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  1. Im biased since im already married for 2 weeks..but majestic elegance should be a 3rd and major contender...everyone had such a blast and was soooooooo in love with the place it was worth everything..they did an insane insane job
  2. I can tell you from my experience having just got back and had a week full of rain, fri bbq we had planned with firedancers squashed, sat ceremony in the gazebo squashed, sun bruch on a patio squashed..so we were all about plan b's..BUT?..your going to be sooo happy and on such a high i promise you that it wont matter and every hotel has alternate arrangements and i promise if it rains you'll be fine and manage to have the best time even through the storm..everything works out in the end and makes for an even more exciting and funny adventure..and im not one of those girls that is a girly girl..so for some theyd say who cares and in my head id be like whats wrong with you, you have to care..but in reality and having been through it..youll have a blast no matter what rain or shine
  3. Ok I just went through this all..my suggestion to you guys? Call the hotel direct and ask someone else because I just got married there and if you are waiting for sandra to get back to you you'll be waiting forever!
  4. Ok so i was soo excited everything was going perfect then I got a call that my dress is ready for my first fitting and i started freaking out! Like insanely freaking out thats its so close and gonna be so official..just want to know if anyone else has gone through this or im just psychotic? lol Thanks
  5. Hi Kenya OMG do I know how you feel..people are selfish, and I hate to say it and I hope it wont happen to you but I had the same experience, down to people telling me why i chose DR instead of somewhere else. The reason i chose DR is because people told me that they had the best all inclusive that would be cheapest for people to go (that was before everyone got scared of mexico) and like you my dad passed away and through all that I was in 9 weddings NINE 3 ,maid of honors and 6 bridesmaids wearing the nastiest dresses you can ever imagine but they were my friends and if they asked me to wear a garbage bag id do that too because it was making them happy. ask me how many of them are coming? whos saying its too expensive, to far to this to that..and i was crushed in the beginning, now i just distanced myself from all of them. because i understand its far and its expensive and i dont expect everyone to come because people have families and responsiblities..but when im not telling u how dare u spend 1k on a pair of shoes, dont dare tell me why did i chose this place. not to mention the fact that before ppl were doing destination weddings that was the dream of my life even as a kid i always said i just want a sick dress, beach and flipflops lol. but i do expect people to be genuinely happy for you as you were for them and the truth is they just arent sad to say. and some people may have been fortunate finding amazing people around them but not all of us have been that lucky. having a wedding in NY is insanely expensive but besides that ur sayin thats what u wanted...tell everyone to go f themselves or even better just ignore them, thats what i do now and i find that its so much easier..less drama, less BS. if you need to vent to someone that fully understands you im here
  6. Oh good ye I dont want them thick just perfect for an evening. Also I wonder how long it takes to ship were getting married soon and i a little slow on this planning business lol
  7. No but you know how you have to go through scanners, I dont want them to A) get suspicious, or ruin the film
  8. Wow everyone seems so happy with this I may order this for the bag too...whats the website? ad the quality was good? are they very thick?
  9. hi guys! very dumb question but i wanted to get disposable cameras for the oot bags, but i was curious if they are ok to fly or im going to have a problem with them, both with security and all the other stuff
  10. OMG i got the cutest ones from vista print..and u can insert any type of pic you want quality was great and they were cheap!
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