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  1. thank you.. Just seeing this now as I dont really check this site any more. Wedding was great. unfortunatley i didnt have my beach wedding as it was pouring rain. But it still turned out great If anyone has any questions and I dont answer them on here send me a inbox msg and I get email notifications for that Congrats to all that have recently got married and for all of those that will be getting married
  2. Aw thanks!, there are some pics im like OMG i look pregnant. But my dress wasnt tight enough lol Oh well Im happy where i was Weight wise that day. Lol now its back on that grind! Hope you are doing good.
  3. Hey sorry for late reply lol. Ever since I got married I stay away from anything weddin related haha I have so much time now! Lol. Anyways here are a couple of pics Me Me and my parents Me and my husband And me my mom and my brother One more from our trash the dress
  4. the wedding was good! it poured my wedding day so i didnt get the beach wedding but it was still amazing. I gained about 7 lbs. I dont even know how lol but back on the grind! we just got back on monday so yesterday was a rest day and today Im starting my workouts again! Summer time body now! lol
  5. AND THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! 1 week today until i leave! and 1 week 3 days til i say I do!
  6. Thats awesome! congrats on your wedding!!! That awesome that you didnt gain anything. I am going to be REALLY careful! lol. I figured ill eat healthy breakfast and lunch. fruits, salads oatmeal eggs etc. then supper will be like steak or something delicious from the resturants and I wont go with the sugary drinks! I hope your wedding was great and you have a great married life:)
  7. 3 weeks today until I leave to get married!!!!!
  8. Well I think they fixed this site a little bit. THANKFULLY! lol Well my eating wasnt on point this weekend so im back up. But I decided not to wait til after xmas to start my detox/cleanse. I am starting it tomorrow and instead of chicken ill use turkey. This is going to keep me on track to stay way from the deserts. Ill take them but ill bring them home and freeze them for after the wedding! which is in 3 weeks! i cannot believe I leave in 3 weeks! I am starting week 6 tonight for focus t25. Not sure if i am still on alpha or do i go to beta from here?. I have been doubling them up last
  9. Well this week will be better. I got thru all my workouts last week. Friday I did my double. Plus weights. Plus some leg presses and squats. My PF said I but be about 600 calories. Sure needed that cause yesterday I had a surprise bridal shower. I didn't enfold he too much. Today is week 6 I think? Plus my weights. And one month today and I am a mrs! Technically I'd be married by now and just starting my pictures! Time sure flies! Ps I don't like the sites new set up :/
  10. So glad to hear your wedding was great ! Do you by chance have Patricia's email. Keisha is away Nd have Patricia's email but it's wrong and I am trying to find out if she has picked up the documents for out wedding. Thanks!
  11. on another note. I sent my documents the middle of november. They arrived In Jamaica NOv 26, still havent been delieverd and I havent heard anything. Im kinda freaking out now
  12. Yep. the polar fit might be my obsession to keep me going, so I can see how many calories I burn, and how much work it takes. And then when i go to eat something ill be like. "thats 30 mins of working out" lol
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Yassy I did do the private reception at the Plantation and it was $1000 to rent it out for 4 hours (6:30pm-10:30pm, but they let us stay until 11pm which was nice:) The tables can be round or long and rectangular like mine were. The lanterns, glass votives, dinner menus, table runners, and rose petals were added by me. We had 10 free guests and myself and my husband were free. Then I paid $10.50pp for the steakhouse dinner + another $10.00pp for adults and $5.00pp for children for the open bar. I also rented the dj equipment at $200/hour (yikes) and my b
  14. omg YEAH i meant one of my bridemaids. lol SMH. Well as far as that goes. No she is depending on us to take HER dress to get altered without her putting it on???? I am throwing my hands up at it. lol if it looks bad on her its her own problem! lol. AND you think she would be right. But NOPE My other bridesmaid is pretty helpful and asking to do things and what i need done. and my SIL (MOA) if i as k her she will do whatever puls shes doing my bridal shower. Its just this other one who is being a DIVA and i might go bridezilla lol jk Yes I wore my Polar fit So For the Total body circuit. I
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