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  1. Thanks for clearing up the confusion Allyson. Like I said, the fee I paid for Oceana is JUST the rental fee. Your actual wedding and reception costs would be determined by your package or wedding coordinator. I am so excited to see how your wedding goes Allyson! Like you said, it is a bit more private, you can avoid the expense of a tent/dance floor. I have only seen a handful of photos from weddings at Oceana but it looks beautiful but I have always loved the idea of hardwood floors and then of course the gorgeous ocean view. Then again I suppose every wedding I have seen at Dreams is beautiful! I suppose it is nice that there is more variety now.... Karen...your review was amazing! Considering I have the same wedding weekend as you but next year, I found it very helpful. I loved the bonfire idea....it looked so fun and those marshmallows are huuge...haha. Teresa has been amazing as well...my guests are starting to book this week since my room block deadline is approaching, and it is nerve wrecking :-/ I am glad to see your wedding and realize that it will all be worth it....I am glad you had the wedding of a lifetime :-)
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lauren so it's $2k on top of the wedding package? is that included as part of the $ you're paying dazzling details? Nope....I know it seems expensive. I originally wanted to rent a villa or something but it was way too expensive. The $2k is JUST the rental fee. This may be higher or lower now, or they may not even be renting it....I have no idea. I booked this back in January. I was reluctant to pay it as it did seem expensive, but in the end, all of the good factors weighed in!
  3. Hi all, I am having my wedding reception on May 28, 2011 in PV. I just sent out the STD's about a month ago and now I am waiting for my guests to book by the end of this week on our room block. It is so nerve wrecking!!! I am crossing my fingers and hoping the minimum on my room block comes through!!
  4. I am actually having my reception at Oceana on a Saturday night. It's around $2,000 to rent though because they close that restaurant for that evening and it is just yours for you event. I am not sure how you would book it through the hotel because I am actually using Dazzling Details as my wedding coordinator and they book everything for me. It is a great location because it has it's own beach, and if it rains you don't need to get a tent which is expensive as well! I would ask about it....I know seaside grill is rentable as well, but it was too small for us I believe and we were only expecting around 50 guests. Oceana has a lot of space for a dance floor(another thing you don't need to rent!) Good luck! and if you want to see a video on Oceana, I believe 'mishka designs' may have one posted on her facebook page....very helpful.
  5. Although I agree that you should invite as many people as possible, since you never know who ACTUALLY comes.....but there is a limit... I am actually in a situation similar to yours....our culture isn't as open to alcohol and things that may go on in an all-inclusive, but it came down to the fact that if they do come then that means they care enough not to judge... Make sure that the people you DO invite....are people you actually want there. Do not invite someone who you would be uncomfortable around.......everything should be perfect so don't invite someone who may make you upset at all.... We invited our immediate family, friends and some extended cousins and surprisingly everyone has RSVP'ed with a yes and I am VERY grateful that I didn't invite those relatives that may make me uncomfortable or judging.... Good luck with everything! p.s.- as for family drama...I have two families coming that may not get along but honestly I don't mind because they are there for me and not each other... I love them individually and your DW should be drama free with the ones you love!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by BrittanyJoy Can anyone recommend a good travel agent?! I'm stressing out a bit because my Wedding Planner said that the hotel is already booking up for next March when we are getting married. I need to get some quotes out to my guests asap!! Please help! Hey, My coordinator(dazzling details) recommended Teresa Stauring from Vacations for Less, and she has been amazing so far. Good luck! -Rus
  7. So the weather is great outside - so I am determined to go to the park and walk for an hour before going home and finishing my work. So far in clinical I have 6,000 steps on my pedometer so now I just want to get some aerobics in....and I have been eating healthy...soo small goals at a time
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal1880 Hello...Any ladies getting married at Dreams PV in 2011 booked your dates yet? My TA said it will be late April or May before I am able to reserve my date, but i was just wondering if anybody else has been able to book.. Hi Crystal! I am getting married at Dreams PV in May of 2011. I contacted both Rebecca who is the wedding coordinator at Dreams and an outside Wedding coordinator. They both responded and gave me information on how I could book the date. I have my date reserved already! As for booking packages/flights, I think we have to wait until at least May, but I am still trying to figure those things out! Hopefully we can help each other out...... P.s.- I am using Kristin from Dazzling Details as my wedding coordinator - after I calculated all the prices from Rebecca's list for Dreams, I realized that I didn't save that much money and decided to go with a private WC and Kristin is amazing!!! You can find a lot of information on Dazzling Details and Dreams PV here so just search through the forums....Ask me if you need anything =)
  9. @Taylorwd.......that is amazing!!! you are a real inspiration to me I have exams right now so things are tough and I don't come on here as much but I am trying to eat and drink healthy so the race continues.....
  10. March 2010 April 2010 *Bethany68 (Beth) ~ April 17, 2010 Staying ? May 2010 *Future Mrs. Griffith (Jessica) ~ May 14, 2010 Staying 5/11-5/21 *KarenM – May 29, 2010 Staying 5/24-6/2 June 2010 July 2010 August 2010 September 2010 October 2010 November 2010 *AprilMay (April) ~ November 16,2010 Staying - Nov. 6-20? *racer320 (Merv & Joy) ~ November 26, 2010 Staying December 2010 *marcia18stein - Dec 21, 2010 ~2011~ January 2011 *January2011bride February 2011 March 2011 April 2011 May 2011 *Rus - May 28th, 2011
  11. Hi all, I am booked with Kristin for May 28th, 2010!! She has been amazing so far so I am very very happy about our choice! -Rustha
  12. Hey PV brides, I am trying to book a photographer for a my wedding reception at Dreams PV on May 28th.....anyone willing to share for that weekend? Maybe we can split travel costs or work something out....The photographer I have in mind is amazing!! PM me if you are interested
  13. Hi guys, Haven't been as good as I should be! I am slightly back on track though and trying my best not to be brought down by school or being tired when I get home.....today's goal: Get on that hateful elliptical machine and drink more water! -Rus
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by CJHANNAN2011 I am in the same situation. I am a nursing student full time plus clinical rotations and daily exams, I am under so much stress and eating out of vending machines and living on coffee and soda! I am getting married in April 2011, I want to lose 30 pounds before then but I have no gym membership and no time to exercise. I don't know how i'm going to do this. But would love if we could help each other! I feel your pain!!!! Try the pedometer idea....beacuse I wear it at clinicals and when I walk to classes...... I also wake up earlier and pack my lunches and yogurt or granola bar...and lots of water!!!! I always freak out when I have exams though so my new year's resolution has been helping me avoid stress eating because it is a bet I have going with my fiance......If I can be healthy until the end of this year then he owes me something that I have wanted....so it has definitely helped!!! Good luck with school and excercising....I graduate this May...how about you?!? (worried about the Nclex, applying for jobs and then paying for my wedding too......stress sucks!! lol) -Rus
  15. Wow there have been so many responses already...this is great!! I love this forum Okay so we are all in a similar boat....need to lose weight for a wedding especially before we look for our bridal dresses!!! I keep starting then get stressed out or tired of being healthy and then break my diet....so from now on, I am going to log onto this forum and read this responses so that hopefully I can get motivated again!! Here are the tips that I have been following so far: 1.) I am in nursing school so i have a tight schedule/income soo I have bought a pedometer..... about 30 dollars... and I wear it every day while at work/school/at home It is on sale at costco and amazon right now... GOsmart™ Pocket Pedometer (HJ-720ITC) I am trying to work up to taking at least 10,000 steps a day, and when I can I walk outside up a hill or go to the park....(like today, I am going with one of my girlfriends to the park then treating ourselves to healthy sushi :-D) 2.) I make sure that I always have breakfast (either total cereal/or whole grain oatmeal with green tea) 3.)lunch and dinner is harder cuz i am rarely home but I have made a new year's resolution to eat no fast food(mcdonalds burger kind), and NO cake/cookies or any baked sweet goods!!!! This has been insanely hard but I am actually not turning to junk food when I am stressed out anymore.....which is amazing because nursing school has added 30 lbs on me!!!!! I go absolutely crazy when I have a craving tho so I let myself have two mini butterfingers or a kitkat.........which isn't good but better than gorging on donuts or cookies or something! 4.) The MAJOR thing that I have heard makes a drastic difference....is drinking at least ten glasses of water. So everywhere I go, I am trying to bring a bottle of water.....or I drink green tea.....and have given up iced tea/soda/coffee. Sometimes I have orange juice but I try not to drink that too much. 5.) I am Sri Lankan...so we eat a lot of rice...so I switched to brown rice(only a half cup/once a day) ......and brown bread....NO white carbs!! That is all I can think of for now..........I have taken a lot of nutrition courses so I know a lot about eating healthy if anyone needs help with that. Portion sizes are important....one serving is no bigger than the palm of your hand! Switch to olive oil and eat what you like without going overboard. I am not a fan of those crazy diets because a lot of people end up regaining.....so I am just trying to eat healthy(which saves money because you pack lunch at home and not waste it on outdoor restaurants!) My main problem is exercise...I hate it with a passion!! haha.......so I am doing the pedometer and trying hard to get better at doing as many steps as I can, and I am going to try and do at least 45 min on my elliptical a day....and try out a hot steam yoga class that is nearby.... Hope that this info helps anyone......excited to hear what you guys have been trying.....and I think that we should try posting every day when we dont feel motivated..... and every week we can post how much we lost/gained for some support!! (Research has shown that weighing yourself daily is not good....so try weighing yourself weekly at the same time on the same day, in the morning before eating or drinking anything!!) Good luck ladies...............and I know we can do it!!!!
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