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  1. Hi Ladies! I am getting married July 26th 2014 at the Suites. So far we have sent ou our invitations, booked our photographer, talked to Tai Flora about the flowers I would like, ordred my dress, and picked out my bridesmaid dressed. I am trying to find tumblers to put into out OOT bags for our guests to have on the resort. Does anyone know where I can find ones that are a reasonable price for about 50 guests?
  2. Hello everyone!! I m getting married July 26 2014 in Montego Bay Jamaica at the IRHS. SO excited!! we sent out the STD in May and we are working on our Invitations now. We were thinking of having borading pass invites, I think they are soo cute!! and one else doing this?
  3. 1stmarriage, yes we are lucky enough that my fiancé's cousin is a TA and set everything up for us.
  4. These flowers are beautiful. I was debating on getting real flowers on not. I am going to check out wedideas for our flowers. Thanks so much for the information
  5. @1stmarriage we are getting married July 26 2014 at the Suites and we sent our STD in March just to give everyone a heads up, it was like pulling teeth to get people to contact our travel agent but we recently sent out a reminder to put their deposit down with our travel agent before the prices increase and we had a lot of people contact her. We are sending out our formal invitations the end of July to give everyone enough time but it seems like they need a lot of "reminding"
  6. I am super excited to get an early start on planning my wedding. I just received the conformation for my wedding date July 26th, 2014 at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites. I am hoping to do a lot of DIY since I am starting to plan so early. And Brides who got married at IRHS have any suggestions for me?
  7. Just got my conformation today July 26th 2014 for the suites so excited!!!
  8. Just got my conformation today July 26th 2014 for the suites so excited!!!
  9. Mindy, I finally got in contact with someone to send me the wedding request form but since filling that out and sending it back in I have not heard a thing! I am trying to book the date and put down my deposit so I can know for sure my date is locked in but I cannot get a hold of anyone again. Anyone who is having their wedding at the suites, can you help me with this information?
  10. Hello, I am trying to secure my wedding date in June 2014 at Suites and I can not get in contact with anyone. I did email them about a week ago and still did not hear anything back. Has anyone else had this problem? and what is the direct number for the wedding coordinator because when I call I just get random people. Does anyone have the pricing for packages also?
  11. Can you please send me a copy of the pricing too. Thanks! a.lynn1521@yahoo.com
  12. Thank you for the review, this helps out with my decision to have my wedding here!
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I have been trying to plan our destination wedding in Jamaica. I was wondering if anyone knows any all-inclusive places that are great to have a wedding. We also have a child so it would need to be a place that is kid-friendly. I was trying to decide between the sunset resorts but I heard they were outdated. Also, the beaches resort in Negril is nice but I feel like it is too kid-friendly.Any suggestions would be great!!!
  14. Ally1521


    Hello My name is Allison Clark. We are getting married June 2014 in Jamaica!!
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