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  1. Hi! We did all those things right at the resort. We didn't go anywhere else at all. A couple of our friends did some excursions and said they were awesome. We just didn't have time (especially with our 2 year old.) ps- I just re read that post and I meant to say "our 2 year old, AN 8 year old and a 12 yr old" the older kids are not mine! Lol. There are my niece and nephew. best of luck!
  2. Thanks! We did passport invites with a postcard RSVP and then sent these out just before the wedding. Here are my invites if you care to see them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/85034/my-diy-passport-invitations-and-rsvp-postcard-with-pics#post_1937367
  3. Most any design software (even Microsoft word) has a "fade" tool. I just inserted the pic, rotated it where I wanted it and then faded the color.
  4. Thanks! If you google "free vistaprint" a list of everything that's currently free comes up. They are almost always offering things for free and this happened to be one I could use at the time
  5. Thank you! Yes I googled "free vistaprint" it brings you to a list of all the things that are currently free on vistaprint. A set of 10 notecards happened to be on the list (they are almost always on the list). I chose the blank cards "upload your own design" and then just uploaded my design and voila! I them did another order so I'd have 20 cards. Hope this helps!
  6. It's definitely cheaper to make your own! I don't remember exactly what it cost me but I know I got all my beads at michaels and waited until they were on sale and combined a coupon. I would guess approximately $6/ set of sandals.
  7. I know it's your wedding and you want to know everyone and have an intimate feel to the event, but it's a long way to travel alone (especially if he's not close with any other guests). Does he know other ppl that are going? I would say put it on your list of things that you're letting slide. There are other things you're going to have to worry about. Don't let this be one of them. I know everyone has a different situation and circumstances are different for everyone, but I wouldn't ask someone to come to my wedding that far without a plus one. That's just me, though. Totally no offense!!! I ju
  8. Thank you! The ones I ordered were the cheapest one and they are regular chap stick flavor. The company does offer flavors, though.
  9. I can't believe I didn't think of that! Fortunately we didn't have any problems. Yeah I really like the idea of just putting "return to front desk"
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