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  1. We ordered two suits from the site, one for my husband and one for my father. They caem out great! Needed to have my husbands hemmed a little, but that was it.
  2. IrishgirlinNY

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    Wow! We wouldn't have paid that much for the aisle runner! If you can bring one with you, that would be the way to go. $190 is crazy!
  3. IrishgirlinNY

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    We had an aisle runner and we got married on the beach. If I remember correctly it was about $40 or $50.
  4. IrishgirlinNY

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    When you emailed Keisha what did she say to you? I emailed her probably a week and a half ago and she said she still hadn't received it. I was thinking of emailing her in September if we still didn't receive it. I don't want to be annoying, but I need it to add my husband to my health coverage.
  5. IrishgirlinNY

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    Wish I knew you could expedite the marriage certificate. We got married on May 28 and are still waiting! Hoping we get it soon.I would recommend it to anyone getting married there going forward.
  6. IrishgirlinNY

    Transporting glass vases

    We had a set of three glass cylinders that we filled with sand, floating candles, rose petals and water for each centerpiece along with our sand ceremony set and our shotglass favors and we carried them all on with us. It was a lot and took up all our carryon bags, but I knew it was safe and didn't have to worry whether it was broken or not. We left the centerpieces there and just brought back the sand ceremony and again put that in our carryon.
  7. IrishgirlinNY

    Recent ROR bride!! Any questions?????

    Thanks so much for answering all the questions and your advice! Hopefully we can request a DJ since you were so happy with yours! I have a bunch of music that we would like played, along with our dances. It's funny you say that about the vegetarians...I am one and the only one of 30 going down. Good to know there is a pasta option. Thanks again for all your help!
  8. IrishgirlinNY

    Recent ROR bride!! Any questions?????

    Hi frizzy64! Congratulations on your wedding! We are getting married at ROR on May 28th. We, as well, are having the dj. Did he play music you brought, his own or combined them? We have music of our own we want to bring and I was wondering how well it all went over. Is there any advice or information that you have that you didn't know before that you think we should know? Thanks for all your input! Shannon
  9. IrishgirlinNY

    The Dress

    That dress is beautiful! My dress is ivory and I bought the brown sash from Davids Bridal. It looks so nice...I am so happy with it. We are atually doing the opposite of you. The bridesmaids are wearing brown and the guys are wearing ocean blue. Good luck with your decision.
  10. IrishgirlinNY


    Congratulations and good luck with all your planning!
  11. IrishgirlinNY

    Father/Daughter dance songs

    I will be dancing with my dad to "Daughter of Mine" by John McDermott. It is a beautiful song that he wrote for his own daughter when she got married. My father had it picked out years ago!
  12. This site is amazing! We have been looking all over for linen suits and they are a fortune! Thank you for this post!
  13. IrishgirlinNY

    Honoring those that have passed away

    My mother passed away Aug 30, 2009. I want to do everything I can to honor her at our wedding and my fiance just didn't want to have it depressing. It is very hard to get married without your mom or someone that was so special to you there and here are some things I am doing to have her there. ~ MyJeanM.com- Great site with some items to honor someone at the ceremony. I bought the petite memorial vase with her name engraved with the floating candle. Our centerpieces are floating candles, so this will be at the head of our table. The site also has a memorial frame for your bouquet. They are both beautiful items in person. ~ I am also reserving the chair next to my dad and putting the flowers that she would have worn on the chair. ~ I am walking down the aisle to my parents wedding song, they would have been married 36 years this past December ~ I am wearing her wedding dress There are so many ways, it just has to be fitting to you and your fiance
  14. Hi everyone, I was wondering what everyones opinions were on this topic. My mom passed away last year. My dad is probably helping us with about 50% of the wedding. My fiance's mom is (we are guessing) going to give us a gift. Now, if my dad gives us his gift early and we put it towards the wedding, I mentioned to my fiance about wording the invitation as him announcing the marriage of his daughter... on the invite. He is saying what about his mom. She will be mad to see my dad on it and not her. What if she doesn't give us a gift until after or at the wedding? At that point is it a gift and not a contribution to the wedding? My dad is probably giving it to us prior. I don't know what is right? I feel if he is helping greatly (which I didn't expect) than he should be acknowledged on the invite. What do you all think? His mom likes to have any issue cause an arguement and I can see this being one, but I want to make sure I feel right on this one. Thanks! Shannon
  15. IrishgirlinNY

    Cancun Palace

    Hi Katie Congratulations and good luck with all your planning.