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  1. My review for my wedding last Saturday, January 12, 3013 is up & posted. My final thought for now is that Iberostar Rose Hall Suites is the nicest, friendliest, most awesome resort property I have EVER stayed at and I had the wedding& honeymoon of my dreams....would love to be back there right now!!! I will always look for Iberostar properties for future vacations as well Happy planning to all future brides!!!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica
  2. This is news to me! Especially since that's where I am confirmed to have my wedding dinner on Jan 12th. I just spoke to Tiffany last weekend and she mentioned no such thing...
  3. Check out amazon.com - they have tons. If you are going to use real candles, you have to have the flame resistant bags, otherwise you can use battery operated LED tea lights
  4. Hello! Not quite sure on the cigar rollers....Fireworks are not allowed but sparklers are and there are a lot of recommendations in pages 220-230 of this thread. I emailed Tai Flora over month ago and havent heard back yet, but honestly, I dont think I am a priority right now since my wedding isn't until next January. Its just kind of the way things work in Jamaica unfortunately Quote: Originally Posted by allieplask Has any one heard anything about having a cigar roller at their wedding? I have seen it done at Sandals. Tiffany at IRHS said they don't work with someone specifically but we could always find someone on our own - my dad and FI reallllllllly want someone hand rolling cigars. I guess I will have to do some research? Also, I have been told the Suites does NOT allow firework shows. That is also something my parents wanted to do for us but unfortunately the hotel will not allow. I have been also told that the chef at the hotel will make custom wedding cakes. They said to email them a picture and they will let us know if that typed cake is possible- happy to know we are not limited to basic white cake with flowers. It seems like all special things - lighting at the reception restaurant, special chairs, etc. are all done through Tai Flora. Has anyone gotten quotes from them for this type of stuff? I have emailed them but never hear back yettttt...
  5. Hi there - even though they dont really start paying any attention to you until 90 days prior to your wedding, I'd still let them know now where you'd like to have your reception and/or cocktail hour and/or welcome dinner as Tiffany told me she had to check if they were available....
  6. Check out this lady - she is really well reviewed in the IRHS brides forum: http://www.facebook.com/MAKE.UP.ARTISTRY.JAMAICA
  7. google: theknot wedding shop...they have a lot of cute things!
  8. wow - you are on top of things!!! I love the wedding agenda. I'm getting married at IRHS on Jan 12, 2013. Happy planning!!!!
  9. January 2013 IHRS Wedding Review

    Pros: beuatiful, great on-site service, delicious food
    Cons: Wedding coordinators slow to respond via email
    I got married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites on Saturday, January 12, 2013. I stayed there from January 10th – 17th with a group of 56 people in total.  This was the best experience of my entire life and COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations!!!!   Travel Agent/ Kimberly Felix – A++   Kimberly Felix (www.honeymoonsic.com; kimberly@honeymoonsinc.com ) was an absolute joy to work with!  She answered every email within the hour and provided so much useful information to me and my guest
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