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  1. My MIL is worse than yours!! I really feel for you, but listen to this! My MIL found an old girlfriend from 10 years ago and invited her over to her house. She sat her down and let her know that FI and I were about to go away and get married and that if she wanted to "let him know how she feels" that she should let him know soon. This "woman" and I use the term loosely wrote a love letter professing her love and how she never got over him and that he should give her another chance!! Guess what the MIL from HELL did... she called my FI over and suggested that he "come alone." SHe hand de
  2. Everything looked great. Your dress was beautiful. OH HOW I MISS DREAMS!! Congrats on being a Mrs.!!!!!!!!
  3. I have 12 of these bags available They are $3.00 each (less than what I paid) They are strong and come with a small coin purse that can be attached to the inside of the bag. Zip and velcro closure. Really cute bag! If you have single men traveling.. I also have 3 of these They are $1.00 each.
  4. The VS shapewear usually has a thong shaper as well, I hear that it is so popular that it has been on backorder for a while. All of the VS shape wear is REALLY good. Diva.. I don't have a problem with it riding down if I take the time to pull it ALL the way up and make sure it is not rolled at the top, but flat on the skin. There is a strong rubber knotty band around the top, to help with that.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by skadow My only consern with it is it looks like it is a one piece. Going to the restroom would be a real pain with that and the wedding dress. Not a problem...the crotch area snaps together.. Problem solved!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by skadow I looked at the yummy tummy site. There are defently some cute / classy looking intimates that will help keep everything flat. My dress will show any bumps. Teddie This one looks nice and sexy LOL that is so funny..that is one of the ones my MOH gave me! I LOVE it it is super cute on and it holds you great. It doesn't hold half as well as the VS thong shaper though, but it feels great on!
  7. I ended up wearing a yummy tummy that my MOH gave me for the next day pics. It smoothed me out and felt soooo good against my skil. For the wedding, I wore the Victoria secret thong shaper. THose things will smooth out whatever you want them to! Belly button, curves, lungs! Surprisingly, they were not uncomfortable at all. I am usually a 6-8 in most things and I purchased the small and it did the trick! Highly recommended
  8. COngrats on being a Mrs.!! Looks like everything was great. Your smile was a mile wide!! So happy for you.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JanineA Loved your planning thread. Everything looked fabulous.Like JT3 I too would like info on the hankes. Where did you get the hankies? I would like to do one with our names and wedding date and location like your first pic. Sooooooooo sorry, I thought I already answered about the hankies... I purchased them from a seller on Etsy.. Mollyandmom. They were great to work with.
  10. I love the idea of the BM's standing at the sides of you AND the groom. It won't look odd at all.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Jess3414 I am bringing all of the simple things...votives for the tables, crystals for my flowers and the centerpieces, all of the out of town or welcome bags for the guests, any ribbon, sand vases, etc...... Check with your WC because votives were included with the set up for the tables. That may be something that you won't have to bring
  12. Your dress looks beautiful! Congrats on getting that important call
  13. Another amazing Dreams soiree, congrats on the amazing wedding!!!!!! Dreams and the vendors you used are nothing short of amazing. Congrats on being a Mrs.!!!
  14. Everything looks great, good job. Congrats on being a Mrs.!
  15. Yummy Tummy makes the cutest lacey panties/corset all in ones. They are super comfortable, easy to remove AND they have snap closed crotch areas for those times you are well..in a hurry
  16. I vote Dreams! I fell in love with the resort online and guess what...It looks JUST like it does in the photos. Good luck with your decision
  17. Hello my beauties! Chris...quick give me her number I will crank call her, tell her how much she sucks and you take a pic when she starts crying and share it with us. LMAO. I have a membership with a credit monitoring company I get quarterly updates and the last one shared the bad news with me. I will definitely call them and see what they can do for me. I managed to get the last 567 credited to my credit card from my hotel..well not from the hotel, but my credit card gave it back to me. I LOVED the pics we all have some "ghetto" in us lol. Krista hope your planning is going well
  18. I am a Cabo bride too.. congrats on choosing such a great location. Happy planning!!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Jess3414 Timberly, I owe so much thanks to you and all of the other Dreams brides (Ana, Erika, etc) in particular! I will be sure to tell Yorai hello. Also, I meant to tell you....I booked Lunas De Fuego. I am super excited to see them!! YAY!!!!!! I am sooo happy that you booked them! Your guest will be amazed! They really did a great job! Hopefully someone else will have a firework show right after they finish like they did on my wedding day lol... Your wedding will be amazing!! Can't wait for the review and pics
  20. Congrats Jess, everything looks great. Have a great wedding, tell Yorai I said hello. I really can't wait to get back there!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by mlabbe Usually flushmount albums can be quite expensive, just because of the construction. Obviously though you should be able to find something cheaper if you go through a company directly than though your photographer. I don't like them personally (I prefer the look of real books), but tons of people on here got some done, so I'm sure that you'll find your answer! Good luck! I love the look of real books also. I plan on ordering a few for the parents, the wedding party and for ourselves, from Mypublisher. I loved the way my BD book came out, but I wa
  22. WOW! so sorry that you had to go through that! You were scheduled to be married at the gazebo and it was gone ?!? Were you in contact with your wedding coordinator on a regular basis? was the WC onsite? I know this post is going to send some brides planning to be married there off in a frenzy!!!
  23. Did you do one? If so, what company did you use? Can you post a pic of your album? I received my 3 picture discs from my photographer (1322 pics total) I want to start going through them to choose the photos that I want in my album. I realized I have no clue of what company to use or the typical costs involved. Any help here would be much appreciated ladies
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