded to the front desk. You just want to be sure everything is correct and consistent. Our bill was the same. we just did it to be sure. The hot and cold pools are on the ladies and mens side of the spa. However, they allow ladies to use the men's pool as long as you are with a man. The worker told me "the men don't care if women are in there." But ladies don't want men on their side. haha. It was a fun time. we used them a lot when it was raining. There is even a steam room and sauna. And few different shower types. It's cool. Hope that helps!
  4. My original time for the welcome dinner was 6:30, but they changed it to 7:30, which I liked better. The pool closes around 6:30pm, so if you have more toward 7-7:30 you give people more time in the pool! I would just try to get a time and place confirmed with Nicole before you go. We just had to cross out the time and place and write in the new one before we handed out the itinerary. It's so hard to know what will happen. Just try to be flexible i guess . TBA would be good or just leave a line to fill in.
  5. No Vendor fee for the flowers.They just dropped them off. I only paid a vendor fee for my 2 photographers. $200 total. http://www.floralfantasiesjamaica.com/ Rosemarie Williams was my contact.
  6. Thanks Ladies!!! Good luck with your planning. PM me if you have any ?'s...I'll try to help!!!
  7. http://www.jamaicanphotography.com/ portraitspecialist@hotmail.com
  8. Hey Ladies, I posted my review. I will try to post more pics as they come, but I included some that I have right now. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica/reviews/4700 Enjoy! ~Missy
  9. Yes. I was. Tai Flora was too expensive. I got 1 Bridal Bouquet, 2 sprays for the Huppa (that were used again for 2 more center pieces at dinner), 5 center pieces for dinner, & 8 bouts all for $550. It was such an amazing deal compared to TF. The flowers were beautiful!!!
  10. Hey Ladies, I just got back from my Weddingmoon! The wedding at the IRH Suites was absolutely amazing! I will definitely be writing a full on review in the next couple days. Just a couple things...Nicole and Tiffany are amazing. I don't know how to explain this, but don't be upset with them for not returning your calls or emails because they are working 24/7. You will understand when you get there. It's more like they need more help, so I would send the complaints to the Iberostar CEO--haha. Marcia Roberts rocks! Her and Christopher were hilarious and made the shoots a lot of fun! Floral Fantasies was also amazing also. I got a ton of gorgeous flowers for such a good price. delivered with no problems. Here is a pic of the ceremony before we came down. I will try to add more in the next couple days!!! Aunt Ruby's for the reception!
  11. Hi Ladies, I am leaving tomorrow morning for our wedding at the Suites on Sunday! I really wish I could have been on BDW more, but my darn worked blocked it! haha. You all have been so helpful and I promise to write a review when I get back. I am using Marcia Roberts Photography and Floral Fantasy for flowers. Haven't really heard much from Nicole, but I have my plan, so hopefully it all goes well! <3 Missy
  12. Yeah, I am concerned about the weather too. I leave on Thursday and it says it is supposed to rain every day!!! Any one know if this is just an afternoon shower or all day thing???
  13. I am using Floral Fantasy for my wedding flowers too! I will let you know how they look when I get back. She was great to work with and even helped me figure out some last minute changes. I week till we leave!!!
  14. Does anyone have the script for the non-religious ceremony that the resort uses? I only have the religious script. If you have it. Could you send it to misee17@yahoo.com? Thanks!
  15. Congrats to all the recent Brides!!! I'm leaving in exactly two weeks for my wedding! I'm excited!!! This is a weird question, but is there a standard percentage we should tip Nicole, the WC??? I want to be fair and reward her, but I have no idea the percent that is appropriate!
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