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  1. Cindx! Everything looks so great!!! I can't believe it's already your time! you will have such a fabulous wedding and you'll be so gorg!!! I love love your bridesmaid dresses and jewellery and luggage tages and of course your bouquet/flower selection And your ring is amazing!!! I love all of it!!! Congrats girl!
  2. Hi ladies, what do you think of the idea of having a picture for your favour? I thought it seemed kinda bland, but then I thought, I could tie a ribbon around each one, and glue a seashell or starfish on the ribbon. We were thinking of choosing a few of our favourite wedding pics and getting them printed and doing that. That way for couples, if each person gets a pic they would get two different ones - not duplicates. What do you think?
  3. Hey V - what email address have you sent the mail to? When I was there in the beginning of July, I saw her walking around, so I know she still works there. This is the email address I was sending to in my correspondence with her: infoweddings.dretu@dreamsresorts.com
  4. Congrats Ange - we are thinking of you today and can't wait to see pics of your beautifulness!!
  5. My nominations: Mrs: **Kat** B2B: SheriB
  6. Hi AtteGirl, I got my TTD at a Sears clearance center. I don't know if you have that where you live. We have Sears in Canada, and the clearance centers are where they send all the stuff that people return that is damaged, etc. I found the dress, and according to the tag, it was "dirty" on the bottom, but I found nothing wrong with it, especially since it was going to be a TTD. Best part is, it was originally $100 in their catalogue, on sale for $30 because of the "dirty" bottom, and then I was shopping for it on a half off day, so I paid about $17 total after taxes. I was so pumped! Def
  7. Hi Ashley, I tried to search on ebay, and you're right, they don't appear to be there anymore, but I found this link on amazon. I Do Rhinestone Shoe Stickers: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home Try just searching on google and you might find some other sites where they sell them. They are quite popular, so you should be able to find them
  8. LADIESS!!!! I Have pics!!!! WHOOOTT!!! These are the 21 sneek peeks she sent me!
  9. Ang- everything looks so great!!! you are going to be so beautiful! I love your dress!
  10. Hi ladies!!! I'm back!! It was an absolutely amazing day!!! I just keep closing my eyes and remembering the feeling when I walked outside and towards the gazebo and I saw everyone standing there waiting for me, with the blue of the ocean and Sean was looking at me, tears in his eyes - it was AWESOME! It was really funny though cause i got up there and poor guy was dripping sweat! LOL! I don't have many pics yet, just a few that Sean managed to snap of me before we headed out for the party, my guests took a bunch, but nobody has posted them to our photobucket account yet. I hope they p
  11. Hi ladies!!! I just got back from our trip and wedding at Dreams Tulum and all I can say is it was absolutely AWESOME!!! I will be writing my review soon, and it will be a little different, since we only had 13 guests, went with the free package, and did our own dinner/entertainment arrangements. I will say this though, definitely double check your contract!!! I double checked the contract, and she had written down the sound system as $625, not $150. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Once I pointed that out, she changed it right away and fixed it.
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