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  1. Thank you! Loved absolutely everything about Dreams- The service, the people, the rooms and the food were amazing. I highly reccomend it- I had such a positive experience there and so did every single on of my guests. It's a year later and they are still talking about it! You will love it if you choose Dreams. Good luck with everything!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by mpeter81 I know that Dreams boots the wedding party from the outdoor area around 10:30pm... did your group continue the festivities at the Disire Music Lounge til 2am and did everyone feel like they had enough time to celebrate? I have a feeling our guests will want to continue partying til 4am, lol. Hi- yes our guests wanted to continue partying as well so we did head over to Desires lounge. It was so fun- our group was the only people in there and they played good music and took some requests from us. We left there around 1-1:30a.m and some guest stayed-not sure til what time though, and then I think they continued partying in one of the rooms. They called room service for beers and stuff and it was delivered. It was lot's of fun!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kclyburn Do you mind me asking how much you paid for the fire dancers and did they bring their own music or did the DJ play? Thanks for the great review! Hi! Sure! We paid about $880 US for 4 dancers and they brought their own music. They danced for approx 15 min I would say
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ashley* Does DJ Ricardo have a website? I did the Ultimate too, and am a little apprehensive about everything that is included. Did you use it all? And was there quite a bit that you spent outside of the package? (sorry if I'm being intrusive, you don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable). I feel a little nickle & dimed all the sudden! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Yes his website is www.djsystem.com.mx. Check it out! I didn't use the hair included in the package, the photographer or the spa stuff. But she gave me extra time for the video and extra spa credit ( I just chose not to use the extra spa credit stuff, but my friend thought it was great) The extra that I spent on the package was for the flowers because I wanted something very specific, and lot's more, I also spent extra for the tiffany chairs at the reception, the sparklers, and the votives. How come you are feeling nickle and dimed?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Ashley* I love your review & can't wait to see pictures! How did you find your DJ? we are looking into getting one, since we want an emcee. What package did you get and where were the fire dancers from? Thanks for your help! Hi Ashley! I found our DJ- Dj Ricardo through this forum and by reading all his wonderful reviews from the ladies. He was just terrific and I highly reccommend him. He took care of all the Emcee stuff and intoductions and get the party going! We went with the Dreams Ultimate wedding package and the Fire Dancers were from Lunas de Fuego. If you need contact info or anything , just let me know and I will get it to you Happy planning!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MissWarren Beautiful, I can't wait to be in that Gazebo getting married! Who did your photos? My professional pics were by Juan Carlos Tapia but the ones I posted were just non-professional pics my friends took You will love the gazebo-it's such a beautiful setting!
  7. MissM

    Dreams Los Cabos (Guest Pass's)

    Hi! You will be paying just the $89 per person fee for non-guests, not $75 + $89. Hope that helps!!!
  8. Hi Everyone!! Juat wanted you all to know I put some pictures up of my wedding at Dreams-please check out my previous post on my Dreams Los Cabos review and you will find them there ! Thx!
  9. So I added pictures!! So sorry for the size of them!!!
  10. Hi Angela Actually you don't require anything for a symbolic ceremony. We just had a symbolic ceremony at Dreams and they didn't ask for anything except our names Hope that helps!
  11. Hello everyone!!! Get ready for my review! I just got back from my wedding at Dreams Los Cabos. We were married there on March 31st, 2010. All I have to say is that my wedding was the most magical, spectacular and breathtaking day of my life! Everything-and I do mean everything-was absolutely perfect in every way. I cannot say enough good things about it and about the resort. I owe it all to this forum because it is here I spent countless hours reading other people's reviews and recommendations, which made my planning so much easier, so a huge thank you to all! Airline: WestJet. We flew with WestJet out of Edmonton and Calgary. Because it was a group booking, we were not able to reserve our seats 24 hrs in advance like you normally would be able to, but I was told by a representative that we would all be seated together on the plane anyway. When we got to the airport to check in, we found that our group was actually scattered throughout the plane and not actually altogether. Oh well- at least I was sitting with my husband and the check-in lady gave us a row to ourselves. The flight was short (4hrs) and smooth and the flight attendants were SUPER kind to us. They found an empty overhead bin for me to lay my dress in flat and they gave us complimentary drinks for the flight and wished us luck and happiness. We had 4 suitcases ( 2 of which were super heavy-overweight-and they didn't charge us). Everyone in our group had a great flight. Shuttle: We arrived in Cabo and went through customs. I was a little apprehensive of getting stopped because I had a suitcase with favors etc... but I made sure to bring all my receipts. I never did get stopped though so that was great. The shuttle was waiting for us as soon as we got out of the airport- a big air conditioned tour bus. It loaded up our luggage and passengers and was quickly on it's way. It was a relaxing and nice trip- prob 30 min long. Dream Los Cabos resort: Arrival: Upon arriving there was no line at check in. We were greeted with a nice cold glass of champagne. The front desk staff we sooooo friendly!! We received our honeymoon suite right away and the bellman delivered our luggage within minutes! It was fabulous! It was so quick and effortless Room: A+++++ Our room was 2216-honeymoon suite.It overlooked the quiet pool. It was an interesting room-long like a hallway, kind of dark, 2 bathroooms, and one bedroom with no windows. It was not bad but me and my fiance wanted something a bit brighter and wider. We asked for another room, and were informed that there was nothing available that day but there would be the next day so we could change then. No problem. First thing the next morning, we were moved to 4420, which still overlooked the quiet pool but was breathtaking!! It was a one bedroom suite with 2 balconies-huge and bright, with a dining table for 6, a living room and walk in closet. It was amazing and we loved it! The cleaning staff kept our room immaculate everyday. We loved the turndown service at night as well as the newsletters they would leave on our bed each night with the next day's activities Wedding planner: Mariana Martinez. A++++++++++++++ Where do I begin? This lady is the most amazing, organized, patient and calming person in the world. Dealing with her through e-mails was great. She is super friendly and responds extremely quickly. She is detail oriented and answered all my questions completely and clearly- I never had to ask the same thing twice. She also constantly reassured me throughout the whole planning process. Mariana would send me spreadsheets with price breakdowns and all the details that I had requested and confirm everything with me. I sent her pictures of what I wanted and that is exactly what I got. I sent her a pictures of the centre pieces I wanted on each table and outside of the gazebo, as well as the bouttonniers and bouquets. On the day of the wedding, I looked at all the flowers and they were exactly like the pictures I had sent. I couldn't have asked for a more perfectly executed wedding day- she really made planning a wedding enjoyable and stress free. I wish for everyone to be as lucky as I was to work with such an amazing person ! Wedding preparation: A+ In our wedding package , it included hair and makeup but I decided to do them myself. I had hair extensions that my friend curled and I did my own makeup and was really pleased with everything. Because I didn't use the hair and makeup I was offered other spa services in it's place which was great!! I didn't need my dress steamed or pressed because it didn't wrinkle. We didn't use the grooms room- my husband and the boys got ready in his dad's room which was a huge 1 bedroom suite as well! Ceremony: A+++++++++ Our ceremony took place in the gazebo at 4:30 p.m. It was unreal! We had two huge bouquets of white and fuschia roses on each side of the gazebo and the chairs were decorated with gold chair ties- it was breathtaking. I walked out to the 3 piece band playing Canon by Paschebel. Our minister was Marco Archechiga and I highly reccommend him-he did a wonderful job! He was funny and delivered a very touching yet light symbolic ceremony. Everyone loved him Being pronounced husband and wife was the best moment ever!! Immediately after the ceremony we walked to El Patio for cocktail hour. We had time for one glass of champagne before we were whisked away for pictures. The band continued to play for the guests and they were served wonderful hor d'oevres. My guests all said they were delicious!!! We chose: guacamole and salsa with totopos, grissini with prosciutto ham, cheese with grapes and nuts, chicken fingers, mini vol au vent with seafood and chicken and cheese turnovers. I wish we could have tried some!! I can't stop looking at our pictures and video because the ceremony was truly a beautiful thing The minister came and wished us well when it was over and even gave us a nice copy of our ceremony script and our marriage certificate. We made sure to give him a nice card and extra gift. Photographer: Juan Carlos Tapia - A++++++++++++++++++ He is just the most amazing and gracious man, and so very talented. He was so calming from the second he came to my room to photograph me getting ready. I was a nervous wreck and he was so patient and reassured me that everything would be fine. He had so many fantastic ideas for stunning shots-he showed us some here and there on his camera throughout the night and WOW is all I can say. I cannot wait to see the finished product. We hardly noticed he was there most of the time, so I know the pictures will be true , emotional , and candid pictures. I love that style. We did a big group photo on the beach after the ceremony, then formals with bridal party and family and then we were off on our own throughout the resort and down on the beach. We had a lot of fun with him and he was great to work with. He truly is the best. I would say he was with us for about 6-7 hrs. It was after reading everyone else's reviews on him, that we decided to hire him and boy are we glad we did-we wouldn't have done it any other way! Reception: A+++++++++++++++++++ I loved every single minute of our reception. Ours was held on the Cascade terrace just below the infinity pool. There are two levels there. All our tables were set up on the lower level and the top level was for the DJ and for the Fire Dancers performance. We rented gold tiffany chairs and had white linens. The centrepieces on each table were tall- with different white and green flowers and willow branches-it was stunning. My husband and I had our own sweetheart table. All our guests were seated and our DJ- DJ Ricardo -who was our emcee as well introduced our families and the bridal party to the Black Eyed Peas " Tonight's gonna be a good night" It was great! We did our first dance right away as our photographer suggested because the light was so good. Our first dance was I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Then we sat down for our wonderful supper. The food that night was so so divine. Every single guest loved it and raved about the food-incl the children! Our menu was the crab cake appetizer, followed by the spinach salad, then a raspberry sorbet, then the surf and turf ( steak and lobster) and then the chocolate mousse with bailey's. Every thing was suberbe-the steak was sooooo tender and juicy and the lobster was unbelievable. The waiters that served us that night were terrific-there was one waiter per table. We made sure to tip them well for their service. We spread out our speeches all throughout the dinner so it was more interesting rather than doing them all at once. It worked out great because people were more apt to listen and pay attention. The speeches were done when the dinner was over. Around 8:00 p.m. the fire dancers arrived and performed . It was a surprise for our guests so they were all VERY impressed! We had 4 fire dancers and 3 live mucsicians perform for about 15-20 min. I highly reccommend getting them to perform. It was very memorable and guests are still talking about them! Afther the fire dancer performance, we did the cake cutting. One thing we did that we loved loved loved and all the guests adored was that we got sparklers that everyone lit and held around us as we cut the cake! It looked amazing in person and makes for the most amazing pictures, It is a very unique touch. The sparklers are HUGE too and lasted a long time. Sparklers were one of the most favorite things we did After we cut the cake, the servers served a piece to each of our guests. We chose the Tres Leches cake and it was soooooooooo good! We got to keep the top of the cake and brought it back to our rooms so we kept it in our fridge and ate a bit every night! After that it was the garter and bouquet toss and we spent the rest of the night dancing until we had to shut things down at 10:30 p.m. Just before we left there was a fire work show in the sky for us that was a gift courtesy of someone we just don't know who!!! It was so beautiful!! I don't know who organized it-some people said the dj, or the resort but I still don't know- I loved it !! What a surprise! After we finished there, we moved to Desires lounge to continue partying with those who wanted to. We just danced and danced all night! SO much fun!!! I also want to mention that Dreams does a wonderful job of blocking off the areas for private events. They even stationed a security guard by the infinity pool so no one would slide down into it! People there were very respectful of our space which was appreciated. No one came around our private function or on the beach near us. D.J Ricardo- A+++++++++++++++++ He was truly fabulous!!! We gave him a playlist a few weeks in advance. He played all our songs as well as other mixes he knew we would love and we did. He was also our Emcee and did a wonderful job with it. He made everything fun and really knew how to get the crowd going. His wife was his assistant and she was so so sweet. She even took a bunch of pictures of the party with her camera and gave them to us! By far, D.J Ricardo is the best!!! He even made sure to set up all the sound equipment for the microphones at the gazebo for our ceremony, which I honestly I had never even thought of. Thank goodness for him! Fire Dancers- Lunas de Fuego- A+++++++++++++++++ We had the four dancers and the 3 live muscicians. Phenomenal was all I can say! Everyone was mesmerized by their performance and is STILL talking about it. I highly reccommend them if you want to wow your guests. Keep it a surprise like we did! All I can say, our wedding was PERFECT in every single way!! I am so thrilled with how it turned out, and with the Dreams resort and all of their staff. It is because of this forum and all the contributions and reviews you have all shared that I was able to plan my special day. I hope I can pay it forward and help others too!!!! I highly reccommend Dreams Los Cabos for any wedding or vacation. It was paradise and I can't wait to go back there for our anniversary! I will try and post pics-I just need my husband to help me with it!