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    Congrats!!! Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of great planning information here. Use the search function. It is a life and timesaver!! Happy planning!
  2. dislike small towels! Sweet potatoe pie?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SusieQ I am doing the AHR because we have family that we dearly love that are not able to travel, I am not sure about wearing my dress again. I'll cross that bridge when i get in the AHR planning mode. Have a great day! Would you have the AHR as soon as you return? If so missy, you might need to start planning..time is ticking. I also have family and friends that won't be able to travel and thought the AHR would be a nice way for them to feel included. I must admit though this forum has really helped the planning process go much smoother!!
  4. OK the suspense is killing me, what is the name of the dress?, maybe I can do a google search and gawk at it.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by SusieQ Personal!!! You're in the February Bride Blog!! no such thing as personal!!!! We'll have all the details of your life and be telling you how to run it. lol Yeah we do a little pestering of newbies, helps with your post count. My tip for newbies is to say a quick Hi to all the Newbies. Really quickly adds up. Good luck on the dressing fitting... mine is tomorrow evening. YIKES I maybe all the way home. Sue Pester away my friend I will definitely take your advice and welcome the other newbies. Tommorow huh? I am sure you will look beautiful i
  6. Hate to break up this Monday love fest...SUNDAY YAY. February 14, 2010
  7. My MOH and bridesmaid have decided to throw me one. I am excited and now I am considering having a AHR. I say if it feels right for you do it!
  8. I am getting married on February 14, 2010. The ceremony will be on the beach at 4:00. The reception will be held on a terrace. I am a little worried that it will be chilly once the sun goes down and my guest will be uncomfortable, being exposed to the elements for up to 7 hours. I am debating moving the reception into one of the ballrooms, but I really want the experience of having the reception outside.... confused!!
  9. I am sure it is a beautiful dress according to the responses, I can't see it though. I am posting and replying my way to points so I can have a peek!! Congrats on finding it.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by shellk hi, you have no idea how much i don,t like you already (joking) i wanted to get married on 14th but i could,nt with it being a sunday.it sounds like you have most of the planning done already, well done.hope your having as much fun as me.don,t forget to take some pics to share with us when you go for your dress fitting. I didn't even take it personal, I know you love me . I am honestly having a ball. I am realizing though that the weeks are flying by. I am able to get a lot done on weekends, but yesterday I realized I have a SLEW of small things
  11. Thank you so much for that warm welcome...feels like a fuzzy blanket.
  12. I purchased my dress from Pronovias, but RK bridal has a large selection at different price points
  13. Has anyone had any luck finding a high quality nice looking titanium band? If so, please share links and/or pics please. I have only 110 days to go and I still don't have his ring
  14. Hello, I will get married on February 14, 2010 at the Dreams Resort in Cabo. I ordered my dress from Pronovias, it should be ready for my first fitting on November 14th (yay) I started going to the gym, but I still have a major addiction to honey buns (thinking of rehab programs as I type) I have my shoes (probably more pricey than they need to be ) My FI was fitted for his custom suit 2 weekends ago..should be here in 4-5 weeks. He has his eye on a few pairs of shoes, but won't commit ( I hope this is not an indication of our lives together!!) Just joking I ordered mo
  15. I definitely have a FMIL from HELL!! When she found out that we were planning our wedding, she decided to call up his ex girlfriend from 7years ago and tell her that her son was about to get married. Well by the end of their little coffee chat, the ex girlfriend decided that she still loved my fiance.....so she drafted up a pathetic love letter professing her love and left it with my FMIL. We live in NY and she lives in Atlanta.. when my fiance flew in to see her (his mother) she HAND DELIVERED THE LOVE LETTER and told him to "read it in a quiet place" WTF!!!! This woman really ruffles my feat
  16. Hello, I am getting married on Valentine's Day in Cabo Mexico. I am super excited...only 112 more days to go!! Yooray!
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