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  1. We wore the same dress!! Good thing you changed out of it, I sweat my buns off at the reception!! Congratulations you looked beautiful!!!
  2. Thank you!! Brian got back to me also with the same price list!! He seems like a very nice guy!! 2013rates.pdf
  3. Hey Ladies!! I'm looking into doing a Trash the Dress next May, and won't be using the same photographer who did our wedding. Do you have pricing for Brian? Thanks so much!!
  4. Thank you!! :-) We locked in a date first. (it actually changed when we switched from the Beach to the Suites). Our Travel Agent did all of the rates and booking. Don't make yourself crazy putting a rate on invites. Any little change is going to make people question it. We put our TA's information on the Save the Dates and directed all questions to her. I highly recommend a TA, as she is really working for you and will organize your trip. Your TA will also reserve a block of rooms for you at the hotel. (we reserved 20 rooms and ended up with 25 with no problems as it wasn't sold out)
  5. You can't do anything about the weather, unfortunately! We went last May for a site visit and it didn't rain once. This may it stormed every day! We didn't mind the other days, we just got out of the pool for a little while, but on the wedding day, I was praying it would stop!! Hopefully it will hold out for you! Having our ceremony at 4:30 gave us some time to push it back if needed. I want to say it was $120 or $150 per couple cash for the boat. We got a discount for paying cash. They don't hold the boat private unless you have all paid, so make sure you all make your payments at the
  6. Planning a destination wedding has been the most stressful, but amazing experience of my life! I have to say, there are no regrets about having our wedding in Jamaica. We had the best 7 days with friends and family on a vacation that we never would have been able to experience had it not been for the wedding. Having said all of that... as a bride-to-be, I learned a lot! -Keep yourself organized. It seems most destination wedding coordinators are.... MIA! If you concentrate on what you want your wedding day to be, keep all the details outlined, everything will fall into place.
  7. Gorgeous!! She did an amazing job! I loved Tulum when we vacationed in Mexico!!
  8. Dont hold your breath! I never even got the final details sheet from them. I got it from a bride on here and just sent it to them on my own.. never heard anything back. Up until our meeting down in Jamaica I still had unanswered questions. I got our "quote" days before we left and that was because I demanded it or they weren't getting paid!! I had priced everything pretty accurately for myself, and there were no surprises. Everything worked out fine, but it's a lot of unnecessary stress beforehand. It's easy to say now, just get yourself organized, with a write up of how you want it
  9. Thanks so much!!! I love my dress so much I put it back on twice already!! Once I clean and preserve it, I won't be able to!
  10. We were told no, BUT it seems every bride gets different answers, so that's one I'd get in writing from the WC. The rounds are 10 but we put 8 at each, bc 10 is tight! We ended up doing a private reception at Calabash.
  11. Thank you!! The slip is elastic from like a high waistline to your knees! I couldn't do some of the poses the photographer wanted bc my legs couldnt move in it!!!
  12. Finally got prof pics back from photog... I LOVED my Maggie Dress!! ..... I wore a Mermaid Slip to make the bottom pop a bit more and it was extremely hot!!! Halfway through the reception I had my MOH pull it off, and it was near impossible with the corset tied so tight around it!! I thought I was going to have a stroke! It does make a difference in how the dress looked for pictures so it was worth the discomfort in the end!
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