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    Hello, to the forum, happy planning!
  2. vdaybride

    New here!

    Hello, to the forum, happy planning!
  3. Hello, to the forum, happy planning!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Micas de Miralls Hola Merced....usually in my experience brides who choose my company is also to save money...so just have a look and If you like the idea of having your wedding in the Mexican paradise, contact us...so we can let you know a great estimate!!! I thought you couldn't outright ask for business... Hello, I am also happy that you found this site!!! I am also a NYC bride and there is soooo many places here in the city where you can find great stuff for your wedding. You just have to look in the right places. I also chose a destination wedding
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 Thanks Vday, your stuff looks really good for the price! I think no matter what it is, once the word wedding or bridal is mentioned the prices are outrageous. I may get into the wedding business after all this planning. lol. I need to take a trip to the wholesale district to see what I can find. I will let know know if I'm interested in purchasing any of your stuff. I still need to decide on the hairdo. Yes honey! deciding on the hairdo is half the battle good luck. Your day will be here before you know it. It seems like time is flying by!
  6. Awww so sorry that you were ripped of by that FAKE company. Good for you for posting your experience. Maybe you can help another bride avoid becoming a victim of that scam. your wedding is fast approaching, you must be excited
  7. I had guests that were too drunk, but they managed to remember enough to tell me that they enjoyed the extra cigar they pocketed when they got back to their room lol. I think it is a great idea and adds a bit of class to the soiree haha
  8. I was extremely happy with him! The cigars were NICE and smooth. It was my first time smoking a cigar and I didn't gag, spit or choke once lol. I don't think he spoke one word to us lol(he had an interpreter/assistant with him who told us his history and how he had been rolling cigars for close to 50 years...etc.) and he barely smiled, but he was GREAT at what he does and I would definitely recommend him in a heartbeat. I took a pic with him it in my pro slideshow. I say go for it, my guests were very impressed when he started setting up to roll the cigars.
  9. If you use the search function..there are a few threads on here with this information already. Jennifer from Beautiful and Affordable Photography did mine and I did a thread already recommending her.
  10. YAY your day is almost here! Congrats, everything looks great!! You will be a beautiful bride. Enjoy your big day.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Mere My planning thread is my wedding website-I add to it as I purchase something. That is how I am doing mine. I love the website, but I wouldn't want all of my guest to know EVERYthing in advance. I like the element of surprise lol
  12. Well I finally had the time to sit on the phone for over an hour to speak with the company that I booked our travel through. I wanted a refund for the 2 nights hotel stay because we didn't get to sleep in Cabo those two nights. Dreams had the nerve to try to charge me a 2 night penalty as a "no show" I almost cursed on the phone..I mean its not like I said "hmm I think I will rather be stuck in NY and cry my eyes out rather than fly to Cabo to get married" such d*$& heads!! Before the convo was over I was receiving a check for $547 for one night, but they kept one night as a penalty. I am
  13. Hello, Many brides have been asking questions about the cigar roller that I had at my wedding and the price I paid. There was a MISAKE and miscommunication as a result, the amount I was charged was less than the average rate for rollers in the area. PLEASE stop harassing the coordinators at the resort quoting the price that I was given. That price will more than likely NOT be what you will pay. There is nothing that the coordinators can do, so again, it is not their fault if the price I received will not be extended to you. This concludes my PSA on behalf of the wonderful ladies at Drea
  14. YAY!!!! BROOKIE! I am so happy for you and Justin...Holy shit...I am an auntie!! just did a silly dance and just ended with a moonwalk!! I am so happy for you. YAY!!!! Congrats sweety. I love shopping and who can resist baby clothes..can't wait to see you for a big hug and a congrats belly rub!
  15. sorry ladies I couldn't remember everything unless, I posted a few times.. I forgot to add.. To the rest of you ladies who are trying to get preggo, please relax and don't stress yourselves too much. Stress + baby making= not a good combination. As hard as it is to do, try to relax and take it easy so you can enjoy the process of trying . Good vibes to you!
  16. Brookie!!!! I am sending warm preggo vibes to you. Kuddos to you for being able to wait! Eating combos like oranges and ice cream you MUST be preggers yikes! I am so happy that you AHR is almost here I know you are super excited. Auntie Timberly is ready to bounce a baby on her knee and I don't think it will be mine anytime soon. Christina -YAY Teasers!! I LOVE them, you looked absolutely beautiful! I see a pretty blue sky behind you two! All that worry for nothing Susie and Michelle.... Miss you ladies! Wait.. should I put out an APB for Shells? Ladies.... so happy to hear
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by TonyandTricia Hi ladies, Brooke! You are so patient! I don't know if I could wait, but I agree you definitely should! Did you stop taking your BC before the wedding or after? If you really are pregnant Justin has earned his nickname!! I can't believe the first bride is pregnant!!! I haven't hardly seen any pics from my reception, but I did see this one of my cake. I was so preoccupied that night I barely got to check it out. When I saw the pic I just thought it was so gorgeous if I do say so myself!! Woowza now that is a cake! That c
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by breens So ladies, yes, the signs are just like PMS symptoms-sore breast (knots actually), fatigue, and lots of cramping. We are preggers!!!! My last menstrual period (LMP) was Feb 22, the day we left Mexico, saw the gyn for my annual on March 1, and ovulated on the 7/8th...First try did the trick. Now, let me tell you ladies, I have endometriosis (TMI) and the doctors have been telling me for years now that it is going to take a long time and may even be impossible for me...well, I guess they can be wrong sometimes! The crazy thing is, hubby and I thought it w
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 I have a question for my fellow NY brides: Where did you purchase your hair flowers/ hair jewelry? I thought I wanted to do the hair flower thing and actually ordered a pair from etsy. Well I got them and tried them and I'm not too happy. I don't think they are the right ones for me. They look fake and that's not what I was going for. I've seen other hair flowers online but prefer not to buy something else like this online again. So now I'm back to square one and I'm thinking of getting a jeweled headband, or some type of hair jewelry. I'm not re
  20. Yes that was a no brainer..straight men can't swivel hips that good! Lol
  21. I am happy for her too. Jill is acting like a big beaked baby! I like Bethenney too. I will watch the spin off also. Congrats B!
  22. My Dj Ricardo Patino sent me a nice email with a suprise attached.. his wife was taking pics during the wedding and he sent me a link to the pictures: Timberly and Chris I thought it was unexpected and really sweet when I think about it.
  23. I had a rehearsal dinner planned and then didn't get to rehearse because of my drama filled travel schedule. People really appreciated not having every minute planned for them. I say keep it simple, but fun. Your schedule looks good, but IMO it is really busy. Guests arriving, the brunch/ guys outing and then a group activity, then a welcome reception? Your guests are going to be worn out girlie! I agree with Sheree 1 or 2 activities a day will be more than enough.
  24. LOL! WOW you must really be a serious fan! Wedding trumps 24.. lol I am sure you can google this information. Good luck
  25. Wow, that stinks, don't lose hope. Worse things have happened! In the end, it all works out, stay positive.
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