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  1. Here is the link to all of our wedding pictures!! There is pictures on there from the entire week too...so you could probaly sit here all day looking at them! But all 80 of the proff pictures are on here! http://scottandnicolewedding1222010.shutterfly.com/
  2. i was nervous about the spa too because i had hair extensions, but they put them in perfectly and she didn't even use all the extensions i brought with me. the wedding night was interesting with my "husband" trying to get those extensions out though!! we had a good laugh!
  3. Yes I got my flowers through the resort also. they were awsome. michele met the groomsmen and put their boutineers on them...and delivered our flowers to my room when we were getting ready.
  4. We just got back from our wedding. My wedding cordinator actually wrapped the sand ceremony up with bubble wrap and packaging tape. (my sand ceremony also came with a cork) and we put it in our carry on. When we went through customs in mexico, they did make us unwrap it to see what it was. After they looked at it the used duct tape and put it back together and told us we are all set.
  5. We are back from our GORGEOUS wedding!! Everything was sooo perfect (except the first flight being cancelled). I told my hubby at one point, I need to tell the girls on that website the stress alllll year is not necessary!! I was so worried and stressed for a year, we met with Michele the day before the wedding for a half hour and she totally had everything set the exact way we wanted it! I would have not done one thing different. SPAzul was AWSOME!! My hair and make up was perfect. I know the stereotypical thing to say is that you feel the prettiest on your wedding day. But I must admit whether it sounds tacky or not, I truely felt the prettiest on my wedding day then I have ever felt in my life. And I believe I will never, ever, feel as beautiful as I did on our wedding day. Thank you to the lovely ladies at SPAzul. The photographer from the resort was awsome! He brought us all around the resort and did tons of pictures. They called me the day after the wedding, with the website to see the pictures and select the amount I purchased with my package. I emailed them Friday night with my picture selection. The album was at the front desk waiting for me Sunday at 5! The photographer made me feel awsome, he just kept saying "Wow Nicole you are beautiful, you make my job so easy, you are such a natural!" lol now I know they say that to everyone, but it worked and made me feel so great! We did a semi private reception at Albatros. The food was AMAZING! It was the best meal I ate all week. We had a garden salad, and a beef tourpedo...it was basically 2 small filet mignons. They were good better than I've ever had! The service was awsome, and the cake looked and tasted great. We missed the cocktail hour doing pictures, but just about every guest made a point to tell me how great the food was. When we met with Michele the night before she asked if there was specific food selections we wanted or if there was any allergies. I asked how many we could choose, and she said they would send all hot and all cold on the menu, unless I want different. So of course I told her to send them all, if someone doesn't like somthing they don't have to eat it! Michele was great. The day after the wedding I went down to pick up my stuff and she was there. Another lady talked to me and gave me the items. Michele had all of my extra stuff all set up in a bag behind her desk for me. She wrapped my sand ceremony up with bubble wrap and packaging tape. I didnt open it until we got home and all of the sand stayed put. (Although, customs in Mexico made us open it up to show them what it was) But the TSA person felt bad when he realized what it was and taped it all back together for us. We saw about 5 or 6 weddings going on within the 7 days we were there. The resort was gorgeous and all of our guests had an awsome time. Nobody wanted to leave!! Weather was awsome, it rained one day for about 10 minutes, but it was still sunny out anyways!
  6. Well we were supposed to leave this AM for Mexico, wedding is thursday...didnt our flight get cancelled due to mechanical problems!! We will try to leave again tomorrow AM. I had a meeting sched with Michele tomorrow at 10AM, so I just called and spoke to Lily, she re booked it for me to meet with michele tomorow at 5pm. She said they would really rather meet ASAP and can't wait until the day before the wedding to meet with her. Great!! So I need all the prayers I can get that we get out of here tomorrow and get to Mexico on time!!
  7. I'm working with Michele, I really haven't had much to really ask her. But she took care of everything I needed. I meet with her Tuesday when we get there. I did email her and gave her all the bridesmaids appts and she responded within 10 mins and confirmed they have been set up.
  8. So I looked up the forcast and it says showers for wedding day!!! I'm waiting to see the hour by hour forcast!! I just want pictures on the beach....
  9. Great!! Thanks guys! Now I see on the TSA wedding site that the garmet bag for a wedding dress can only be 45 inches??? I feel like mine is bigger than that...
  10. I was going to email my WC- but I figured I may get a lot quicker of an answer here!! Does anyone know did they have a dry cleaning place that could steam my dress?? I don't really want to have it steamed here and then travel with it and it be a mess again. I bought a steamer but I'm afraid to do it myself if they have a place!
  11. I actually gave my OOT bags out! I have a couple to give on Thanksgiving. I wanted to give them out so it was one less thing I have to travel with...and people can pick and choose what they want to bring with them!!
  12. Thanks ladies!! That makes me feel so much better! There has been so much drama with the aunt, she was fully paid and then backed out because it wasn't something "she really wanted to do" she told me!! So I've been kind of hurt about it for the past 4 months, and now last night she calls and says "Ok I'm booked I'm going!!" And I say Ok great...thinking in my mind, ok now I need to get one more OOT bag together, I have to get a hold of the WC to add her and get her a day pass to spend the whole day there....ughh I'm glad she's going but I guess it will all work! We leave November 29th!! 2 weeks from tomorrow!! I just picked up my hair extensions today!! lol
  13. So my aunt just called me last night and she's decided to go to the wedding now!! Well we only have 3 weeks before the wedding. I've already made my final payment and contacted by an onsite cordinator (which won't return my emails) How am I going to add one more person for the reception...has anyone experienced this?
  14. I was OK with Ana not responding to me right away, but I figured the on site cordinator would respond within a week atleast since my wedding is 2 weeks away here!! LOL But I'm sure the on site cordinators are a little more busy because they are also dealing with weddings going on each day.
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