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  1. We thought everyone was going to be up really late. We had a pretty wild bunch but our wedding started at 4pm so by 10:30 everyone was exhausted, drunk, and ready for bed. I think the wedding party went to one of the rooms and partied for maybe an hour afterward, but for the most part everyone wanted to go to sleep!!
  2. from a company called Form-Tech! If you have something in mind call and ask for Phyllis. She can help you with any ideas you have even if you don't see what you're looking for on her website! Promotional Products, Business Forms, Corporate Gifts, Form-Tech, Inc.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by mpeter81 I've read so many great reviews about Dreams Los Cabos and I'm excited about potentially booking my wedding there! Your pics look GORGEOUS. Which private location did you guys select for the reception? The photos there REALLY look great! The reception was at the quiet pool. Oceana Terrace I think its called. If you ask me, I think it's the best place for the reception if you are having 30 or less people. It worked out perfectly! the setup was amazing!
  4. They were a huge hit! All of my guests carried them around most of the trip and still use them now even back at home!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennybell1 I LOVE your dress!!!!!! It is so beautiful....looks fantastic on you too. Your BM dress is lovely too - Do you mind telling me where you got the dress and how much it cost..as I am looking for a BM dress in turquoise. Thanks! I got my dress and my BM dress at Davids Bridal. The BM dress was $155 I think and the sash was extra.
  6. Welcome to the forum! I am a Dreams Cabo bride but I have confidence, with Dreams no matter which one, you can't go wrong Happy Planning!
  7. I paid $70 per person plus an additional $19 for non-hotel guests. (She did however try to charge me the $70 plus an additonal $89 as a day pass fee...but when I had originally signed my agreement, I made sure to change the wording to say: non hotel guests would be only $19 a person in addition for guests if we were under the 20 people, and $89 a person after 20 people if they were non-hotel guests).
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Alex Teas Reception: A- Cost: $29 pp, $200 for lanterns, $8 pp for tiffany chairs, $3 pp for sparklers The only other weird thing was that any time you would leave your spot at the table to go dance, the servers would take your drink and cake. Seriously, I would go back to get a drink of water or bite of cake and it was gone! And it wasn’t just me, it was everyone. Multiple people commented that they only got to have a bite or 2 of their cake before it was taken. This happened to us also! I was walking around a lot during dinner just sort of talki
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by chong Thanks for sharing your wedding plan. Everything looks great. I love how you put together the pre-wedding brochure. I am going to copy some of your great ideas Congratulations on your wedding and I have to find your wedding review! Chong The links to my review and slideshow are at the bottom of my signature Check them out!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa B congrats! your wedding sounded like it was amazing! your review is really helpful right now because im in the process of planning my wedding at dreams. Im actually just talking with mariana and getting ready to book the date... i feel a little better after reading this bc I am getting a little frustrated with her email response time :/ since reading other peoples reviews on here i've heard that you cant swim in the ocean outside the resort... is there still regular beach access? did you find that it was an issue with any of your guests? i dont want a
  11. Here is my wedding review. I almost dont want to even write one because then I have to face the reality that i'm not PLANNING a wedding anymore! It makes me so sad that it's all over now!! Dreams Resort – A+ The resort is absolutely beautiful! Vivid colors, amazing scenery (mountains, beach, ocean, horses, beautiful white sand), and so much to do! When we arrived we were greeted with a glass of champagne and helped up to our room. There was a bottle of champagne waiting for us when we got there. We stayed for 12 days and the service was amazing the entire time. Unlimited room
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by anacj13 Congrats!!!!!!!! Looks like everything went great, Dreams Cabo looks amaaaaazing. I can't wait to see your proffesional pics!!!! Did your guys use tuxes? Were they hot in them? I'm still debating on what we should do for the groomsmen - tuxes or suits. Yes our guys wore tuxes. They were a little warm for the ceremony itself. It started at 4 and lasted about 15 minutes. Its pretty windy in cabo this time of year so that helped with the black tuxes. Once it was over they had to wear the jackets for the pictures for about 10 minutes and then they
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Donie Jordan Everything looked wonderful! What boat were the cruise pictures taken on? Thanks for sharing!! We did the rehearsal dinner on the Cabo Rey Sunset Dinner Cruise. It was AMAZING!! I saw a lot of the other cruise boats and this one was by far the nicest.
  14. So we are back after spending 15 amazing days at the Dreams Los Cabos. I will get around to writing my review soon but for now, here is a sneak peak. I am still waiting on my professional photos and hope to have those soon. Let me know what you think Dreams Los Cabos Wedding :: Our Dreams Wedding slideshow by Jess3414 - Photobucket
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