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  1. It's been five months today since our wedding and still no sign of our wedding video! I am not happy either.
  2. I was there at the same time as you. I think we saw your party in the lobby, everyone looked beautiful! My father in law actually knew one of your guests I think (was his family doctor). Glad to you also had a wonderful wedding and experience!
  3. I posted my review tonight. So sorry for the delay... I have been insanely busy. I tried to include pics but I am not having much luck with that. If anyone wants specific pics, send me an email. I'll try to attach pics again tomorrow but the screen freezes everytime I try. I think they may be too large.
  4. Sorry about the sideways fire picture! I would add more but they are posting really big! I could not post my photographer pics because they would not load. These are some I took from friends.
  5. Yes, I felt the same way at first. However, i just went on the hunt for a dress that didn't look too much like a wedding dress. I looked for something that would just look good in the water. It was just a long white gown and didn't feel like a wedding dress to me. I just thought of it as a romantic photo shoot rather than trashing the wedding dress. It was kind of fun to do it the day before, we didn't have to worry about waking up to deadlines the next day. All of the stress was over, and we just got to relax after our wedding day. If you do it the day before, you'll just have to be carefu
  6. We actually did our TTD just before sunset the night before (which is why I wore a dress completely different from my wedding dress). At this time of day, everyone is pretty much off the beach and out of the pools. My photographer had to catch a flight home early the next morning so doing it before hand was our only option.
  7. We did our ttd at the resort. We walked up by the "beach" resort because there were more trees for shade and we didn't want our family and friends watching every move we made (they were all still in the pool!). I didn't really want to leave the resort and take time away from our guests when we only had a few days with them. If you have a good photographer, he/she can work around the people, chairs etc. I was worried about chairs and stuff when she was shooting but then you don't even notice it in the photos. For the other bride who asked, my dress was Watters with a Lazaro sash. My TTD was
  8. Hi, I'm so sorry I have not posted my review yet. I am trying to finish an online course which is consuming my time right now. Here is a link to my photographers blog in the meantime. I will try to get the review up soon! the wedding: http://blog.lawsonphotography.ca/lensview-jamaican-wedding-mon trash the dress: http://blog.lawsonphotography.ca/lensview-trash-the-dress
  9. Hi, I am back from our wedding/vacation. It was an AMAZING week! I will try to post a review with some pictures on the weekend. Iberostar was a great choice and nobody wanted to leave once the week was finished. I am already missing Jamaica!
  10. Well ladies, I am off to Jamaica in just a couple of hours. I am so excited but quite worried about the weather. My friend just got back and only had one day of sun the entire week! I just checked and it's saying thunderstorms for most of the week. I guess we cannot control the weather and we'll make the best of it! I booked my ceremony at the Cinnamon Hill Aqueducts so if I can get sun for that I'll be happy! I'll write a review when I get back... wish me luck!
  11. Depending on how formal you are planning to go... the BCBG outlet store sometimes has beautiful long white dresses that are perfect for a destination wedding.
  12. I asked about eating on the beach and was told it was not an option (at the suites). However, I am finding that some people are being given different options that others. I am quite stressed right now... I sent my final wedding details almost two months ago. I have no restaurants confirmed and they just emailed me and told me that I have to source my own flowers. Because I am having my ceremony off site, they won't deal with flowers for the reception/centerpieces for me. I am only four days away from leaving!! I just sent an email to Tai Floral with the msg line- "HELP!!" in hopes that they
  13. hmmm... doesn't look like it attached. PM me if you cannot see it here.
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