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  1. Hey Jreist, The servers definitely prefer US dollars! We took cash but I am quite sure there is ATM on the property. The reception desk also has alot of cash on hand for exchange to US/Jamaican dollars
  2. My photos were 1800. Which was alot cheaper than other places and she was really good!
  3. Number 1!! beautiful! Both are gorgeous on you but number really looks amazing!
  4. Thanks Coconoir! I still loved my dress but still had MAJOR dress envy. You look amazing in it AND no hair or makeup yet. You are going to look soooo beautiful! Well i know how much that Lazaro costs soooo i know why you didn't let your mother get near the desk at the time to pay! LOL If i would have gotten that one i would have said yeah don't worry about it i have more than enough money for this! ahahahah. I could never let her know how much it was!
  5. LOVE this dress. I saw this one after i bought mine and wanted to change it! My mother (who had purchased my dress) said that's to bad you already have your dress! LMAO BEAUTIFUL!!!
  6. Hi Islandgirl910 sorry just looked her haven't been on in a while. I used Marcia Roberts!
  7. Hi Pintsize1, I had 65 guests and they just let everyone choose off the menu at the recpetion even though she said she wanted a week or 2 before hope this helps!
  8. Congrats girlie! you looked amazing!
  9. Hi Jamaica2012, It's by pronovias and the style is called galante. They have a tonne of beautiful styles for this year. You should be able to find pronovias at most dress stores its a pretty popular brand
  10. Hi Daisymable you can cancel upto 24hrs before. If they know its for your wedding they might even be more easy going!
  11. Hi Eholt, besides the gourmet resturant (which requires long pants) everything else is causual. Just like no bathing suits for dinner And kids can be any where at the suites that why i choose it instead of the grand! Rosemarie
  12. Hey pintsize1, Sorry to say but there is no bar close to calabash! the closest is the pool bar which will be closed and the next is the lobby bar which is all the way upstairs. We paid for the cocktail hour so guess if you do that they throw in the free open bar for reception? I am not really sure how they made that decision! lol