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  1. We worked with Paula and Damian from Sungold when we were married in Montego Bay on June 6th. They were AMAZING!! They captured the essence of the day and I couldn't be happier with the images they sent (all 915 of them)! They are a husband and wife team that truly understand the importance of documenting every moment of your day. They were so fun and made us feel comfortable instantly like we'd know them for years. They just posted our slideshow on their blog and I had to share! SunGold Photography Blog | Captivating Your Mind with Timeless Images
  2. We were married at the Coyaba on June 6th and it was amazing. We had 55 guests and it felt like the resort belonged to us. The resort as a whole was pefect for us and they have a wonderful team. If you have any questions please let me know. Our awesome photographers, Sungold, just posted our slideshow on their blog, check it out! SunGold Photography Blog | Captivating Your Mind with Timeless Images
  3. Sorry the pictures are so large I'm not sure how to fix that.... But, here are a few more! I have more if you would like to see something in particular. Also a good tip- I put "Photoshare" cards in everyone's room with log in info for a Snapfish account and people uploaded their pictures. We have about 500 non pro pictures from it!
  4. Hi Ladies!! I'm back, married and in LOVE with the Coyaba. Everything was beyond perfect- the resort, the weather, the food, EVERYTHING!! The whole week went by so quickly. Some of our family can be very critical and we heard NO rumblings about anything the whole time. Alex, Gabi and the whole crew- Mr. Green, Gladstone, FitzRoy, Barrington- everyone was fantastic. They even remembered my Mom and I from visiting the year before going as far as remembering where we sat at breakfast. I feel like they were guests along with us since they were at every event. What I would do again: The Rehearsal Dinner on the beach- they set up tables in the sand and had a buffet table set up down in front of the wedding lawn. The setting was beautiful and the food was perfect! Bon Fire: After the Rehearsal Dinner we moved slightly down the beach (if you've been there you know it isn't very large) and they set up a bon fire with a station for Jamaican smores. It was very cool and the guests loved it! Welcome Cocktail Hour- great way to saw hello to everyone on the first night. The food again was amazing. We even had a cake brought out for my grandfathers 70th birthday and they made that special as well. Tent- we had 55 guests and would have been out of luck if it had rained so we went with the safety of the tent. It was BEAUTIFUL. It didn't even look like a tent from the inside. Luckily it didn't rain but it was still great to have. Chokey Taylor- get this band if you can! They were so fun and so good! And, if you are "dragging" a big group to Jamaica you have to give them a great reggae band! Sungold- Paula and Damien are amazing. I haven't seen our pictures yet- but if you've met these two they just ooze sugar, they are too sweet and good at what they do! Roxroy Gough- If you are looking for a videographer Roxroy was great. Again, we haven't seen the video but he was great and was recommended by Paula and Damien so they worked well together. He even came back for the TTD Shoot we did the next day! Little things I'd do again: OOT Bags- I put everything in plastic ziplock bags and stapled the guests names to them so all the Coyaba had to do was dump the ziplock into the OOT Bag and add tissue paper. I already had the gift tag attached with ribbon and the names written neatly on the bags and it really worked out. Table # Cards with our baby pictures: I put a pic of him and I on each table (the front and back of the card) with the table #s and people loved them and it gave them an excuse to get up and walk around to the other tables. Fresh Pineapple Centerpieces- Joanne was worried because the pineapples in Jamaica are not injected with steroids so they aren't as nice and large as the ones in the states but they were perfect size and looked really nice. I had them attach ribbons to them and they were really cute and a lot cheaper then flowers. Maida- Congrats and welcome back! I'm so sorry to hear you had rain! Your dress is beautiful on you!! If anyone has any questions feel free to email me! vanessa dot capece at gmail.com Here are my pics- may take 2 posts.
  5. Yay Maida!! Your planning bio is amazing! I know you are going to have a fabulous day I'm getting married June 6th so I'll be there the same time you will daifje!!! My name is Vanessa, please find me!! We have a group of 55 going so it shouldn't be too hard!
  6. Congrats on setting your date at the Coyaba!! This time last year we had just gone done for a site visit. You will not be disappointed! Everyone is so wonderful and the resort is the perfect size. Our day is not even a month away and I'm totally calm and not worried bc I know Joanne and the rest of the gang will make everything perfect. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! The girls on this board have been very helpful as well!
  7. Myda, I am using Sungold but my package info. is at home. I will try to post the length we contracted them for when I get home AJander, I have a few questions for you if you don't mind! We are thinking of going with the band. Can you tell me some of the music they played? Did they play all Jamaican music? Were you able to see a playlist or make suggestions? Also, how many silk petals did you buy for the aisle? TIA
  8. The biggest CONGRATS to you and your new husband!! Your post meant so much to my FI and I, we reread it many many times! Our group traveling in June is the same size as yours and we are doing a lot of what you did. Thanks to you I'm set on the tent, which I wasn't sure about. We were also glad to see that you had a good response to Sungold since we are also using them! I met Paula and Damien in May and instantly liked them. I'm glad everything worked out for you and thanks again for sharing!
  9. Hi Dana! I know your post was old but I just reread it and had a question about Sandals. Which property did you visit that you didn't like? We just booked our HM at Sandals Whitehouse after our Coyaba Wedding and I wanted to make sure that wasn't it!! Kristin your pictures are great! I think they call the East Lawn the Wedding Lawn. The only other lawn is actually Joanne and Kevin's backyard (they live next door) and they use that to set up the tent if you have to rent one.
  10. This is my pineapple inspiration. I'm using pineapples in my theme so it works perfectly. Joanne said if I sent her a picture it shouldn't be a problem to create!
  11. Thanks for the Welcome and the flower information! I'm also nixing the flower centerpieces. I'm going to use fresh pineapples and candles to keep costs down.
  12. I would LOVE the florists website- can you email it to me or post it here? My email is vanessa dot valeriano at gmail.com Thanks!!
  13. Oh my I am so happy I found you girls!!! I am getting married at Coyaba on June 6, 2009. We had a site visit over Memorial Day and it was wonderful! I'm also using Sungold and had the chance to meet Paula and Damien and they are equally wonderful! I'm not sure who posted the knottie video of Jess and Johnny but I found her knot profile when I started planning and once we chose Jamaica it was her profile that pushed us towards the Coyaba. Please keep me in mind if you have questions!! Quick intro: My name is Vanessa, I live in Charlotte NC I have a ton of pictures and video that I took at the Coyaba also. If you are interested in seeing it please email me. vanessa dot valeriano at gmail.com
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