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  1. Hi Ceecie, I wanted to comment on Godfrey Guy. We also had a few problems with him (nothing like you are going through though). I did notice that his responses definitely get snippy/attitude-y. I was told that the money was due the week before the wedding and that's when I paid. The problem we had was we put a down payment on specific flowers, only to be told his wholesalers did not have those flowers in bloom...a week before the wedding. After much irritation, tears, and freaking out...I decided I didn't care what the flowers looked like really. Anyways...he did an amazing job with my "backup" flowers and they were seriously more beautiful than I ever imagined. Point of the story I guess is that everything is going to be perfect no matter what happens. You might be freaking out right now, but it is so important to remember how amazing your wedding day will be regardless of everything! As long as you and your groom show up.
  2. We had 12 total. Are you wondering about menus or making it private? If you have a group under 25, you order straight off the menu. I'm not sure about making the dinner private...I think you have to have 40? Not positive though.
  3. We got married on Sunday!!! Unfortunately we're back, but I posted a review!!!
  4. I got a confirmation from our travel agent and the WC's that it's just 2 days, period. We arrive Friday morning and get married Sunday evening and they said that was fine.
  5. Yep, you're supposed to make copies of your birth certificates and your passports and then have those notarized, then send all that to Iberostar. I just sent ours out last week and it was $100 including the notary. The tracking info says they received it yesterday though!
  6. We are using Godfrey Guy...our budget is really tight and my bouquet was priced at $300 with Tai Flora. With Godfrey, it was $75 I think? We are getting a bridal bouquet, bout, flower hairpiece and 3 large centerpieces for about $400-something...sorry I don't remember the exact prices...but either way it is way cheaper than Tai Flora. Hope that helps!
  7. Hey ladies...I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what customs are like for Jamaica. As far as bringing decorations or welcome bag gifts...is that going to pose a problem bringing all that stuff into Jamaica or for our guests who bring it home?
  8. Hey ladies...I'm wondering about those of you who have worked with Godfrey Guy for flowers. Anyone have any input on him? Also, does anyone know how the tables will be setup at the Calabash for 15-20 people? Banquet style or round tables of 8 people? I can't get a response from the WC. Thank you!!
  9. Technically if staying at the Beach, a pass will be needed to be on either the Suites or Grand property for anything. Staying at the Suites allows you to be at the Beach property without a pass....staying at the Grand allows you to be at the Suites and the Beach without a pass.
  10. I wish I would have seen this even a few days sooner...although I don't know if it would have mattered. Our date is booked also (2/26/12) for the Suites and pretty much only my side has booked. It's a small wedding, so there aren't that many people, but now we are also emailing and calling the rest of our guests to let them know. Looks like it'll have to be the Beach and day passes. So terrible....and frustrating since our save the dates specifically said to book ASAP. :mad:
  11. That's a good point...I never thought about that. I haven't asked just because our wedding isn't until February...I figured the WC's are busy enough with the more current brides.
  12. Also, we are trying to decide on the bonfire for a welcome party/rehearsal dinner (no wedding party, so no need for an actual rehearsal dinner). Does anyone have any input on their experience with that? I'd love to only have to pay for an hour, but am afraid it wouldn't be enough time. But then again there's only going to be 15-20 of us anyways. Input?
  13. That does sound like a good price. So do the 3 vases have votive candles in them or just the orchids? So it'd be 3 vases and 4 smaller votive candles. Do you know yet how many guests you'll have or tables you'll need?
  14. I would suggest checking out travelocity. They let you check by +/- 1 or 3 days to see if departing on a different day would be beneficial. We got our tickets out of LAX for about $450 for February 2012 and family/friends got tickets out of MSP for about the same price.
  15. If you stay at the Grand, you have access to all 3. If you stay at the Suites, you have access to the Suites and Beach. If you stay at the Beach, you have access to the Beach only.
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