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  1. I thought I would share a picture after the fact, since my original posts were so long ago. Here are the mom's and the grandma (and the dad's too) on the wedding day
  2. JamaicaSukie - I did not bring my own chair ties, but I would guess that they could just move them into your reception. Because of rain, they tore down the ceremony decor while moving the site of my cocktail party AND setting up the reception....so I would guess that moving the chair ties wouldn't be a problem at all.
  3. Marriage Certificate - - - - - - - I just heard this weekend that the WC at the Suites received my marriage certificate. They emailed to ask me for my phone number and current address to send it. Hopefully I will receive it this week! I was married November 6th, so it didn't even take 3 months, which is much better than I was originally thinking. I think I'm going to keep it a secret from my husband until my name has been changed. He is so much more excited for me to change it than I am.
  4. Yes I did have another photographer that we brought with us. Digipix still took some pictures after the ceremony to use on the DVD and cover. I thought they did a good job.
  5. I traveled with my dress as my carry-on in the regular garment bag that I got when I bought my dress. I had a small puddle jumper that was not very full so I just laid it out in the overhead bin, and in my other flight my dress flew first class even though I didn't. They did let me preboard and then I stacked my dress on another bride's dress who was flying first class. The attendants are usually good with finding a place for it where it won't get destroyed by people shoving their luggage into the overhead bins.
  6. Someone asked recently about Digipix, and I used them as my videographer for the ceremony only. I thought they did a great job!! The DVD skipped when we first got it so I emailed them and the sent me another copy within days. They were so nice and great to work with!
  7. http://www.wishlantern.com/White-Eco-Wish-Lantern-Ten-Pack-_p_33.html Hey Ladies, These are the eco friendly wish lanterns that I bought, and they are on sale right now. Thought I would mention it since that was a recent topic on this thread.
  8. Yes, sky lanterns are allowed. I was married at the Suites. We tried to do them the night of the welcome party, but most of my guests arrived that day and were exhausted so they didn't stick around after it ended. Then we were going to do them the night of the wedding, but the weather didn't cooperate, so we did them the last night we were there on the beach. We had 10 lanterns and 11 people left on the last night so it actully worked out perfectly!
  9. Paula, your pictures look beautiful!!! That dark sky looked familiar about half way through your pictures. It's still crazy to think that we were right down the beach from each other. I loved the color of your flowers!!! Your mom looked so nice too....I did recognize her in the pictures from our chats from the airport to the resort. I'm still sorry we didn't meet! Are you back to reality yet?
  10. The beach party was definitely on a Saturday night in November while I was there. We had our rehearsal dinner on Saturday night at 8:30 so we missed the whole thing. It looked pretty awesome though! ...at least my photographer go to go
  11. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica/reviews/5329 Hi Ladies - I finally posted my review! I wish every day that I was back there....
  12. Yes, Nicole's studio is in Maryland, but I met her years ago through a great friend of mine....so we brought here along for the whole trip. It was awesome! I would highly recommend CSA. They have a free Catamaran cruise that lasts about 2 hours and takes you out to Rick's Cafe (but doesn't let you off the boat) and then stops at some caves to swim for about 30 minutes right by Rock House. There is definitely something to be said for being able to walk right out onto the beach at CSA. If you are a beach goer you should totally check it out!
  13. I thought that Swept Away was the perfect change from the Iberostar. It was so nice to see a different part of the island, and the feel of the two resorts are so different. I would highly recommend it!! We did the Suites from Wednesday to Wednesday and then Couples Swept Away from Wednesday to Saturday. I thought we could have used one more day at CSA, but in general, I thought it was the perfect amount of time at both resorts!!
  14. Hi All - We just got back from our PERFECT wedding at the Suites and our incredible honeymoon in Negril at Couples Swept Away late last night. It was more than I could have expected!!! For anyone doing any freaking out about how things are going to work out and what everything is going to look like, if I can offer you any advice, I would say that IT WILL WORK OUT. Nicole and Tiffanie and the staff at the IRHS are wonderful!! They are so easy to work with and will help take care of everything. Remember they plan and execute a wedding almost everyday, so they are so much better at this than we are. I hope that helps a little bit. Just wanted to share a few pics with you before I do my review.
  15. Also, about the taxes and fees at the resort, all are included. Whatever you see on the price listing, for example, $2100 for the wedding and $18 per person over 8 for the wedding and reception and then $8 per person for Menu A of appetizers for a cocktail party is exactly how the costs come out. It was definitely pleasant to not see any "additional charges" on the bill for our festivities at the resort. For anyone thinking of tips for the band, etc. I talked to my TA to see what they suggested and here is what we came up with: WC - small thank you gift Ceremony Officient - $20 Band - $10 per person in the band DJ - $20 maybe (we'll see how good he is based on all of the great reviews I HAVEN'T read)
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