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2-26-12 Suites Wedding
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Iberostar Rose Hall Suites All-Inclusive - Montego Bay Jamaica

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By bjcs21, · 1,195 Views · 6 Comments

My man and I got married this past weekend at IRHS! It was more amazing than either of us could have ever imagined!!! Here is a short review...feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to help!


Rooms: The beds are big and fairly comfy. We opted for the regular rooms so we had a balcony view of the pools, which was still pretty amazing. We didn't feel the need to have a beach front or beach view room since we wouldn't be in the rooms much. You get two towel cards which you exchange by the pools and then have to turn the cards in at checkout. Room service is prompt, but nothing too great and the selection isn't too extensive. The mini bar was stocked daily for us and there is a turn-down service in the evening that you can opt out of.


Weather: I was extremely nervous for the weather since it said partly cloudy for the days we were there. It turned out to be mostly sunny, with a few clouds passing by, and a rain shower a few times that lasted 5 minutes or less. The only problem we ran into weather-wise, was the wind. The first two days we were there, it was perfect. Then came the wedding day and it was very windy. Kind of a bummer in that respect besides the wedding day.


Restaurants: We ate breakfast and lunch mostly at the buffet, which was awesome. Very wide selection...great french toast! Aunt Ruby's: not my favorite...slower service and wasn't a fan of the entrees, although the location was nice. Our reception dinner was at the Calabash, which was perfect. It was the most elegant by far. The Japanese restaurant was a ton of fun and very good as well! The Mexican and Cajun were good, but nothing extraordinary.


Drinks: Always available! Ask for more liquor if you're not satisfied with the amount they put in. The strawberry daiquiri with the Genesis rum was our favorite drink.


Spa: We got a couples massage and it was SO relaxing! It's a bit pricey, but recommended for sure.


Wedding: Simply amazing! We woke up to it being really windy and I was so nervous. We just went with it and as soon as our eyes locked, everything else faded away. That sounds cheesy, but it's completely true!! Tiffany and Nicole are so helpful when you get there and they tend to all your needs. We used Godfrey Guy for centerpieces and my bouquet and they turned out perfect! We had a few hiccups with him along the way, but everything turned out more gorgeous than I imagined. We took pictures after the ceremony, then headed to the Calabash, then changed to light wish lanterns. Those were gorgeous and everyone loved them! We attracted quite the crowd for it being 9pm! Basically...everything was more than perfect and I'm sad we're home already. Our pictures from Digipix were actually pretty amazing. We ended up buying a couple extra than the original package we agreed upon.


Overall, I am SO pleased with our choice of IRHS!!! I am reliving it through all our photos and wish we booked another week! We ended up ziplining through Chukka which was incredible. I'm slightly afraid of heights and I would zipline again in a heartbeat. We also did the river raft down the Martha Brae River. Very relaxing and gorgeous. A few others in the group went on the ATV ride and they said they got a little dusty, but they had a blast.


Here are a few photos:


Happily Ever After      005.JPGHappily Ever After      026.JPGDSCN0437.JPGHappily Ever After      016.JPG


Beautiful photos! Can I ask who was your photographer and how did you get the laterns (and how much were they)?


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How many people did you have at your wedding? I'm wondering what the dinner options are depending on your group size.


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We had 12 total. :) Are you wondering about menus or making it private? If you have a group under 25, you order straight off the menu. I'm not sure about making the dinner private...I think you have to have 40? Not positive though.


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Did you have any speeches or a slideshow, I'm trying to figure out what to do after the dinner. I've heard some people have the DJ or music set up on the beach afterwards.


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Beautiful wedding...did you bring your own decorations for the huppa or were they done through your florist??? Love the idea of just having them wrapped around the bottom! Also for your wish lantern did you bring your own??? Where did you find such a big one...I have only seen the smaller ones and am worried about bringing it through customs...


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