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  1. Hey there- Yep Marcia did an album 2 dvds and 2 cds of all the photos taken....
  2. The night of the wedding after the bonfire... the bottom was definitely dirty from sand and walking in the water but still had to wear it for the ttd so after jumping in the water I hung it up on the balcony and let it stay there for the entire day... by the time we came up from being on the beach most of the day... it was dry and clean.. LOL The Bonfire was awesome.. the weather was great just super during the ceremony.. It rained a little the day before my wedding during another wedding but only lasted about 10 minutes or so.. Nicole said its usually windy the day after rain, but I'd rather the wind over the eain anyday Quote: Originally Posted by BridetwoBe Wow what about the sand? Did you just hang it up afterwards? Your Bonfire looks great. How was the weather? I guess thats a good plan if you can't privatize the restaurant.
  3. I purchased the sandals etsy.com Marcia is awesome and worth every penny!!! Thanks.. Believe it or not my dress is perfectly fine... Its was actually alot cleaner than it was the night before LOL!!! Quote: Originally Posted by BridetwoBe OMG I love the pics...I laughed when you and hubby jumped in the water...PRICELESS!!! How did your dress turn out afterwards?
  4. Pics from my wedding--- There are a bunch---- http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/sharing/shareRedirectSwitchBoard.jsp?token=979259552214%3A982805520
  5. Hi Ladies- Sorry its been awhile, Ive been enjoying married life.... I got my professional pics back from Marcia and WOW!!! Here is a link to asome of our favorites... We had over 1400 pics to choose from so it was hard.. Enjoy and let me know if you have questions http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/sharing/shareRedirectSwitchBoard.jsp?token=979259552214%3A982805520
  6. Without letting the entire cat out of the bag... Lets just say I low-balled her BIG TIME! and she met me in the middle which is probably one of the lowest rates she has taken if not the lowest. I also paid for her to saty overnight at the resort so that i could get my TTD the next morning. My suggestion is to NEGOTIATE. I got the same package and treatment of other brides so it can be done.... Quote: Originally Posted by SouthernBelle83 I am thinking of booking Marcia for my June 24 wedding. She gave me the option of two different packages... One was $1000 and the other was $1500.
  7. i would have rathered putting down a deposit, however I was one of the ladies that had to carry all that cash on me to pay her in full when I got there.... However either I would say that my experience with Marcia and her team was nothing but wonderful... Good Luck! You will enjoy her...
  8. BridetwoBe- My only advice is barefoot/barefoot sandals as i know it.... some past brides say wedges but I figured that was too much of a hassle with the dress and all.... And it was just easier to maneuver for pics.
  9. These are all pictures from the Suites... Artificial flowers are included.. However if I did not use tai flora I would not have used the aritficial flowers (hmmmmm is right).. Just my opinion... I wore barefoot sandals.. My MOH went barefoot... the groom and best man wore sandals.. I will tell you that for my wedding and other weddings most women (including guests) went barefoot.. Artificial flowers are included... My ceremony was at 5pm... My hair appointment was at 1 and she was done around 2:30 and all she had to do was curl it and pin it.. Marcia Roberts got to my room around 3:30 and by the time she got all her pics done I was 5 minutes late... LOL .. Marcia was scheduled to get to my room at 3:00 but I hadnt anticipated my MOH being as slow as she was getting ready.. She was a real prima dona and slooow and did not want Marcia to take pics of her doing my make-up until she was absolutely ready.. Marcia takes aloooot of pictures but Nicole also told her to take her time because the wedding day is about capturing the moments not about sticking to a vigorous schedule... You are very welcome... People kept asking me why i was taking all of these photos.. I said I had to make sure my BDW girls got what they needed too.. LOL
  10. Ladies- As promised, below are pics of a 2 weddings with standard packages that I saw during my stay. The Beach Wedding had the Chuppah and Silver Chair Sashes. The Lobby Terrace wedding had the arch and Gold Chair Sashes. Both weddings used the artificial flowers.
  11. Thanks Ladies!! My MOH did my make-up and she did a fabulous job. No dance floor, we had a ball dancing in the sand My last minute list for Nicole- sound guy to fade music out, security for guests walking and watching the wedding, reminder to ask the play their music before ceremony and during cocktail hour (my person making my cd fell through, glad I made my own cd for ceremony and first dance), no microphone/pa system (the wedding the day before kept messing up and other reviews have stated the same)- the reverend had a mic box on him Nicole and I had talked before about having the first dance at the Calabash via email, when I tried to confirm Tiffany said no, so rather than debate it with Tiffany I waited til we had our meeting with Nicole and confirmed it.. and she said "No Problem Mon".. LOL
  12. Marcia Roberts Photography- I just got married in Montego bay last week at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites so I havent gotten my pictures yet, but she was awesome to work with and her prices were good. The past reviews and photos have been awesome. Check out her website. http://www.jamaicanphotography.com/
  13. Hey All- I posted my review with pics.. I actually have more pics I will post in a separate forum later today. I took alot of pictures of the wedding the day before us where she used the standard package with the standard flowers etc... I will post more pics of my wedding when I get them back from Marcia. As of now you see Digipix photos and photos from my camera.. Sorry they arent the best quality... Feel free to ask me questions... http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica/reviews/4797
  14. No I would keep the 4:30/5 start time. The weather is hot or miss and really does pass through quickly, so even if it starts it usualy lasted no more than 5 or 10 minutes during our stay. I say just wait it out if something pops up. I couldnt wait out the wind but it was so beautiful that it didnt matter I stayed at the Suites but will try to answer from that point of view 1) Did you or any of your guest plan or used calling cards or rented a cell phone while in Jamaica? We bought minutes and logged onto FB to tell people we were there.. 15 minutes of internet was $3US and 30 minutes was $5 so we bought one card and shared with family and friends 2) For the Grand Brides- is there a required dress code for the restaurants? I thought I read somewhere that men are required to wear collared shirts and shoes for dinner. All specialty restaurants required long pants for men... They werent strict on footwear as along as they had some on 3) How much time are you allotting for pictures between the ceremony and the reception? we did 1hr but Marcia Roberts could have done longer, so we got dinner started and left back out to take more after orders were taken 4) What did you do or doing for music at the reception? I'm trying to decide on a DJ or a band, any recs would be appreciated! We did the bonfire and hired the dj.. he was great! he played most of the songs on my request list and thre in a few more great choices 5) Did you op for an open bar at your reception? The bonfire included the open bar, however the dinner did not. Every restaurant has a bar in it and the waiters got the drinks per the guests requests and guests got up and got their own if need be 6) DO you think it's okay to have the guest go to the lobby bar for the cocktail hour? Anyone know how many people the Grand lobby bar can accommodate? Not sure about the Grand exactly but from what I hear they are all set up the same. The lobby bar is a long walk from the beach. If you have guests that have walking issues that might be an issues.. We did the cocktail hour on the beach right next to the ceremony which included the champagne punch and water in the package and appetizers we ordered.. they were all satsfied. Thank you!!! Yed Im working on my review now but just for you.. The wedding was on the beach the cocktail reception was right next to the ceremony location.. Dinner was inside at the Calabash and the bonfire was being set-up during dinner since it was a surprise.. Guests knew there would be dancing but had no clue what was in store and were pleasantly surprised.. the bonfire was next to the Sunset Pool and Bar which was a short walk from the Calabash restaurant. No dancefloor... we really were excited about capturing the beach effect so dancing in the sand was AWESOME!!!
  15. Hey there sorry you are having such a hard time. Nicole is truly awesome and makes sure that everything comes together once you are there. I did a cocktail reception on the beach right after the ceremony with food and drinks.. Call Jodi @ Tai Flora.. It is easier to get through by phone then email. Also, I wouldnt worry about things being booked. They have a wide variety of vendors and people they use for the weddings so they can call people at the last minute to make sure your day is special. Im not sure how much input I can give since you are getting married off-site, but feel free to PM me if you have questions.
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