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  1. Hi lovlies, I forgot my password I was locked out.. go figure! Me: in if yall are Krista (July) Krista (Feb) Brooke Chris Erica Shell Sabrina Susie Tricia Timberly---Yes first week in October is fine with me!! Teshy Krista, you made a BEAUTIFUL bride, congrats!! Susie, oh my goodness! That girl.... you are truly a saint for not flipping a wig already! Brooke, congrats on having a boy!!!! Chris sent a friend over to "investigate" while I sat in a restaurant eating alone. He was at a corner table eating with 3 male friends. I
  2. Everything looks amazing Angela! Enjoy Dreams and tell the wonderful staff I said I miss them!!
  3. Hi ladies!! WOW, there were so many posts to read through. I missed you all and I am happy to see that you are all doing well. @ Brooke I believe I told you via text, but i am so sorry to hear about Justin's grandfather. I hope he is doing ok now. @ Chris, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you and hubby are over the moon. It's your turn!!! @ Erica, keeping fingers and toes crossed for you @ Ali yes the hand finally went down. It was so sore for many days afterwards though @Teshy great news!! and congrats, @ Susie... miss you and so happy that your AHR went so w
  4. Everything looks amazing. Your wedding will be beautiful.
  5. COngrats and welcome to the forum! I was a Cabo bride and I LOVED every moment of my time there.
  6. One word....WOW! You did an amazing job! You are going to be such a beautiful bride! Which seller did you use for the flowergirl bags? I must get my daughter one lol. I can't wait to see all of your beautiful pics when you get back.
  7. Krista, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. When you shared your symptoms everything screamed ectopic to me as I had the same symptoms, but I prayed for you and help positive thoughts for you and your family like you were my family member!! I really love your outlook on the situation. There is hope after an ectopic! I had laproscopic (spelling) surgery and they took a part of my left tube due to the rupture, but my daughter is proof that after the loss you can have a successful pregnancy!! Stay positive and know that we all love you! XOXO Brooke-It was supposed to be in July, I am
  8. YAY Jenny!!!! I knew the day would come and that it would be amazing. Congrats!!!!!!!
  9. Hi beauties.. Brookie, I miss you to XOXO. Her bday was a blast!! I put some pics on facebook. THose Chapin girls know how to partaay. We are on cloud nine. Her school ranked on the Forbes list of top 20 prep schools in America!! The Chapin school is number 11..woot woot! She is smart as a whip and we are very proud of the munchkin. I am thinking of going to Jamaica with her at the end of school to celebrate her first awesome year of school. Sabrina, I can definitely relate about not having family and real friends around going through your pregnancy. I was in Georgia and my
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by futurebride2011 wow! absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Were all the pictures done in one day? day of the wedding? or did you do some of the last pictures on a different day? I am going to be married at Dreams as well! you're an inspiration... Aww, thanks so much. My photog picked us up the day after the wedding for some shots in town for about an hr and a half.
  11. I must admit.. I shed a few tears during the finale. That Meredith was going to go all out for McDreamy!! So sad that she lost the baby. It could end up that the baby survived though.. hoping for the best. She deserves some happiness after getting the short end of the stick with her screwed up mom!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by JENISE If the hoodie isn't taken, can you send me pics to Jolavarria@middleatlantic.com I normally wear a small but might be able to make it work Thanks Timberly!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Cassie I'd like to see a pic of the hoodie.
  14. They look great! makes me wish me and my honey took some. Your photog did a good job.
  15. DANIELLE!!! You looked great!! I knew Jen would do a great job. I know your man is going to flip when he sees them. Good for you for posting and motivating others to WOW their men. YAY
  16. Congrats Jess, I am happy that your day went so well. I never had a doubt that it would be absolutely perfect. Congrats on being a Mrs.!
  17. YAY!!! You are a Mrs. AND your wedding day looked like it was AMAZING!! you must be on cloud nine! Your photographer did a great job. COngrats!!!
  18. Things definitely don't happen as fast as you would like them to, let me just warn you! They are really busy with current brides and Mexico is MUCH slower paced than here in the states. I would say expect an email response within a week. Dreams is AMAZING and the WC are all wonderful. Patience is key, but your wedding will be amazing and they will do all they can to help you realize your dream wedding. You made a GREAT choice when you chose Dreams!
  19. Jennifer does it again, and again...she is amazing. i <3 her! You look great in your pics.
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