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  1. I just got married at Beaches/Sandals. DO NOT let anyone pressure you into pre-paying for a photography package. The Photographer still needs to take a required amount of shots regardless. The packages are still available for purchase. They did not "change" any rules, the WC for the company is very pushy and I am positive she gets a bonus if she gets a photo package pre-paid.
  2. Just want to throw a hint out there... I made centerpieces for my AHR with hurricane vases, shells, candles, and sand. I bought a big bag of sand from toys r us (clean, pre-filtered sandbox sand) and bought a big container of clear irridescent glitter from Michaels. I mixed the glitter in the sand and it looked beautiful with the candle light. You can buy tiny little bags of decorative sand at craft shops but if you need a lot, it gets expensive.
  3. Hi, I was married last month in Beaches Boscobel and snuck in my own local photographer. I had to pay for a day pass for her and the pp reception ($25) fee. I am glad I did it even though it caused a ton of stress beforehand. We let the resort photog to do their thing, and did buy a few of their pics. They were not great and have orange overtones, but they were from different angles from where my photog was shooting. The whole staff knew what was going on but they were not going to upset a bride in her wedding dress. As long as you claim the photog is a friend and are respectful to the reso
  4. I was just there, I wish we had done the same thing (look for private cabs). I don't know of any, but I do know they have resort-affiliated buses/vans just waiting for folks like us, who charge $30.00 round trip when you are only literally going down the road a couple miles. Avoid them at all costs.
  5. Just wondering, if his relationship is so great with his mom, then why does she feel she cantrash his fiance's parents? She sounds evil, I would just try to avoid her at all costs.
  6. We loved Beaches in Boscobel so much, we want to try Beaches T&C in about 2 years. The photos are absolutely stunning! I'm sure all you brides will get gorgeous photos with all that scenery! Does anyone know which airport you have to fly into for Beaches T&C? Or how far it is from the resort? I can't find any of that info on the Beaches sites. Thanks, and hope everyone has a blast!!
  7. 2nd that on Diana Campbell, you get 2 photogs for a very reasonable price and she is AMAZING!!! Great photography is a very important part of your wedding. Please don't rely on family or friends to do it...get a professional!!!
  8. Oh No no no, you have to put your foot down about this. This is totally unacceptable, your AHR is to celebrate your wedding with relatives who couldn't be there. It should be a happy day. If there is a room full of memoribilia from your grandfather, it will create a somber affect. This has to be a HAPPY time for you. Just tell her it will make people uncomfortable and should be done the next day. Best wishes to you and your family!
  9. Ahh, well been there, done that, and all I can say is, do what benefits YOU. We picked a hotel based on accommodating our guest list (lots of little kids) and school schedules. After all that, the kids never did come since the parents decided they couldn't afford it. We still had a blast, but I wonder if we could have picked a cheaper or more romantic place had we not worried about who was supposed to come.
  10. Great article! I also don't understand the big deal about cruises, I don't care how cheap they are.
  11. Oh, I see. Is switching destinations out of the question? Or maybe dates?
  12. I was debating on doing a TTD. After my wedding, I decided that I spent too much money and time picking the perfect dress, then the fittings, alterations, ect....starving myself for a few days before to make sure nothing would bust open, lol. I have a lot of respect for my dress, it has held up through all that traveling and sweat. So I just couldn't bear to jump into an ocean or roll around in the sand while wearing it. Just another view on things, maybe that would make you feel better if FI doesn't budge.
  13. Any offers? I hate to get rid of it but it's just taking up space in my closet!
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