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  1. Tricia, I am so sorry for your loss and I completely understand you dealing with the loss in your own way and in private. It is good that you are letting your body heal before you try again. I know it was so nice to have your hubby helping you get through your grieving process. I hope you are feeling much better emotionally and physically. Alison, I had the flushing done after I suffered my first loss. The liquid must have made a way for my eggs because I got preggers immediately afterwards. Sending you positive vibes!! What a great idea to start the FB page, I just have to follow
  2. Just breezing by to say hello!! Miss you girls. Tricia... I know that letter thing was something wasn't it. I felt guilty for 2.2 seconds . It's the norm in NYC it has happened to me so I guess I was paying it forward...So bad I know. I am a good person I promise lol. How are you and how is the practice coming along. Â Well Dreams ended up screwing me over. Remember they tried to still charge me for the two nights that I DIDN'T stay at the resort? For a little while I had both rooms credited back to my card, well someone changed the dates that I checked in and out of their hotel and we go
  3. Everything looked amazing! So well thought out. I know your guests were excited to get such great bags! Congrats on being a Mrs.!
  4. Loved you planning thread Krista!! You made such a beautiful bride! Me and the fellow February brides were SO happy to go along on your special journey. Congrats on being a Mrs.
  5. Sheree!! Everything looks amazing! You did a great job girlie!! SO happy for you and your hubby. COngrats on being a Mrs. Sending cyber hugs for you.
  6. Thanks so much for the great compliments ladies, it was stressful at times, but preparing really calmed my nerves and who doesn't like to shop for deals? I am not sure if it is "tradition" to give a gift. We brought a house together, had a child and THEN got married, so tradition has been out of the window for some time lol, but I really wanted to give him a gift that I know he would love because he is such a great provider and friend. A lot of brides give gifts to the soon-to-be's, if it is in your budget and something you want to do, I say go for it!
  7. Hi lovlies, I forgot my password I was locked out.. go figure! Me: in if yall are Krista (July) Krista (Feb) Brooke Chris Erica Shell Sabrina Susie Tricia Timberly---Yes first week in October is fine with me!! Teshy Krista, you made a BEAUTIFUL bride, congrats!! Susie, oh my goodness! That girl.... you are truly a saint for not flipping a wig already! Brooke, congrats on having a boy!!!! Chris sent a friend over to "investigate" while I sat in a restaurant eating alone. He was at a corner table eating with 3 male friends. I
  8. Everything looks amazing Angela! Enjoy Dreams and tell the wonderful staff I said I miss them!!
  9. Hi ladies!! WOW, there were so many posts to read through. I missed you all and I am happy to see that you are all doing well. @ Brooke I believe I told you via text, but i am so sorry to hear about Justin's grandfather. I hope he is doing ok now. @ Chris, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you and hubby are over the moon. It's your turn!!! @ Erica, keeping fingers and toes crossed for you @ Ali yes the hand finally went down. It was so sore for many days afterwards though @Teshy great news!! and congrats, @ Susie... miss you and so happy that your AHR went so w
  10. Everything looks amazing. Your wedding will be beautiful.
  11. COngrats and welcome to the forum! I was a Cabo bride and I LOVED every moment of my time there.
  12. One word....WOW! You did an amazing job! You are going to be such a beautiful bride! Which seller did you use for the flowergirl bags? I must get my daughter one lol. I can't wait to see all of your beautiful pics when you get back.
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