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  1. Just finished reading the last few pages! I love the baby talk we are also trying as we are not getting any younger I am 32 and my hubby is 36. I started taking ovulation tests a few weeks ago and have an app with my gynae mon week so am super excited! I am only taking it so seriously as i have had woman's health issues for the past 15 years and have been told i may run into trouble!! Good luck to all of you trying, how exciting if we are all preggers around the same time we will have to post pics of our bumps! x
  2. HI Girls, WOW i love all your photo's everyone looked gorgeous! Our phot's are done and are on our photographers blog on their website sorry i am terrible with computers and don't know how to paste the link! the website is www.faberphotography.com and then it is under the blog tab! We had such an amazing wedding and and honeymoon, I want to go back! It is winter here now and we are not enjoying the cold. Was please i got to meet up with Teira and Travis at Dreams. Teira did you ever receive your things from them? Victoria
  3. Wow it is the April 1st here in Australia! I am so excited no work today, this time in 24 hrs we will be at the airport!! All you April brides have been an amazing support so thank you all and I can't wait to see all your photo's when i get back. Good luck girls. You will all be beautiful brides. Victoria x
  4. I can't believe that came out as 1 long sentence i had it in a list lol!!
  5. What is it with feeling like rubbish. I am still feeling terrible and sound like a man i have been sleeping in the spare room because i am up coughing all night, I almost have no voice left! 2 sleeps left until i fly out, just got home from my last day at work WOO HOO! My list for tomorrow is, Pick up welcome brochure from printer's Get i-phone fixed pick up dry cleaning get mani/pedi get blow dry done get all the laundry done finish packing tidy house leave note for neighbour to collect our mail I think that is everything!!
  6. Make sure you are not voer exercising! I was only losing less than a pound a week and i was getting so frustrated i became really sick last fri and haven't worked out since, it is now thursday in Australia!! I went to the gym this a.m and had my weigh and measure no work out as till too sick! I have dropped 7 cms over all from my body and have dropped 1 kilo!! I am so happy, sometimes if we exercise too much our bodies go into starvation mode because they dont know when theya re going to get a break! I got told to take a break every third day. Good luck.
  7. Yes def that is a great idea! We arrive on the 8th, have a cocktail party at the one and only on the 9th. We could meet either on the 8th, 10th or 12th. Have you received your cost forecast from your co-ordiantor?? Quote:SUBMIT Originally Posted by Teira1031 Victoria- let's set up a time to meet for a drink while were there! I'd love to meet you and cheers to our weddings! We're there until the 13th!
  8. I am feeling very excited! I have bronchitis though and my voice has nearly gone, i sound like a man!! Hope that goes away very soon!!
  9. Thank you! I was def considering putting them in big puff ball dresses but decided they would ruin my photo's lol!
  10. Meggers I am so sorry to hear about your step dad, I am sure he will be ok for the wedding.
  11. This really sucks, the last thing you need is stress so close to your wedding. I hope it all works out and that Magdalena starts getting back to you. I must admit though David is my wedding co-ordinator and when i first started working with him over a year ago he would get back to me within a day or 2 now it takes at least a week, very painful and annoying considering my wedding is less than 2 weeks away and we leave in 3 days. I was really hoping to have the cost forecast from him before we left as once we leave i want to be on HOLIDAY and relax and not have to worry about anything!! Originally Posted by Cherazi Now I am really worried. Magdalena is much slower in responding to emails than Mariana. And she already gave me a different price for the bonfire party than what we had agreed upon with Mariana. I will give her a few more days and if things don't get better I think I will ask Tammy to talk to them. My wedding is just 1.5 months away. Why did this happen ?? Why couldn't Mariana just stay for another couple of months?
  12. Char I vote for the purple shoes they are fantastic! Lisa you have done a great job with your fans, your guests will love them.! I am so excited I have 2 days left at work (one of them is only a half day) 4 sleeps until we fly to l.a 13 sleeps till i marry the most amazing man!!
  13. Good luck and have a fantastic time. I can't wait to see your pics when i get back.
  14. I totally hear you about skinny friends and family! Growing up i was always so much skinnier than my sister's and now one of them is a size 2 and the other a size 6 and my bridesmaid looks like a super model!!!. I was slowing getting to my goal weight but have not been able to exercise for the past 4 days as i have bronchitis, such bad timing i leave in 4 days! Just went to the gym though and i have lost another pound in the last week not great but not bad considering i had my bday last weekend and i haven't exercised!! 4 pounds of my max goal weight :-(
  15. greysgirl I love the photo, you all look amazing! This time next week i will be in Vegas!!
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