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  1. hi ladies, timberly im here.sorry i cant justify spending hours on here anymore he thought i was weird before lol. sabrina,warm congratulations go out to you i hope everything goes well. susie,hope your ok i really enjoyed our facebook chat.next time we need to have a glass of wine each then it will feel like your really with me sat having a drink lol.we normally have all family around for dinner at easter but i have dodged it this year. family had grown since last year lol.its jons first day off for a while today so we gonna do some chilling.hope you have fun. hope everyo
  2. hi ladies, loving all of your new pics. katie congratulations mrs your pic looks great.hope you had a great time.i wish you every happiness for the future. samira your dress looks beautiful. nic please do not worry about the blood tests.the doc comes to your room and you and your fi will have them taken together and at the same time.its just one blood test each it takes two minutes. happy easter xx
  3. hi ladies, just checking in.glad to hear you are all well except for the few minor things getting in the way lol. susie,all im gonna say girl is make sure you buy somewhere big enough to put us all up when we get together. timberley,i also totally understand the family thing we were exactly the same if it was,nt for my best friend making sure we had the best time ever i dont know how i would have felt.she is the best. i do miss you guys but im working really hard at the mo i come home eat then sleep.when the newness of the married thing wears off i will take laptop to bed
  4. hi ladies, just checking on you. katie,im so sorry i missed you i think you leff today?hope you have a great time.i understand your worry about the restaraunt and ael but please dont worry you will be able to sort it out with her during your meeting.it will all work out. sammysgirl+ladytrunk,dont worry you have soo little to lose you can do i know you can.when it gets nearer you will lose it to stress lol. chloe,congratulations it sounds like you had a fab time. its nice to see all of the old brides to be and the newbies are still helping each other out. have f
  5. hi ladies, sorry i have been mia but its still a little mad around here but we had a great time at our ahr.and im trying to make the most of my husband lol. if you need me to answer anything you can email me jshell@ntlworld.com and i will do my best to help.i check my emails most days. regarding the price lists my understanding is what ever year you booked your wedding that is the price list that is applicable to you? katie,bet you cant believe its nearly here i told you it would fly by lol.enjoy every minute of it from now till you come home.cant belive you have 75 pl goi
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicyx Hey lovely ladies, a quick question to all you who have been lucky enough to get wed at this resort already and be a Mrs :-) This is an AI resort right? Ok so i have read if you want an open bar in the resturant you have your reception at you have to pay $9 per head so they dont just serve house beer and house wine, is this right? (not that were bothered but guests might be) so just looking at all angles...... Also on any other "normal" day cocktails, Vodka's, Bacardi etc are part of the AI package? so why charge at your reception? x yeh they
  7. hi ladies, its just took me a couple of hours to read through all of your posts hope this lets me off the hook for being missing in action and proves how much i love you. i think its great that even now our weddings are over we are all still feeling and doing the same lol. susie,just wanted to say your rant got a smile on my face i missed those lol. i felt the post wedding blues towards the end of last week but now i just keep thinking to myself oh well our wedding is over with but now i get to spend the rest of my life with my husband.come on ladies make the most of it wh
  8. hi ladies, it the stranger.been to caterers(best friends) to pick up all of the food tomorrow.what a friend hey! brooke,so glad your back have been checking your facebook/photos it looks like you had a great time. susie,thats one of the reasons i settled for my jon lol only kidding.hope you have a good time tonight.we are doing our best to live in the moment still as well. chris,great photos your bm,s look great. well takeaway on its way we,ve had a couple of beers to start the celebrations ready for tomorrow then a bubble/candlelit bath for 2 for pudding followed by
  9. I hope you have the best day of your life so far as there will be many more to come. you,ve been a great support to me and im sure to many others.your a special person. p.s i dont want to hear about all the sunshine you have lol. xxxxxx
  10. hi ladies, sorry i am bit slow lately trying to sort things out for ahr saturday after that you will have my full attention again.we are getting back into swing of things tho but i still cant stop sleeping lol. you baby gals crack me up your not hanging around are you.do your husbands know lol. susie,you give such good advise xx.sounds like you had a great night in to me?lol. brooke,it feels like youve been gone ages?have loads of fun you look really happy in your photos they,re great.hope you have a fun ttd session.sleeping next to your husband,its good is,nt it? kr
  11. hi ladies, its great to see all of the new ladies on here.congrats get booked you wont regret it. dana,thanks thats my favourite pic. ladytrunk,you dog looks so cut i just cant believe its possible for a dog to breaks its paw lol. sorry i havent done my review yet things are still crazy around here but after our ahr saturday im sure things will calm down.i will do it promise.i want to do it for you whilst everything is fresh in my mind. katie,you must be getting excited now?
  12. alexis,i was exactly the same and reality didnt get me until the night before.you will have a fab time say hi to lester the waiter in the sports bar for me.hope your hubby to be feels better quickly. jrb,i dont know anything about palace americas but jen is right the location for rprm is great that was one of the best things about it.you can go out of resort into town and shops and its close to most of the day trip places.
  13. welcome back chris and huge congrats on becoming a mrs.i know exactly how you feel i was the same when we first came back but it does get easier when the reality of work and food shopping kicks in lol. i havent watch our dvd again yet cause everytime i do i cry lol.were aloud too.
  14. can you believe your day is here?just remember to take it all in and have lots of fun.congratulations.
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